Lost Voice

Kathy Says:

I've lost my voice from using Symbacort for one month. How long will it take to get my voice back after discontinuing the Symbacort?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Kathy! How are you doing? I am sorry about the problem that you've experienced.

It may take a week or two, for things to return to normal and for your voice to be back.

Have you informed your doctor? You'll likely need to try a different medication.

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Dee Says:

I'm so glad to have found this page. I'm a professor with mild asthma and my doc gave me symbicort. I lost my voice and/or had difficulty getting through a class without losing it. When I told my doc, he laughed and said that it wasn't a side effect. I also have had terrible muscle cramps and irritated stuffy nose. So basically although the symbicort helps with my exercise induced asthma, I am thinking that the side effects are sufficient to warrant a talk with my pharmacist - and a new doctor.

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Lil Says:

Kathy and Dee, would you be willing to talk further about your experience with vocal loss after the use of symbicort? I too experienced it and am looking for others who have had significant vocal loss or vocal changes after using Symbicort who might be willing to join together in a legal case since it is a strong enough side effect that merits attention. Please let me know if you are open to further discussion.

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Cfred Says:

My 15 year old son was given symbicort and within one to two days we new immediately something was wrong and he has lost his voice completely its...been 9 weeks now....still no voice.

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Bill Says:

Lol...I'd be interested. My trouble started back in December. Probably before that but it was the flonase that threw me over the top. No voice now for a couple of weeks. This is costing me money. I can't even answer a phone call. Been to the ER so many times. Felt like I would drown just trying to take a drink of water.

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Suzie Says:

I began Symbicort last fall with few side effects but that has changed and the loss of my voice was one of the worst side effects. But it took many months before it showed up. I kept saying, what is with my voice? Finally with some research I realized that it was the Symbicort. I have gradually stopped using it and my voice is ok now but I need something to help me breath. I am trying to use just Albuterol when it gets bad.

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