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system your stay does long how in symbicort

I was on a high dose of Symbicort for about 2 weeks then lost my voice. I have just quit taking the symbicort. I MUST have my voice for work- How long does it take to get Symbicort out of the system - thank you ## Are you certain the voice loss is related to the Symbicort? Has your doctor confirmed this? This is not a commonly reported side effect. However, if it was caused by the medication, most of them can take a month or so to process out of your body. ## Symbicort affected my voice as well. It took about 2 months before it completely returned. (I continued using it during that time.) ## use a spacer. ## I've been on Symbicort for 9 days and lost my voice after the the 5th day. It's coming back now, and I also continued the use of the Symbicort since it provided so much reli...

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Horrible muscle spasms

When express scripts removed Advair from their formulary in 2014, my doctor put me on Symbicoet. I developed horrible muscle spasms in my legs. Now that I'm back on Advair these spasms have gone away ## Hello, Lynn! How are you? That is listed by the FDA as a possible side effect of Symbicort, it's resulted in some people having to stop using it, because they were so severe. I'm glad that the Advair is working better for you. Do you experience any side effects from it? Such as headache, nausea, diarrhea and dry mouth? ## I am on symbicort as well and the spasms in my legs and calves are awful, now I can make a connection after reading this

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How Long Does Symbicort Stay In System

my allergist had me take a puff of Symbicort in his office. However, when I came home and looked online - it is a direct interaction with my BP Med (Propranolol) How long does it take this one puff to get out of my system!? ## I checked the interactions and there is one, but it's not really anything you need to concern yourself about unduly, it just has to do with the efficacy of the Symbicort and doesn't affect the workings of the Propranolol. Using the two together actually just decreased the efficacy of the Symbicort, so it doesn't work as well, because it doesn't have as much of a bronchodilating effect as it would otherwise. Learn more Propranolol details here. Learn more Symbicort details here. I hope this eases your mind. :-) How are you doing? ## i take symbicort...

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Symbicort Drug or Pharmaceutical Company

Is Symbicort a drug or pharmaceutical company? ## According to my container, Symbicort is made by the AstraZeneca UK Ltd. Or is it merely marketed by them? Oh, yes, I see that it's made by them at S-151 85 Sodertaije, Sweden, according to their leaflet. ## Yes, Symbicort is made by AstraZeneca: ## That is correct, Symbicort is the name of a medication, not the name of a pharmaceutical company. As noted above, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures it is AstraZeneca. Symbicort is most commonly used to treat COPD, and asthma. Its typical side effects may include cough, rapid breathing, indigestion, throat irritation, and nausea. Is there anything I can help with?

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Surprising side effects

Started using Symbicort with aerochamber couple days before Txgiving, in accordance with Dr.'s advice (first time user) - I've lost 1/3 of breathing capacity and developed asthma from exposure to toxic mold. First time I used it, felt trembley, nervous - like I was on amphetamines. However, did relieve tightness in chest and improved breathing. Persisted in spite of side effects - as days went on, Symbicort was seeming to help less and less. Also, the tone of my voice changed and was tremulous. Yesterday was the straw that broke the camel's back - I felt short of breath, very nervous and shaky - to the point where I considered a visit to the ER. Heart was also racing. Next day called the doc - explanation was "some people have a paradoxical reaction" (my interpretati...

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Symbicort, my side effects

I've been taking Symbicort for about a year. I started to get knee pain when I bent my knees. Then lower back pain with shoulder and neck pain. I stopped taking it and experienced withdrawal as shortness of breath. Could hardly walk. It's been a month and I'm starting to feel better. Proventil seem to be having a better effect now. Joint pain subsided. But I have a rash on my right calf for four months. What can I do for the rash to subside. Will it go away by itself? I'm taking epsom salts baths. It seem to be helping with the asthma. ## Hi, Dan! How are you doing? Sorry about the problems you had with the Symbicort. Have you talked to your doctor about the rash? What should be done for it, if anything, is really going to depend on what has caused it. ## I'm hoping ...

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any withdrawal symptoms from symbicort

I have been on symbicort for 3 years. I would like to get off it as my asthma is manageable...Are there any physical withdrawals to worry about? ## I also have questions on drug interaction with hydrocodone 5/500...If anyone would like to discuss this with me, please respond. ## Symbicort contains Budesonide and Formoterol. Anytime you have been on a medication for a prolonged period of time, your body will become dependent on it and you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. The most dangerous that you will have to watch out for are rebound bronchospasms and asthma attacks. And what medications would you like to check for with the Vicodin? If you can post back with what you are concerned about, I will gladly check for you. There are no listed interactions between it and the Symbicort...

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Depression sadness weight loss

My son was on this hideous drug.. although he’s a breathing improved significantly the side effects have been dreadful. Including significant weight loss Blurred vision severe back pain sadness and depression. The latter being the catalyst for throwing this medication out. A week off he drug has seen a massive turn around in him. He is a 23 year old very fit and healthy young man and has never ever suffered with depression issues. It should be mandatory that these warnings are on the box and doctors should also be warning patients of these possible side effects. I only looked into the side effects after he said he lost 6kg.. not enough about sadness and depression is said about this drug ## I am very sorry about what your son has dealt with, I understand how upsetting that can be....

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Lost voice

I've lost my voice from using Symbacort for one month. How long will it take to get my voice back after discontinuing the Symbacort? ## Hello, Kathy! How are you doing? I am sorry about the problem that you've experienced. It may take a week or two, for things to return to normal and for your voice to be back. Have you informed your doctor? You'll likely need to try a different medication. ## I'm so glad to have found this page. I'm a professor with mild asthma and my doc gave me symbicort. I lost my voice and/or had difficulty getting through a class without losing it. When I told my doc, he laughed and said that it wasn't a side effect. I also have had terrible muscle cramps and irritated stuffy nose. So basically although the symbicort helps with my exercise i...

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side effects of symbicort

I was taking symbicort to control my asthma. It was working for a while until I started to feel joint pain, a rash on my foot that was always wet and itched a lot. The hair on my feet fell out and my toes was always cold. I also developed a catarac in my righe eye. It became obvious that it was upseting my body chemistry. When I stoped taking it. I had extream withdrawal including shortness of breath, weakness and lost 15 pounds. I saw TV commercials that said it was not for asthma and was for COPD and emphysema. Did I receive the wrong drug for my condition? ## Hello, Danny! How are you? I am very sorry about the problems that you had. Actually, the wording says that is not for the treatment of acute/emergency asthma attacks. It cannot be used as a rescue inhaler, but yes, it is approv...

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anyone have potassium loss with symbicort

I had bronchial asthma and went on Symbicort for about five weeks. Started to feel worse and worse. No energy - couldn't stand up at one point. Went to emergency twice. Had very low potassium. Had to supplement. It seems the Symbicort was Depleting my potassium levels. I'm ever felt so bad in my life. Thought I was dying. Didn't even help my inflammation from asthma. ## Since recovering from an allergic reaction to the symbicort I have now come down with shingles. Has anyone ever heard that steroids can bring on shingles? I was also on prednisone. I have been ill for two months now. ## Diana, how are you doing, now? Has there been any change? Yes, this class of medications has been known to cause low potassium levels, in some people that take it. Steroids can also cause a fl...

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I quit symbicort for 2 days now

I had a upper respitory infection. Had to take prednisone for 3 rounds then started symbicort. I was also given rescue inhaler. I have not had to take a puff of that in a month. I have been getting anxiety attacks since and thick mucus and a feeling stuck in my throat from symbicort. I have been back to breathing normal the last couple of days without symbicort. It's only been two days but I have 0 breathing problems no tightness. No wheezing. Some mucus but it's clear and I get full breaths... Would I have experienced tightness or wheezing in this short time of quiting symbicort? Or is it to soon to tell? I can't find any info on what to expect when you quit symbicort. I have never had asthma in the past and I 42 years old I'm breating ## Those can be typical side effec...

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Is symbicort responsible for my weight gain?

I've been taking symbicort for 7 years now. I started when I was 13, so when I started gaining weight I blamed the fact that I stopped growing at that age (I was already 172 cm). But know I'm 20 and I have been trying to lose weight for YEARS! And I can't seem to lose any, I eat super healthy and I am a very active person, I exercise at least 4 times a week. The last time I was able to lose some weight, was when I stopped taking symbicort for 2 months because I was at home studying and didn't exercise at all. When I started taking it again, I gained weight again... Is it possible that all this time my weight is symbicort's fault? And if so, what should I take instead and how long does it take to get it out of your system ? ## It has been known to cause weight gain, i...

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Can I stop symbicort after 2 weeks

I was put on symbicorasthma after hospitalized for respiratory failure from the flu and pneumonia. 2 puffs 2 times a day 160/4.5. I only have been taking it at night because of a the high dosage of steroids I was on in hospital and tapered off at home. Started this medicine 2 weeks ago. This medicine upon the first morning I woke up itching terribly, but at least I rested the whole night without waking up wheezy as I have done previously. Now I am so dizzy I can't function. My body is so low 97/71 and pulse is 102. I'm also having pain in my chest and the bp machine says my heart rate is irregular. My scalp is itching around the hair line and my hands are cramping up. My whole body feels out of whack. Vision is so blurred, I feel horrible, jitters and mood is off. Feel like I...

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can stopping symbicort cause copd to worsen

My father was in rehab and he has copd and they did not give him his tudorza at all and only gave him his symbicort 2 times. He is home now and his oxygen level is dropping more. Could not taking his inhalers cause his copd to worsen? ## There is a chance that it could, though there is also a chance that it has worsened on its own, due to the nature of the condition, according to the NIH. Why didn't they give him his inhalers? Is he back on them, now? Is he on any other medications?

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How Long Does Symbicort Stay In Your System

I've been off of it for a month now and I still have some of my symptoms, joint pain, pounding ears, swollen ankles, etc. My hoarseness disappeared after about 2 weeks or so. Drink lots of water. ## How long we're you taking it? If it was for a long period of time, it may take 6 weeks or so, for it to completely process out of your body. Learn more Symbicort details here. ## I took 80/4.5 for 1 year. I had been on 160/4.5 for 3 weeks because my asthma was not controlled at the lower dose. I woke up and my left eye socket hurt as though someone had punched me in it. I'm seeing a doctor next week because of severe leg pain I'm having that can't be from anything else except the Symbicort. I'm in my 40's and I am healthy. ## I've been on symicort for 3 yrs. n...

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can I take symbicort and tudorza at the same time ## Hello, Francis! How are you? I didn't find any problems or interactions listed, but it's always best to double check to be sure. Have they both been prescribed for you? The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including funny taste, dry throat, hoarseness, runny nose and cough. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Very relaxed feeling

I have been on Symbicort for the past 2 weeks, 1 dose in the morning and one in the evening. I don't know if this "laid back" feeling I am experiencing is due to this medicine. It feels like I have completely changed my mood since being on this stuff. Is there something in it like a relaxant? ## Hello, Hebegebe! How are you? Has there been any change? This medication contains Budesonide and Formoterol. Typically, it can cause nervousness, anxiety and insomnia, as side effects according to the FDA. However, there is almost always a few rare people who will experience the opposite with any given medication. Unless your doctor thinks there is some reason to be concerned, there is likely nothing to worry about. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi Verwon, thank you so m...

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Will never take Symbicort again!

I was put on Symbicort for bronchial spasms...I had taken it before and had worse trouble breathing, nausea and awful headaches...I thought maybe I just hadn't given it a when my doctor put me back on it I agreed to try's worse than before...I now have cold like symptoms, headaches, numbness in my feet/hands, hoarseness and the worst sore throat ever! I also have trouble breathing that I didn't have before I started long will it take to get out of my system? I only used it for a few days... ## Same here..droped it and wont touch it..i was miserable. ## My mother-in-law experienced the same issues, though she did it try it for almost 2 years, before she gave up. But about every 6 to 8 weeks, she'd get severe wheezing and develop a re...

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muscle and joint pain

Since taking this inhaler - My breathing has improved greatly - but I am in extreme pain - don't want to stop taking - pain is better than not breathing. Any ideas? ## Symbicort contains the active ingredients Budesonide and Formoterol to treat asthma and COPD. I am not finding anything that lists this as normal side effect. Have you discussed this issue with your doctor to discover what is causing the pain? You should not be experiencing extreme pain from a medication. ## I also started expirencing(sp) bad back pain from Symbicort so I am being swited to something else. My breathing also got worse. ## I experienced lower back pain, pain shooting up my right calf, swollen aching ankles and severe muscle spasms. My entire body ached, dizziness, lightheaded, depression, anxiety, hair ...

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