T Minic Oral Drop

pallab Says:

For my nine month old girl, weighing 8.5kgs, the doctor prescribed T-minic oral drops. Presently my baby has been suffering from a cold, with runny nose. Should i apply T-minic oral drops (10 drops, 2 times daily for 5 days)? Please suggest.

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Kishan Says:

Where we need to appli T-mimic drops. Is it to nose or mouth. My baby is suffering from severe cold and cough. doctor prescribed that but forgot to ask on where to apply. Please suggest where to apply t-mimic drops for a 5 month year old babay

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Jenna Says:


The dosing information will vary depending on your baby's weight and since I am not a medical doctor, I can't safely provide you with the correct dosing information for your baby. Did your pharmacy not provide you with dosing information when you picked up the prescription?

Unfortunately this was all the dosing and administration information I could locate for T minic drops:

"Instill as nasal drops or a spray into each nostril every 4 hours as needed. - Should be taken with food."

The active ingredients in this medication are, Chlorphenamine maleate 2 mg + Phenylephrine hydrochloride 5 mg/5 mL.

On another note, I've actually read reports that medication of any sort isn't safe for children under the age of 2- even if prescribed by a doctor. Infants are very vulnerable, so that does make sense. However, that may just be the law in the U.S. - I'm not sure of the laws in your country. Have you tried using a humidifier in your baby's room- or tried giving her a warm bath? The steam may help to open up the nasal passages and clear any mucus.

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Chlorphenamine Details

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Phenylephrine Details

Does anyone else have information to add regarding this topic?

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anju Says:

oral drops mean u have to give this medicine in children's mouth.My baby is 15 month now but when she was 9 months old doctor prescribed this t-minic oral drops 7-8 drops 3 times for 5days to her..

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anupama vijaykumar Says:

hi my daughter is 15 months old she is having runny nose,so my doc adviced me to gv t-minic oral drops whn she was 9 months.Nw i dont knw the dosage how much to give now.i gave her 2ml 2times today may b b'coz of that or not she is having constipation problem if anybody know why is it so plz reply me,im wating thank in advance

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kamal Says:

hi, my son is 8.5 months old and weighs 9.22 kg. He is having running nose and doctor suggested to give 9(0.75 ml)drops of t-minic medicine, 3 times a day for 3 days. He is still having running nose. Can i give the medicine for 2 more days?

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Parneet Kaur Says:

Child is 7 months .she is snuffing nose.tminc is good for relief

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pradeep Says:

timnic oral drops 8 drops morning and night for 3 to 5 days.Please monitor if the baby is getting fever or any kind of breething difficuty (that u can find out when the baby breaths there would be severe inward movement of stomoch).the baby might need antibiotics if associated with fever or if the symptoms didnt subside,nebulizations can also be helpful
Dr Pradeep

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Dhivya Says:

My son 7months old. He is suffering from cold(cough, running nose,breathing difficulty).i gave 9drops of t minic cold drops. How many times i want to give? Is having any side effects?

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pari Says:

My daughter 5 months old hvng stuffy nose from more than a week. I gave her steam with karvol and nozydoc nasal drops but its not effecting much . Now I started with 9 drops of t minic. Is it safe to give to my toddler. Is it affects the baby.

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paul Says:

my son is 6months old he is suffering from runny nose,stuffy and sneezing....my doctor suggest me to use T-minic oral drops....i have given 7-8 drops for one time to my son through nose instead of mouth......and now i m very worried ...plz anybody suggest me is it harmful for my son....i m waiting for reply

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Sija Says:

Hi....t minic drops should be given through mouth only. ...pls be careful always when you given medicine to your baby.... any syrup or medicine should be given after food....if your baby is vomiting after given medicine don't give the medicine again....and pls be note medicine doses will be differ from baby's weight not months....

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Suganya Says:

Hi my eight month boy baby have dry cough whether I can give t minic drops

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victor Says:

My baby is 10th month started now, so tell me now my doctor did not told me how to give t minic brop, but I gave through the mouth so will be there will be any problem, please tell me.

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nnnn Says:

For 5 month baby 3 ...3 drop after each 4 or 5 hour

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Sneha Says:

Hi. My daughter is 5 months old, suffering from a cold and fever. Can I give her T-Minic syrup? Her weight is 5.8kg. Please confirm the proper dosages for her.

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Sharma Says:

What is the dose's of t minic drop for 2 month baby

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Hina Says:

By mistake i gave t minic cold inplace of calpol drops to my baby .she is having fever.she doesnt have any cold symptoms but by mistake i gave t minic cold drops that to 1.8ml inplace of calpol drops what should i do now

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