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orange pill with 15 on one side and b 777 on the other

small round orange pill with b777 written on one side and 1/5 written on the other ## This tablet contains 15mgs of Mixed Amphetamine Salts, a generic for Adderall, used to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy. Common side effects may include: nausea, headache, insomnia and weight loss. You can read more on it here: Do you have any other questions? ## Is 15 mg Dexedrine the same strength as a 15 mg adderall d amphetamine

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TEVA 30mg vs AUROBINDO PHARM Amphetamine Salts (Adderall)

For several years I've taken TEVA 30mg Amphetamine Salts 2x daily with consistent positive relief. Focus and a feeling that I could have a productive day gave me a reason to get out of bed. On 8/21/2014 all that changed to nervous anxiety filled days staying home. What caused the dramatic change quickly became clear. The generic Adderall produced by AUROBINO PHARM which my regular CVS Pharmacy filled my RX with on 8/21 was less than effective it was exasperating the very symptoms for which it was prescribed. FDA is an ineffective bureaucracy controlled by lobbyists for foreign and domestic pharmaceutical companies making huge profits in generic drugs at the expense of the health and quality of life of others. The manufacturing of inferior or possibly harmful medications by greedy co...

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Cross Top Pills

I am wondering if you can still obtain prescriptions for these diet pills, and if so, where can they be obtained? ## I'm sorry, but I don't know what you are referring to. Do you happen to remember the actual medication name, or the active ingredient? ## I believe they were called Benzedrine or in non-medical vernacular, bennies or cross tops. In the 1970s I suffered a serious back injury and had to quickly take off some weight, so a doctor prescribed them for me and they worked perfectly. Can you tell me if the old Benzedrine diet pills are still legal and available in the U.S.? Thank you ## From what I can find, it appears that it is no longer available. However, it was closely relate to Amphetamines and there are many of those that are still on the market, which you may wish ...

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Amphetamine vs. Amphetamine salts (generic Adderall)

I have been taking generic Adderall, Amphetamine salts but yesterday when filling my prescription it says now Amphetamine not Amphetamine salts and I feel freaky weird. I have been taking this drug for years and since I took the one with salts yesterday and the one without today I am sure about this not being the same. Can anyone help me find out if there is anything that can be done? Can I call the pharmacy and have them give me the one with salts? I'm not exagerating at all, this Amphetamine without salts is freaking me out. ## What state do you live in? How do the pills look like? Are they different are similar to the Amphetamine? What does it say on your prescription bottle? It seems like you may have gotten desoxyn? Was your original script for Adderall?? Does it say sub for ad...

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small blue pill with a line down the middle on one side and number 10 other a b top 972 under b

an oval blue pill with a line down the middle on one side with the number 10 divided by the line and on the other side a "b" on the top and 972 under the b ## Hello, Anne! How are you? This tablet contains 10mgs of mixed amphetamine salts, which is a generic for Adderall that's used to treat conditions such as ADHD and narcolepsy. Side effects may include nausea, headache, insomnia and anorexia. Learn more Adderall details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hello What is a small blue pill with Mano 10 mg on them. Thanks

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Is Valium considered an amphetamine?

I was wondering if Valium is considered an Amphetamine? ## No, Valium is a benzodiazepine that is most commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. ## Those are two total opposite kinds of drugs.

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Pink pill Cor 136 and Cor 135 difference

What is the difference between a pink round pill with the cor 136 on it and the smaller pill with cor 135 on it? ## whats the differrnce between 512 &v4839 ## One is 20 mg cor135 and cor136 is 30 mg ## What Roger has stated is correct, the tablet with the marking cor 135 contains 20mgs of mixed amphetamine salts (NDC 64720-0135), and the one with the marking cor 136 contains 30mgs of mixed amphetamine salts (NDC 64720-0136). Both of these tablets have been discontinued. The brand name for this medication is Adderall, it is most commonly used to treat ADHD, and shift-work sleep disorder. Inactive ingredients may have included: Lactose Monohydrate Magnesium Stearate Cellulose, Microcrystalline Starch, Corn D&c Red No. 27 The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being...

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White Cross speed pills

Small white tablet with cross scored on one side and 100 on the other. ## Do pharmacies in Mexico still prescribe cross tops and the amphedamine pills that arn't made in america anymore? ## Are the white cross energy pills available here in Atlanta Georgia? ## Crossroads, we used to call them. The main ingredient was Amphetamine and you could buy them out of the back of magazines as they advertised them like NODOZE. They would get you flying. ## To those questioning whether white cross energy pills are still available in the US, I'm pretty sure that they've been discontinued. Not to mention, amphetamine (Adderall) now requires a prescription in this day and age. Its presence in other countries such as Mexico may be a dim possibility. However, drugs like amphetamine are somet...

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Can Stacker 3 XPLC cause a false positive for Amphetamines?

On probation and failed a drug test for amphetamines. I have been free of drugs since Dec of 2016, but I have recently been taking Stacker 3 XPLC. Could this be what caused me fail for amphetamines? Although they no longer contain ephedra. ## I would like to know if Stacker 3 or Vapo Inhalers can cause false positives in urine drug tests for methanthetamines? I tested positive at my last 2 Dr appointments. I’ve never tried ANY kind of drug. The only things I take on regular basis are both Stacker 2 & 3, Sudafed, and I use Vapo Inhalers a lot due to my sinus problems. ## I'm assuming so since I've had the same looks like someone above also has. ## Sudafed may cause your results to show positive when you submit lab work. The person giving you the test should as...

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Orange b 974

round orange pill with b 974 on one side and 3 0 on the back ## This tablet contains Amphetamine + Dextroamphetamine (mixed amphetamine salts totaling 30 mg : NDC 0555-0974). Inactive Ingredients: - Silicon Dioxide - Starch, Corn - Magnesium Stearate - Cellulose, Microcrystalline - Saccharin Sodium - FD&C Yellow No. 6 - Aluminum Oxide Ref: DailyMed ## ref to the orange tab/b 974/30..I understand it is a generic form of question: Is it an IR or an extended release tab..??..thank you ## It does not appear to be an extended release form as it is not specifically mentioned and there is a score line on the tablet.

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effectiveness of various manufacturers generic adderall

Many pharmacies use whatever companies products are currently available to to dispense. Shire's name brand products are often covered under all but a few insurance companies. It is the "most effective" in Shire's opinion. Teva, a Israeli pharmaceutical firm, as well as others make generic off shoots of mixed amphetamine salts cocombinations. They may be in short supply in areas. Small independent pharmacies are not allotted as many of these CII stimulates. Paying cash is preferred by pharmacies if generic substitutions are not marked or not in stock. One takes what one can afford or even find. My MD always issues me three different but similar Rx's and DOES NOT label them "NOT TO BE ISSUED A MONTH APART." A issuance of a Rx of a CII like generic Adderal's...

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Round White Pill With Cross And Spiral

Small round pill -white with cross on back for seperation or splitting . With spiral like imprint on the back. No numbers - please help ## This doesn't match any prescription medications that are in the databases, nor have I found it listed in over the counter drugs. But, there have been reports of some illicit Amphetamine tablets that have markings like this on them. I can't be certain that's what it is, but it is a possibility. Where did you find it? ## Did u ever find out what kind of pill it was need to know asap ## It's alaprozam - an anti anxiety mfg in Mexico. 2mg ## Dude i have a pill just like that somebody said it was mexican xanax but i still thinks its the new anti-anxiety pill they hand out or something alltogether diff! ## If its small its either a clonazep...

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Obedrine Availability

I used to get a stimulant named Obedrine. Do they still make it? I am currently taking Adderall 30 mg and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. ## Carole, From the little information I was able to gather on this drug, it is a mixture of amphetamine and barbiturate. According to the American Medical Association these types of drugs were discontinued back in the late 90's after they re-evaluated the long term use. Some similar drugs such as Eskatrol and Biphetamine-T were also discontinued as well. I hope this helps. ## Yes obedrine was extremely good, but Nixon took it off market I think it would be awesome for add for my age group

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Free Amphetamine salts 30 mg instant release coupon

I'm looking for a free 30 mg instant release coupon # 60. ## Hello, Chas! How are you? I'm sorry, several people have asked about this recently, but there are currently no discount coupons or assistance programs for Adderall, since it's not considered a life sustaining medication. It's also very rare to have anything available for generics, since by their very nature, they are already cheaper. This medication may be habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, insomnia and anorexia. Have you tried checking prices at different pharmacies in your area? ## You can do a search by your zip code for the cheapest prices at pharmacies in your area. When I did this I noticed a 50 dollar difference in prices at some places. Also try looking up prescriptio...

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Alvalin Drops

What are these drops for? ## From what I've heard, the name of x112 drops medication has changed to "Alvalin" and you need a prescription over in Germany to get it; if it is even still available on the market. I believe this product is used for weight loss and there are actually a lot of popular threads on the topic of 'x112 drops' if you'd like to view more information on it: /Discuss/X112-liquid-diet-drops-164341.htm I hope this helps! ## Do you know when you are doing a drug panel, can it tell whether or not you are taking a substance based on amphetamine? ## Where or what pharmacy can you order Alvalin 40mg/g 15ml? Does it require a prescription? I understand this is a new formula replacing x112 drops. How much is the cost? Can someone help please? In 32 yrs ...

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small round white pill with X on one side blank on other side

its a small round white pill that is scored both ways on one side and it is blank on the other ## I was sold Street Speed that follows the description you provided, and my product is some sort of amphetamine. I need to take 2-4 to really notice it though, and it takes 1-2 hours to kick in on a full or empty stomach. There were tiny red specs in/on the pill though, i did finally notice. Hope this helped ## i found one of these. did you ever find out what it was ## Hello, Unfortunately I would not be able to identify the pill if it has two scores but no imprint. If this is the case it is likely that what you are describing is a vitamin/supplement. Just in case the pill is a white round pill with an x imprint and not two scores, it could be a Edluar pill. According to the NIH this medicati...

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Positive Drug Test For Amphetamines Without ANY drug use??

I take a drug test each month. I have not used any drugs, yet came up positive for amphetamines. I was sick around the time and took mucinex and sudafed. I am also on a few presciption medications, nexium, trazadone, cholonodine and bupropion (wellbutrin). Could someone tell me which drug or combinations would have made the positive test? I want to know so I can bring the meds in for the doctor to see I did not use any street drug. ## Ask your pharmacist before you see your doctor. They know a lot. ## I am assuming the false positive for AMP was from a urine drug test? Was it a dip test like you use at home or was it a lab GC/MS test. If it was a dip test (home test) the person/company testing you should have sent the sample to a lab for a confirmation test using GC/MS. Gas chromatograp...

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Unknown capsules with orange beads

This is gonna be pretty interesting but I'll be honest anyway - I believe my latest rx refill is fake. It does nothing but make my chest and stomach hurt and has remnants of orange capsule beads. Anybody know what any of the pills are that contain orange beads? ## Well, the first question is what medication is it SUPPOSED to be? And would you happen to know if the medication is from the Unites States or a foreign country? Lastly, are there any letter / numbers / markings on the capsules? ## Amphetamine salts 30mg ER is an orange variety capsule with peach color med pellets ## Agreed! Thank you for your observation!

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orange pill b 973 on one side 20 other abuse

What potential harm can happen if this drug is abused? ## Hello, Steve! How are you? This tablet is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 20mgs of mixed amphetamine salts. The FDA classifies this medication as a stimulant that is most commonly used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. It carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, anorexia and weight loss. If someone abuses it, there is a risk of stroke, cardiac arrest, heart failure and/or respiratory failure, any of which could be fatal. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have the same pills. Mine are printed b973 and 20 on other side. On my friend's tablet, hers has b973 and 02 marked on it. Is this also the same? It tastes...

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Amphetamines Dexedrine

Why are amphetamines so difficult to get prescribed when you suffer from disabling cfs? These are the only thing that help to have a life. ## Hello, Angie! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you're having. But the reasons are due to the facts that this medication tends to be habit forming and is very commonly abused, thus most doctor's are reluctant to prescribe such stimulants. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability and mood swings. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Many people can get addicted to stimulants. Also their is a "responsibility" to maintain the person using the drugs.

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