Why Is Actifed Banned


I'm looking for the old formulation of Actifed.

Are there any countries that still sell it?

I know you can use it to make drugs, but it's the only thing that works for me (and it helps me sleep too).

I would not have ANY problem having the FBI at my house if I could get some. They'd be sitting on my shelf just exactly like my 16 bottles of shampoo, 42 bars of soap and 18 boxes of bandaids (I'm not a hoarder, I just hate running out of stuff...and stupidly, before that stuff went away, I didn't buy a ton of it).

The stuff they sell behind the counter is a reformulation....it's different.

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Did anyone ever respond to your posting with a solution of how to find the old Actifed? I stock up on stuff and want some, too. I just took my last one today.

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I looked up the active ingredients in OLD Actifed (chlorpheniramine-4mg and phenylephrine-10 mg.) Allerest 12hr and Contac 12h have the same ingredients so ....that's what I will try as an alternative.

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Actually, Janet, those are the ingredients in the new formulation.

The original Actifed contained Pseudoephedrine and Tripolodine.

Ref: https://www.hpra.ie/img/uploaded/swedocuments/9269478b-48fe-4405-b665-cc1e64a76a87.pdf

The new formulation [NDC 27854-119] contains Chlopheniramine and Phenylephrine (or Phenylephrine by itself), to avoid the law that requires products containing Pseudoephedrine to be kept behind the counter and sold in limited quantities. [1], [2]

And no, it is not available anywhere, since the company stopped manufacturing it. The only thing you can do is try to find something with the same ingredients.

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Walgreens has wal-act, which is their version of it - you do have to ask for it and sign for this medicine . It is good stuff - trust me ! Just bought some today !

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Hi Jon.

Verwon was right about the ingredients, but Actifed (with the original ingredients - sometimes referred to as Actifed Plus) WAS still available in Canada. I ordered some as recently as 4 months ago. Unfortunately, I tried to order some this week from Northwest Pharmacy (in Canada - where I ordered it last) and learned that they no longer sell it now.

Your post was quite some time ago. Have you been able to find anything that works for you like the old Actifed did? I am open to any & all suggestions.

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go to a guardian drug store in canada the druggist gave me this by tanta decongestant telief with pseudoephedrine hydrochloride tabs usp 60mg(extra strength) alsochlor TRIPOLON chlorpheniramine maleate tab usp he also has a generic bottle that contain 100 tabs with these ingredients combined from what he explained to me it does work but would really like to have the actifed back

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I am going to reopen this thread because I was a die-hard happy user of the original actifed because it was and still is the only med that works for my wicked allergies. I live in Canada so the situation may or may not have been the same in other countries. I believe there is miss-information on the net regarding the original drug ingredients. Back in the 70s I could buy a bottle of actifed of 100 tabs for about 20 bucks. 24 tab packs were also sold. I actually recently found an old pack without the outer box so I could not verify the label. Stupidly, I used up my last supply before showing it to my doc or taking a picture. But here is the thing:please TRY and correct me if I am wrong but I remember it this way. The first drug I used was plain actifed which was a small round tab with a split line. I think "Burrows-Welcome" was engraved on 1 side and the ONLY ingredient was Triprolidine hydrochloride. They had a separate tablet called Sudafed later on which contained pseudoephedrine only. It was slightly larger than Actifed and didn’t do a darned thing for me. Triprolidine hydrochloride is the only drug I need but like other unfortunate individuals, I can’t find it anywhere anymore. I have tried the new multi-symptom formulas and besides not needing all the extra meds, it just doesn’t work as well as the old singular drug. Is it possible to get this Triprolidine hydrochloride anywhere in the world today?

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Wal-Act from Walgreens contains Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride - 60 mg Nasal Decongestant , Triprolidine Hydrochloride - 2.5 mg Antihistamine

{link removed because it is no longer valid}

Hope this helps.

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Unfortunately, all of our Walgreens in my area are out of the Wal-Act and haven't had a delivery of it for quite some time. Does this mean Wal-Act will now be discontinued also?

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Walgreens seems to have stopped stocking their Wal-Act, at least in my area (sw Mich) and no one seems to know if it's discontinued or what. Any answers from anyone?

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I just bought a wal-act in a Walgreen in California. They only sell it one box at a time with ID. With a DR. prescription you can get more at one time.

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No you aren't telling me anything I don't already know. And I don't understand the link you provided to Walgreen's online store? It only takes you to a webpage that says this product is no longer available ... So what is the link for?

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You can get the ORIGINAL Actifed formulation from Major Pharmaceuticals. It is under the brand name Aprodine, and its NDC number is: 0904-0250-24.
comes in a box of 24 tablets with Pseudoephedrine 60mg, and Triprolidine 2.5mg each. Dosage is indicated as 1 tab every 6 hrs, but you can actually take it as a 12 hour tablet. I get mine through a "Good Neighbor" pharmacy chain. Hope this helps

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My kid brought home Actifed-Compresse from Italy and I recently used it. I forgot how great this stuff is for stuffiness. Now I just have to find someone in Italy that will send it to me!

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You can find it in UK as I get it for cold and coughs. You may be able to get it from a web-based pharmacy if they will send to you. Good luck.

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If you do find someone in Italy who has it, please share with the rest of us sufferers!!!!!!

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I found it at express chemist in the U.K. but they could not send it to the U.S.

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Try pharmacyfirst or pharmacy2u in the UK, I am sure some will send overseas, let me know if you have any luck.

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You can find Aprodine at mooremedical, it is an over the counter medication.

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Happy news for those looking for the old Actifed...I just purchased yesterday at Walgreens Wal-Act has same exact ingredients as old actifed. I have been trying everything so decided to google...Walgreens still making and carrying this product...one pill and I feel great. ..nothing else was working...thank God Walgreens still making...only eight dollars!

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Re: Ralph (# 75) Expand Referenced Message

Can still get it in Scotland the original Actifed

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Re: Moe (# 74) Expand Referenced Message

What country are you in that still sells Actifed with triprolidine?

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We still have it in our country and it's sold OTC where people can just go in and get some. I'm actually using it at the moment.

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I agree whole heartedly with you. I would love to know where to get some. The walk act is terrible. Makes you sick or sicker than you really are

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Actifed really worked. Now I can't find it, nor any info on why it was removed from stores. Please advise.

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Someone above said that Aprodine was available from Major Pharmaceuticals with the same formula as original Actifed. I've looked at their website and it is geared to retailers, not end-users. I can't figure out who retails this stuff. Can anyone tell me?

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I've buy my wal-act in Washington state. In Oregon I've been told pseudoephedrine is by prescription-only so wal-act is not available in Oregon Walgreens. Just bought some three weeks ago in Washington.

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Re: Carole (# 68) Expand Referenced Message

I'm currently in Southern Idaho and I just bought Wal-Act at Walgreen's... 48 tablets for $7.99. It was behind the pharmacy counter and had to show my ID. It has the same ingredients as original Actifed. It was always the only thing that worked for me. That's not to say that EVERY Walgreen's will carry it. It might be something that is left up to the pharmacist in each location. So to those who say that Walgreen's doesn't carry it anymore, that is incorrect. Might just be your area Walgreen's that doesn't carry it. I also saw a post where someone was saying it was the "Wal-Fed" and that is incorrect. Wal-Fed is Walgreen's brand of Sudaphed. Wal-Act is what you're after. Thanks.

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I'm looking for it too..it's the only thing that helps my vertigo..

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I've been using this for years now, and like it even better than Actifed.

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