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need hycodan - can't get it anywhere?

My dog needs this medicine every day due to a collapsing trachia. I have been told that it's not being produced anymore. Does anyone know where I can get it??? Thanks! ## You can get it all wallgrens, CVS, any human pharmacy ## No, I've tried them all and they tell me that they can't get it. It has something to do with being a controled substance and the FDA has put a hold on production. Why, I don't know and what are we supposed to do in the meantime??? It's just a terrible situation!!! ## Carlene- good news! I too have been looking for Hycodan for my Pom who takes it every 6 hours- the FDA has put a hold on production, but the good news is that my Vet prescribed the liquid form called Hydrocodone- at first I was skeptical, but I mix his dose with a tsp of wet food ...

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Too much Tussigon for Dog?

My 13 pound dog takes 1/2 of a 5mg/1.5mg hydrocodone pill every 8 hours to control coughing. However, in taking her other pills, I accidentally included another 1/2 of a 5mg/1.5mg after she had one 4 hours ago. Is this cause for the panic and alarm I'm feeling? ## You should call your vet and tell them what happened, they will be best able to asses whether or not there is any danger to your dog, and if possible treatment is required. While we love dogs, and have two small pups ourselves, I am nowhere near as knowledgeable about the use of medication in canines as I am about medication usage in people, unfortunately. I do, however, know that it can cause some of the same side effects, and overdose effects in dogs, that it does in humans, so you should watch for severe lethargy, drows...

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side effects of Tussigon

My dog who is 13 was prescribed Tussigon for a cough. He has a collapsed trachea. The drug made him very sick and he struggled to breathe. He needed emergency treatment and oxygen. It cost big bucks. Was this a mistake on the vets part? ## I am not familiar with veterinary medications or procedures, so I cannot say whether or not any of this information is correct, however, here goes.... If the Tussigon used for dogs contains the same ingredient as that used for humans then it contains Hydrocodone, a narcotic that is often used to help treat coughing. The problem that I see is that since it is a narcotic, it can also cause respiratory depression, meaning if someone or an animal has trouble breathing, there is a chance it could worsen it. Now, I can't say this was a veterinary mistak...

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Tussigon (Hydrocodone bitartrate + homatropine) : Can't Get It

For those owners in the unenviable position of needing Tussigon for their pets chronic cough: as a veterinary specialist in canine and feline practice, let me say we vets would LOVE to be able to dispense this med to your pets since it is highly effective BUT 1) the drug is essentially now unavailable even to pharmacies at the veterinary teaching hospitals; and 2) the DEA in its "wisdom" has decided to make this drug a Schedule II drug (eg. morphine) because of perceived increase in human abuse. ## @FrustratedCareGiver, Thank you for the heads up on Tussigon's availability. It looks like those pet owners will have to resort to other forms of treatment for their pet's chronic coughing. I wonder though, what would be the next best alternative that patients will have access...

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tussigon hydrocodone for my dog

What, if any, is an alternative med to replace tussigon/hydrocodone! Because the FED'S have restricted the dispencing, I can't an alternative... My Vet does not have any idea of any other drug that will help my dog. ## Hi Larry, Sorry to hear about your dog. But if someone as knowledgeable as your vet can't recommend anything I don't know what else would be considered safe and effective for a dog in the realm of prescription drugs. But as an alternative option, I would just encourage you to speak with a doctor/ND who understands how to best utilize natural and holistic remedies that may be beneficial in therapeutic doses as well. Here is a brief list of suggestions I found upon searching for "natural pain relievers for dogs" (However this is just a few of many op...

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tussigon hydrocodone for canines

What is the side effects of an adult taking this if it was prescibed to a dog ## lynn2015 the medical field will tell you not to do it, but guess what I go to tractor supply all the time, they say pet meds are not as high grade but they do have the same ingredients, do alittle research and check it out before you do it, ive never had any problems taking meds I bought from tractor supply, ## @Lynn, That's an interesting question to ask. Given what Post #1 mentioned, it's certainly not recommended and I wouldn't be one to encourage you to do so even if it was prescribed.... but thinking in terms of side effects, the "potential" risk factors for a human shouldn't be any different than what you might find on a typical drug monograph for Hydrocodone. According to nih....

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Cost of Tussigon for dogs

What is the cost for 20 Hydrocodone 5mg tabs (Tussigon)? ## Hi Gayle, I believe the price is going to vary somewhat depending on your location and which pharmacy you get it filled at. However a lot of the information I'm seeing on Tussigon leads me to believe that it will probably cost anywhere from $15 to $35 for a quantity of thirty 5mg/1.5mg tabs; depending on whether or not you utilize a prescription drug discount card like the one MedsChat offers here: Rx Savings Card. I hope this helps! Does anyone else here have feedback on the cost from a recently filled prescription? ## Yes. I just paid $55.75 for 21 tablets of hydrocodone (Tussigon) 5 mg. At the vets office. Can I get cheaper anywhere else? ## If you have a Rite Aide in your area - ask if they'll special order it for y...

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FOR MY DOG 1/2 PILL THREE TIMES A DAY FOR COUGH & BAD HEART ## Tussigon, commmonly used for dogs, contains Homatropine and Hydrocodone. This is a narcotic cough medication, not a a heart medication. The Hydrocodone helps prevent the coughing, it is also used in the manner for humans. Was there anything else I can help you with? ## My dog has heart issues & is on lasiks & hycodan now. How did it go with your dog? Did it help the cough? My dog coughs everytime she gets up. Thanks for the help. ## my dog has to take one fourth pill blue one four times daily for kennel cough how many hours apart do i give her ty ## My dog has cancer and the tumor ion his heart valve is bleeding into his chest cavity. he has had his chest drained twice in the past 2 weeks. The tablets are helping...

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tussigon for dog problems

What's alternative medication for tussigon. My dog is 15.5,15lb shihtzu with partially collapsed trachea, with cough/gagging episodes mostly upon waking up - drink water, excitement. He has been on tussigon 1/2 pill 1-2x p/d. Very hard to give pill. Tried everything from pill pockets, ALL kinds food, empty capsules, compounding, pill ejector, etc, grinding and add chicken flavor & 10 drops water and baby syringe into pocket in mouth to hide it. Pill seems to work better if administered NOT ground up. He fights and stresses horrifically! It's war each time & has drawn blood from my finger. Pill Very bitter. He's also on BP meds, vetmedin for heart 2x p/d, 1/ 4 water pill & eye meds. denamarin every other day (big problem getting that pill down too). These I can ha...

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DEA change for Tussigon

My dog has been taking Tussigon for cough for over a year, and suddenly, DEA changed status of Tussigon. We were not be able to fill medications for two weeks, and we were considered put him down. However, we found an Emergency Vet who has Tussigon, and we got it from him. A lot of vets don'w know the regulation changes by DEA, so they don't have a right prescription pad to write Tussigon. Dogs suffer because of DEA regulation changes. Not fair for the dogs. Nothing works like Tussigon does for the dog for coughing. I am trying to find a way to obtain more medication for my dog very soon..... ## I am very sorry about the problem that you've had. How is your fur baby doing, now? I strongly urge you not to put your pet down, because they have a cough. Unless their health is se...

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tussigon/hycodan 5mg for dogs

My dog needs this med every day for a collapsing trachia and I can't find it anywhere? Can you help? ## walmart has it in generic form tuggisson ## I called the pharmacy at my local Walmart to ask if they had Tuggisson and they didn't know what I was talking about. Do you have any more information? Does it require a perscription or is it over the counter? I can get a perscription if necessary, but I have to know what to ask for. Thanks for your help. ## Please help us both! I am in need of Hycodan 5mg as well. Local pharmacies have said that there is a recall and it has been pulled from the shelve? My Pom has just been diagnosed with a collapsing trachea and Hycodan is keeping him alive. Please help if you know where we can find Hycodan or something similar? Many thanks for your...

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Tussigon Cough Medicine for dogs

You just have to find a Vet that can fill that specific prescription. I have gone through several Vets to find the Tussigon cough medication for our dog. I finally found a great Vet that can fill the prescription in their office every 30 days. That's the easiest way to go. ## How many pills and what was the cost? I just picked up 21 pills from my vet and it cost me $55.75. Can I get this filled cheaper anywhere? ## Thanks for the helpful feedback Jeri! If you'd be so kind, please also feel free to share your message in the existing Tussigon discussion threads so that others who may also be searching for this treatment will have a chance to read it and/or respond at: 1. tussigon hycodan 5mg for dogs 2. tussigon for dog problems @Barbara, I think the cost may vary from pharmacy to...

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tussigon w/o Homatropine

Our American Eskimo developed a cough about a month ago. She has an enlarged heart and possible collapsing trachia. She's 15 yrs and has been put on Tussigon. However, when she's on it she stops eating. Is there an alternative withouut the Homatropine additive? ## Tussigon contains Hydrocodone and Homotropine. Tussigon itself is not available without the Homotropine, however, there are some other medications that are. To obtain them, for your dog, however, you will need to speak to her vet about this problem, as they do all require a prescription. Your vet will also want to determine what is causing her to stop eating, as it could be either ingredient in this medication or something else entirely unrelated. Have you consulted them, yet? ## It was our vet that brought it to our a...

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Tussigon For Dogs

What are the side effects of this drugs in dogs? Is lose of appetite one of them? ## Hello, Based on my research, the Tussigon (Hydrocodone bitartrate + homatropine methylbromide) could possibly cause a dog to lose his/her appetite due to the fact that one of the common side effects is nausea/upset stomach. It is not uncommon for medications to cause these kinds of issues in humans and animals. If you have a dog that is experiencing a loss of appetite, I would contact a veterinarian as soon as possible. I hope this helps! ## My dog lost her appetite when taking Tussigon. She also had problems with her bowel movements which I attributed to her eating so infrequently. ## Unfortunately my little Angel died on February 7th. She would have been 15 on July 1st. I wish everyone success with th...

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Hycodan 1.25 for chronic cough

My 7yr old poodle has a chronic cough with no evidence of a collapsing trachea. After trying many pills my vet decided on Hycodan 1.25 2x a day. It started workings at first but now my dog is starting to cough at 2am after getting a dose at 10pm. Not sure why he is starting to cough so soon after getting the medication, could seasonal allergies be contributing?

5 mg. tussigon for dogs

Why can't I find this drug..?? ## Hello, Scott! How are you? Tussigon does require a prescription, but most pharmacies should have it, if your veterinarian has written one for you. However, if your pharmacy doesn't have it, then your veterinarian most likely will, since they prescribe it frequently. One of the active ingredients in it is Hydrocodone, which is a narcotic and that's why it requires a prescription. Side effects for dogs can be similar to those in humans and may include nausea, drowsiness and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Tussigon Behavior Changes

My dog was prescribed 1/4 tab 12hrs of tussigon for her gagging/hacking cough.Since she started this she has loss of appetite,is leathargic,and breathing labored at times.It seems the change occurred almost over night.She was taking Theodur but it didn't have the dramatic change in her behavior or demeanot.Is it too strong? I will consult vet but should I stop dosage in meantime? ## Hi Pat, How are you? Sorry to hear about your dog's reaction to the medication. From your description it does sound like it could potentially be too strong for her...as according to the drug monograph, "lethargy" and "mood changes" are listed as general side effects of Tussigon. Ref: dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/archives/fdaDrugInfo.cfm?archiveid=9257 However, your best bet would pro...

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tussigon for licking

For some reason my Vet placed my aussie on tussigon for lick granuloma? I see no point in this medication. He's still licking it and its not cheap! Anyone know why he would be on this? Other than it makes him sleepy ## Hello, Dehner! How are you? It is believed that this condition is sometimes caused by psychogenic factors, such as the dog being left alone for much of the day, being confined or sudden household changes that are putting them under stress. The Hydrocodone that is in Tussigon can substitute for Endorphin and decrease the urge to lick that they feel due to the stress. Is there anything else I can help with?

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are they going to start making tablets again?

My dog has a grade 6 heart murmer and needs to take this medication. I'm trying to work with the liquid but its difficult. Does anyone know if they plan to start producing the tablets again? ## CHECK OUR CONVERSATION ON THIS UNDER HYCODAN. NOPE! THE DRUG COMPANIES ARE JUST HATEFUL AND DON'T CARE ABOUT OUR DRUG DEPENDENT DOGS! ## They make and sell Tussigon tablets in the US as of May 12, 2011. I just purchased 30 tablets of Tussigon today for my congestive heart failure dog for 24.00. ## My Pom just got a prescription for this In June and they were the tablets so I assume they are available now

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tussigon without prescription for our lasa apso

Is it possible to buy tussigon without a prescription for our lasa apso, vet had said beginning of collapsed trachea. A friend of ours has used it for their fur babies with much success. Vet had prescribed 2 to 3 different things plus a cough med, nothing helped.

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