Tussigon Hydrocodone For My Dog


What, if any, is an alternative med to replace tussigon/hydrocodone! Because the FED'S have restricted the dispencing, I can't an alternative... My Vet does not have any idea of any other drug that will help my dog.

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Hi Larry,

Sorry to hear about your dog. But if someone as knowledgeable as your vet can't recommend anything I don't know what else would be considered safe and effective for a dog in the realm of prescription drugs. But as an alternative option, I would just encourage you to speak with a doctor/ND who understands how to best utilize natural and holistic remedies that may be beneficial in therapeutic doses as well. Here is a brief list of suggestions I found upon searching for "natural pain relievers for dogs" (However this is just a few of many options to consider):

St. John's Wort

Researching these yourself, you should be able to find appropriate doses online, but I would still recommend taking your dog to a naturopathic doctor if all else fails with modern Western medicine.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks, I have looked into Chinese Herbal remedies and found most are more expensive that the current meds he is on..

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check out pain plus by Kemin Industries,I have 2 old dogs & it
stops them from limping.

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What is your dog taking right now since tussigon/hydrocodone has become unavailable? And are his current meds doing any good?

Tumeric/Curcumin is relatively cheap depending on where you get it from. And I find that Swanson Vitamins tends to have some of the most affordable prices in the $2-$20 range for this product in particular.

Tommy's recommendation also looks to be a viable option. I found it listed on amazon for $21.

Not sure how much you're paying now, but that price range seems reasonable for what you get in my opinion.

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for those of you needing TUSSIGON for your dogs just have the vet write for liquid hydrocodone.

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I had my dog on it for over 8 months. He had cancer, he was 16 years and 4 months old when we lost the battle thursday. I had to put him to sleep. I had just ordered his latest meds, so I have over 100 tabs that they won't take back. never opened. Anhyway They were his saving grace. after just a week the cough went away, and he didn't cough until the night before I had to have him put to sleep. Those along with extra support of cancer herbs and supplements, and a detox soup I would make him. He was also on a non GMO food/ Fromms. He got losts of herbs, and love. The hydrocod/homoa tabs though kept his cough and pain at bay. But I do believe the tumeric and other supplements helped too.

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