Uses For Sulfamethoxazole Tmp Ds Tablet Amnea

gary stewart Says:

my wife has been prescribed sulfamethoxazole/tmp this for venereal disease?should i get tested and/or treated?she has had severe itching in her pubic area and red bumps.if i need to be treated would it show on a blood test and how?

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Verwon Says:

Sulfamethoxazole with Trimethoprim is an antibiotic, it is used to treat many types of infections.

First of all, an infection is not the same as a disease. An infection can be cleared up with the use of the proper medications. A disease is a condition for which these is no cure.

And second, just because she has been given an antibiotic, it doesn't mean that she has any type of venereal or sexually transmitted disease. Women can get infections from other things, such as yeast infections and, if it made her itch and she scratched, it could very well have caused the red bumps.

Have you experienced any symptoms? There are many problems a woman can experience that will not affect a man, but there are others that can. The only way to know is to see your own doctor or find out what specifically she is being treated for.

Did she ask her doctor?


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Jackie Says:

Just a little FYI,my dr gave it to me for sinus and inner ear infection I've had for 2months....

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marie ross Says:

my question is should a person with hepatitis B should be taking the pills call sulfamethoxazole-TMP DS T the reason I ask that is because would it do harm to my liver

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Mandy Says:

I had a gastric bypass surgery 7 years ago, which has left me with more health issues then before my surgery. I have to take many different medications now because of this, many in which have made me sick by themselves. My body hurts more then it ever did & my immune system is shot. Drs. even think I have multiple autoimmune disorders. I have a couple questions that maybe you can help me with. Because it is so hard to eat enough to get the vitamins and nutrition needed & most pills either don't absorb correctly anyway; I am looking for ways or foods that are tolerable to get the protein, iron, calcium and many other much needed vitamins, minerals, & the nutrition I need. I am still a diabetic after my surgery so that doesn't help in finding solutions to the problems I experience. Some of the major issues that I experience are anemia, weakness, insomnia at times & then times where I sleep for days, I get extreme migraines (I've had one now for going on 3 weeks with no reprieve), irregular bowel movements, mussel spasms, constant stomach pains, etc. (to many problems it seems to count) I have Fibromyalgia, so all pain is intensified, & they just discovered that my thyroid hormone is low. I know it seems like a mouth full, but try living it, it's no picnic & I'm sure there's things I forgot. Oh like I had to have all my teeth pulled on top & soon the bottom as well, because of the lack of calcium after surgery, this making it even harder to get what I need by mouth. I am looking for any foods that I don't have to eat much of but are high in the nutrients I need or anything else that can help me. I'm on disability so i am limited to the Drs. I can see, but if anyone knows of a specialist that I can suggest to my Dr. to refer me to I would be very grateful as well. Thank you for any help that anyone can give me..

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Wuoaaaa Says:

this medication can be taken by a male or just females

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roz Says:

Can sulfamethoxazole-tmp be taken by male? Or just female ?

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