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big girl Says:

Can you pass a ua using champs new flush out detox pills? (2 in a pack)

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David Says:

Someone else actually posted a similar question asking if "Champs flush out detox" really works. A reply I've read stated the following:

"Yea, just got the results. Turned out it worked but you have to urinate at least 5 or 6 times BEFORE the test, and make sure you aren't urinating clear. After that initial burst of urine, you will then urinate a bit yellow so it looks like it is natural, not greenish like you just drank vitamin B."

Others have mentioned that it's most effective within the first 2 hours but it can last up to 5 hours.

I usually have my doubts when it comes to trusting products like this, but for this specific one I think it may be worth trying and putting some faith out there that it will work as indicated. Don't forget to make sure you're eating really clean as well as staying hydrated, since that will help your body detox quicker.

I hope this helps and wish you good luck on your test!

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mikey Says:

does champ flush out pills work for a drug test

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angel Says:

I smoked on a friday I have to take a pee test on wednesday. I started takin niacin nd now im about to take the flush will I pass?

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lil j Says:

I smoked 8 days ago i got a drug test tomarrow i have drunk six gallons of water an three 32oz of crambary juice. will i pass

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tee Says:

Has anyone on probation took champs detox pills,and pass the piss test ? Give honest answer please !

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High voltage Says:

Yes I just left my po office I took Xanax three days in a row, had marijuana this morning and methamphetamine. I took high voltage detox drink and the champ flush out pills and still aced my test.

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Dandoe12 Says:

I've been on drug offender probation for 3½ yrs and have used champs every time and have passed every time. I smoke all the way to the day b4 an I'm still good.

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frank Says:

Bro r you sure it works i have to c my po in the morning

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John Says:

I bought the champ detox pills with 2 in each, the yellow pack. I weigh 172.00 lbs even and I'm 5"6. I haven't had marijuana in 4-5 days and I have to see my p.o in 5 days. Does this really work? Please give me an honest answer.

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Paranoid Says:

Did you try the Champs!? I have a test in the am and consumed marijuana three days ago. I don't smoke but this last month been so stressed that I've actually had marijuana maybe 5 times.

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DCummins95 Says:

What do you mean by eat clean? And how long before the test should I take it?

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Stef Says:

I smoked 6 times (or around there) last month. May to be exact. I smoked on the 29th of May. So I'm 10 days sober, I just drank Certo Gel with a 32OZ Gatorade. Should I still take the Champ Flush Out Detox that comes with two pills?

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Amanda Says:

Hey was wondering, what is your height and weight? I believe that has something to do with how well the detox drink works.

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deexkidsmom Says:

That sure gel don't work I've always used the flush out detox and it worked everytime

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Taboo Says:

I have a drug test for my po on Feb 7th. It will be my first test, if I pass I will be moved to unsupervised. I just smoked last night. I bought the champs flush out detox pills. Do they really work? Honest answers please. And is there anything extra I need to do or know?

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Tom Says:

Yes Champs detox pills work for me. I was an everyday smoker most of my life and I'm in my thirties. I quit for a few days and took Champs detox pills about an hour before my urine test. Make sure you follow directions with drinking a lot of water. Also may want to take a vitamin B pill so your urine isn't so clear from all the water. I passed my test but it was only the one where they stick the strips inside the cup to check for different drugs; only a 5-panel test but I passed for THC benzos and amphetamine which I was taking them all. My very next test a week later they said my urine looked too diluted which was clear because of all the water and did not accept my urine, so either take some kind of vitamin to make your urine looks more yellow or drink a lot of coffee. I'm going to try them again tomorrow just for a doctor but the one I passed the first time I used them was for probation weekly tests. I'll let you know about my results from tomorrow because I dosed all way up until the day before and I will see if they work this time.

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Red Says:

I consumed cannabis 6 days ago and before that a month ago. I just had a small amount. I had a drug test and am kinda worried, so I'm wondering what my chances of passing are?

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Jimmy Says:

Jimmy best 20 bucks i ever spend..ill be in jail right now it works..

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Iheartpot Says:

It works dude. You're in the clear as long as your pee is not sent off to a Lab for testing which usually never happens unless you give your po a reason

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Tex Says:

I took a urine test and it's been almost 5 months since i smoked marijuana, but they sent it to a lab. My question is, how far back does a lab test?

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