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Cephalexin false positive for Cocaine?

Can cephalexin 500mg cause a false positive for cocaine on a drug test? ## I was given a swab test by my doctor after taking cephalexin 500mg and I don't use cocaine and it came up positive for cocaine. Does cephalexin 500mg show a false positive for cocaine? ## Do cephalexin and ibuprofen cause a false positive for cocaine? ## I took cephalexinn 500 mg and when I took a drug test it came out positive for cocaine - but I don't do cocaine. Does cephalexinn cause a false positive? ## I found nothing conclusive about Cephalexin affecting a drug test for cocaine. The only thing which I found is an article from the NIH, which states: "As a result of administration of cephalexin, a false-positive reaction for glucose in the urine may occur". Not sure which lab test you had don...

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Benefits of Tanganil, How to use it and Where it's found

I have read all the comments here and after visiting over 10 very well recommended doctors across the globe and doing all sorts of tests, we all seem to be facing 2 combined issues that occur and are linked together "Vertigo Migraine & Meneire disease", any other doctor saying otherwise is a LIAR and just wants either your money or your insurance money!! Out of personal experience and having to deal with this very annoying matter for over 13 years now, I can say the best way to treat it cause there is no operations for that, is to take Tanganil 2 tablets at a time once in morning and once in evening with 1 tablet of gravol with every 2 tablets of Tanganil. Dont use Tanganil on daily basis but only when you really need to. An advice to help reduce the dizziness / migraines: D...

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Unknown Pill Need Help

I have found a pill in my bathroom that I don't ever recall seeing. It is a pretty large white oval shaped pill. On the front side there is an imprint of a chalice looking thing (or a cup) with two little (steam shaped) likes coming from the top of it. If anyone knows what it is please let me know, I have checked a lot of pill searching websites and haven't found anything. If you need a picture just let me know and I will do my best to get you one. ## Bump, still need to figure out what these pills are. ## I found the same pill with the chalice and 2 stem imprint. Did you find out anything? ## Sadly I did not find anything out about this. Still trying to myself. ## In my research online I've stumbled upon "xtc" pills that look similar to this, in that they have uniqu...

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ys224 3850

purple/yellow ## YS224 3850 - I need more information this drug. What is inside it? Thanks! ## YS224 3850-yellow with bluish purple stripes. Found this pill, need to know what it is, what it is prescribed for please. ## Hello, From what I was able to find on the internet this pill is a stacker called "yellow jacket" and is illegal in the United States. The reason for this is that the company in China who manufactures the pill does not disclose the entirety of the pills contents, but here is a list of the ingredients they do list. - Caffeine 300 mg - Green Tea Extract - Yerba Mate - Guarana - Capsicum - Kola Nut - Siberian Ginseng Hope this helps. ## It is not illegal in the United states. Nice try tho bro..... they sell them at gas stations all over USA...

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False Positive On Drug Test For Cocaine - Will Lidocaine Do That?

I falsed a urine test with small trace of cocaine in it. I do not use but i do have cancer and take a lot of medication including lidocaine cream at least 4 times a day from having my breasts removed ## Yes, Lidocaine is actually related to Cocaine and it has been known to cause false positives for it, in people that are using it regularly. Learn more Lidocaine details here. There are also other medications that may cause it. What else do you take? ## I just had a baby on September 15th and had to have an emergency c-section, which they filled me with so much drugs in my epidural that my hands and also my head were numb as well. I went to the emergency room yesterday b/c I have been recently put on a lot of new medications, that are for my UTI , lexapro for my depression, a mood stabili...

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False Positive On urine Drug Test For Cocaine

I tested positive for cocaine today at my pain management..I dont do illegal drugs.I had them take my blood to send out..its imposible for that because I in no way used it. I am on percocet, methadone tab for pain, zanex, soma, nurontin, fiibrid, and buspirone.. I am just in shock over this...why did this happen? ## None of the medications you've listed have been known to cause false positives for Cocaine. Learn more drug test details here. Did you take anything else at all, even over the counter products of any type? I doubt there is any need for you to worry too much, because the blood test at the actual lab should have no problem distinguishing what you actually took and should not report a false positive. ## thanks I know but just shocked and amazed why it did that..and was emba...

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Dewitt Pills for kidney and bladder

I was told by a doctor that i have a kidney or bladder problem which seems to be giving me back aches when i try to sit or stand for long periods. I have heard of Dewitts kidney pills and would like to give that a try before things get worse. Can you help me to locate this product? ## I am sorry, but DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder pills are not longer being manufactured. I can't even find a listing that states exactly what they contained, but many of these old remedies had to be removed from the market, due to the fact that they often contained medications that are now considered prescription only drugs. What has your doctor suggested trying? If you are looking for some natural options that may help, there are several that many people swear by, that are known to clean out the kidne...

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Cocaine False Positive Test

I was tested for cocaine and it came back positive. I do not know how as i have not used for 4 months. It was a hair test. I do not know why? Can u let me know why or list some things that can make it come back positive please? Thank you. ## Cocaine can remain in your hair follicles for up to 90 days or longer, depending on how much you had and how frequent your use was. So it would not be uncommon for it to show up 4 months after using it if your body has a difficult time detoxing itself. If you are expecting any other surprise tests, then I would highly recommend doing some sort of total body cleanse or fasting for a number of days on just water, in order to help your body heal itself. I hope this helps! ## Cocaine metabolites can linger in your hair for a very long time, so there is ...

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False Positive On Drug Test For Cocaine

I take a hair follicle and came up positive for cocaine. I never used drugs in my life. I have a kidney infection and I have been having trouble with my kidney all my life on and off, and I was taking ampicillin 500mg and metronidazole 500 mg and eugenol. I am going to court concerning my kids and I cant lose them for drugs when I never took them before. Please help me. Thank you. ## The antibiotic Ampicillin has been known to cause false positives for Cocaine on drug tests and depending on the length of your hair and how much of it they test, it can show up anywhere from 90 days to the rest of your life. When the testing was done, where they aware of your medical problems and any medications you were taking? ## No they didnt no about my health problems. Can i use this what you have ans...

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false positive for drug test on cocaine from lidocaine

I volunteered for a pea test just like normal 4 yrs ago,and my dr. called me and said I was positive for slight trace of cocaine,he asked how long does it stay in your system and I didn't know cause I don't use cocaine at all,i said a day,i didn't know I been off pain meds for 4 yrs and now cant walk with severe pain,i had peaded clean for 15 yrs,since disabled,how do I clear my name,i only take a 5 milagram hydacodone once a day and back then I was on 10 milagram twice a day,now im being refused for tumor surgery and a back needle which kills the nerves,im also being neglected of pain pills all together,but I volunteered for my pea test like useal and I want my name cleared,i have not used since I was 18 and em against drugs,due to I hit my dealth bed back then,1 more day t...

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Stat Flush Instructions

Directions for STAT! Flush 1) Exposure to unwanted toxins, including secondhand toxins, MUST BE AVOIDED FOR A MINIMUM OF 48 HOURS prior to using Stat. Do not consume caffeine or acidic juice the day of taking Stat. 2) Take Stat 60-90 minutes before appointed time. Take the entire contents of the bottle on an empty stomach along with no more than 32-40 oz. of water within a 10 minute period. 3) Wait 30 minutes, then urinate 2-3 times. NOTE: WOMEN WEIGHING 180 LBS. AND MEN OVER 220 LBS. MUST USE 2 BOTTLES ALONG WITH NO MORE THAN AN ADDITIONAL 16-24 OZ OF WATER. **Information was obtained from directions found inside of STAT! Flush bottle. ## Thank you for posting this information. We've had several people asking for the instructions and I have been unable to find the details. I would,...

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Tested positive for Cocaine on drug test from Pain Management Doctor.

For the past 5 months I have been treated by a pain management doctor for some nerve damage in my arm. About a month ago I was randomly drug tested, and tested positive for Cocaine. I was honest with him. Told him I did do it, but it was a bad decision I made when I had some people from work over I did not know that well. I had done it maybe 2 or 3 times in the past maybe 5 or 6 years ago, but that is all I have ever done. I never use any type of recreational drug anymore, and I have a drink or 2 maybe once a month. I explained this to him and he cut me off, which I totally understand. I just don't know what to do now. My arm is worse than ever an I'm scared to go see a different pain doc because I don't know if they will be notified of what I did, and I don't know if I ...

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can gabepentin, keflex, suboxone, and xanax cause false positives for cocaine on oral swabs or hair tests? ## With the ever increasingly large number of false positive reports I've seen, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if any one of those medications came up positive for cocaine; and I mean that seriously. On the cheaper, less reliable tests, it seems anything is possible. Now there is specific testing, such as that done by a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, which has the ability to distinguish the exact substance in question. This type of testing is not initially performed because of cost, but, is often a follow-up option for those facing serious consequences such as a job loss, jail time, etc. This may be something you'd want to look into. If you're able to I wou...

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False Positive Patch For Cocaine

I am on the sweat patch and the first 3 all tested positive for cocaine, I have never done cocaine in my life. I am 34 and take citropam and lithium, can anyone tell me why this is happening? ## I can't find anything that lists either of those as being known to cause false positives for Cocaine. However, there are other substances that may cause such a thing to occur. Were you taking anything else, even over the counter products? If you can post back with more details, I'll gladly do some more research for you. Learn more about Cocaine Details here. ## Im on federal supervision and tested positive for cocaine on the sweat patch. They said it was as accurate as it gets! I went to a lab and got a hair follicle drug test. I didn't use cocaine and I was going to jail! Well I pro...

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Blue monkey

What is in it? ## Hello, These pills were identified as one of the known ecstacy pills which are illegal drugs. The fact that these drugs are illegal means that there is no guarantee of its contents. The contents very well could range anywhere from caffeine to rat poison. I would be remiss of my duties to not warn you that you should not be consuming these drugs and that if you found one it would be in your best interest to take this drug to the nearest drug drop off located at most pharmacies and hospitals. Have a wonderful day.

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False Positives For Cocaine On A Saliva Drug Test

I recently took a mouth swab for a drug test and it tested a high positive result for cocaine and i do not use!!! The only thing i did minutes prior to the test was rinse my mouth with a mouthwash. It was a meijer off-brand type, alcohol free, light mint. It's ingredients contain water, sorbitol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, poloxamer 407, sodium saccharin, flavor, sucralose, green 3, yellow 10. Could the mouthwash be the reason for the false positive for cocaine? Please help, I am trying to prove my innocence. Thank you so very much. ## the same happened to me and i know for a fact i havent taken it in over 4 months in it was only a lil bump i was recked and stupid but it came up positive for the saliva test and i have noooo idea why cuz i...

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1/2 yellow 1/2 orange gel capsule with a white heart

Found this capsule in my house. Have "grilled" the youth in the home with no answers. Can anyone help identify it? I took pictures of it. The heart was small and white (outline of a heart - not colored in). The inside was a dark brown hard material (not small balls like I would have expected). ## Hello, I found the same tbing at a bar i clean. so i assume its for adults only =p. have you anything new? pleaseete know. ## Its a energy pill with caffeine and some other stuff. tasted the poweder and tastes like super strong coffee with other chems probably ephedrine. ## Hello Mom of three, I did some searching and I was unable to identify the pill that you have. What I can tell you is that I am certain what you have found is not a prescription drug. In the U.S the FDA requires that ...

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blue capsule with the word zoller on it

I found a blue capsule with the word zoller on it what is this pill for ## This is an over the counter supplement, manufactured by Zoller Laboratories and sold under the brand name Zantrex-3 for weight loss. It contains Caffeine, Green Tea, Damiana, Schizonepeta, Tibetan and Panax Ginseng, Maca Root and Kola Nut. Are there any questions or comments? ## Blue capsule with name zooler an to small letters I can't see

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super appetite as and appetite stimulant

I need to know more about super appetite as an appetite stimulant because I've been taking it to boost my appetite and aid in sleeping ## Hello, Barbie! Did you mean the Nigerian supplement called Super Appitite? I haven't been able to find a lot of specifics on it, other than it being listed as a nutritional supplement that contains a complex of vitamins believed to help increase appetite. That said, the only way such a thing will help if is your issues have been caused by a deficiency in one of the vital nutrients it contains. However, if you do not have a deficiency causing your problem, then this will do nothing to improve your appetite and help you to gain weight. If this isn't the product that you're asking about and you are talking about some type of stimulant, yo...

False positive for Cocaine?

Hello, I have a question. I was given a hair drug test, and it came back positive for Cocaine at a level 631/pg/mg and also positive for Benzolyecgonine at a level 403/pg/mg. I have never used any street drugs in my life, but I was involved in a car accident 6-23-14 and has been given a variety of drugs such as Valium, Percocet, Vicodin, and Ibuprofen. Can any of these give a false positive in regards to a hair follicle test? The hair sample clipping was 1.5 inches. ## Can lidocaine liquid show false positive for cocaine? ## I have tested positive 4 months in a row for Diazepam. I took 5 mg tablet but stopped after the first positive UA as my Pain Management Dr said it was not good to take with my pain medication. I am recovering from spinal fusion. Today my Pain Dr put me on Probation ...

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