Teva 30mg Vs Aurobindo Pharm Amphetamine Salts (adderall)

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Rich Says:

For several years I've taken TEVA 30mg Amphetamine Salts 2x daily with consistent positive relief. Focus and a feeling that I could have a productive day gave me a reason to get out of bed. On 8/21/2014 all that changed to nervous anxiety filled days staying home. What caused the dramatic change quickly became clear. The generic Adderall produced by AUROBINO PHARM which my regular CVS Pharmacy filled my RX with on 8/21 was less than effective it was exasperating the very symptoms for which it was prescribed. FDA is an ineffective bureaucracy controlled by lobbyists for foreign and domestic pharmaceutical companies making huge profits in generic drugs at the expense of the health and quality of life of others. The manufacturing of inferior or possibly harmful medications by greedy corporations will continue to grow until a strong GOOD DRUG coalition is formed. Tomorrow I know I will be calling my pharmacy, CVS Corporation, my Dr., and make a report to the FDA. I will also try my damnedest never to purchase a drug produced by AUROBINDO PHAR.

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Hate Aurobindo Brand Adderall Says:
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Agree. This aurobindo is the worst. I felt so sick to my stomach, heartburn, headaches, and also major effects on my personality. I became very introverted and felt a feeling of being stuck and inarticulate. Not like me at all. Do not recommend. Filing a complaint

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Mikko Says:

I agree....I have taken Adderall brand name and/or generic Teva and Shire for 8-9 years and NEVER had side effects like this Aurobindo is causing me My lips,nasal and eye areas, hands and forearms keep going numb.I am lethargic and nauseated.I can't function.I am laying down sleeping 3-4 times a day.I keep having re-occuring headaches ,None of this is normal for me.I haven't left the house in weeks.Something isn't right with this medication.The pharmacist told me to discontinue usage immediately.I made a report to the FDA,but doubt anything will come from it,

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MOSTI3 Says:

Please help! Weird generic adderall filled at CVS today. 20mg tablet

This is a HUGE concern for me as I just filled my prescription today (9/8/2014) at CVS and found your post after googling what the difference is as they look completely different as they often do with generics, but I've NEVER seen them look like this nor look so chalky. I haven't taken one yet so I do not know if it will have the same results as my previous ones which were all TEVA pharm also. Did you speak with CVS about your findings with this new pharm company? I would really appreciate knowing what they had to say if you don't mind. Thank you in advance.

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LuvoxPro Says:

I am also having the similar side effects with this new Aurobindo Adderall. 20mg - (Round pink, u30 on pill) I have never seen before. . Im getting Massive headaches, mild numbness in my fore arms & lips, I cant even think straight or focus at all. This stuff is aweful!! I got my script filled yesterday 9/23/14 at CVS in Miami. Ive been on Adderall for 4 years 20mg 2x a day BARR & TEVA Brand ( Peach Oval shaped with B973 on 1 side, 20 on other) & have never had any side effects or issues. TEVA brand & pill info is even listed on my bottle they just filled like usual but these new round pink pills with u30 on them are in the bottle. There is something not right with this medicine. Im a seriously pissed! There is no way i can function on this medicine.

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LuvoxPro Says:

All you have to do is just google the name Aurobindo Adderall & see all the recent complaints. Rich, Im also calling the Pharmacy, my Dr, CVS Corp & i am filing a compIaint with the FDA. If anyone else is having serious side effects from this new Aurobindo Pham brand Adderall which it seems CVS Corp has switched us to, I urge you to do the same. I think they are having some serious quality control issues.

Apparently Aurobindo Pham is based in India & has previous FDA violations (FDA identified significant violations of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations for Finished Pharmaceuticals:

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Luke Duke Says:
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Walgreens still has Teva. I always ask The pharmacist what generic brand they have on hand at CVS. He was able to warn me that they were carrying this new aurobindo stuff so I called around and thankfully Walgreens is carrying Teva as of September 24, 2014 so those of you who are used to having Teva try Walgreens.

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Rich Says:

Update to my 9/1 post:
After many missed called back and forth, I was finally able to speak with the CVS Quality Control guy in my area of NE Florida. The first words out of his mouth were "We're not going to do anything about this." He further stated, that CVS has no obligation to advise a patient that they are changing a generic, when an Rx is being refilled. So be sure to ask each time, before letting them refill. He also said no reimbursement was available for the $70.00 I had to spend on a duplicate Rx my Doctor wrote for Teva and my insurance would not cover.
So, CVS doesn't even pretend to care about our needs. At least he was honest about that!

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Mikko Says:

Update to my post 09/06:

My pharmacy (Winn Dixie) told me they could not exchange the pills or give me a credit or refund,but they were nice about it.They also said they couldn't specifically order Teva brand,because the only generic Adderall they get when an order is placed is Aurobindo.They said apparently I was allergic to one of the fillers in Aurobindo.I had to go to a privately owned pharmacy to get Teva. If your having a problem with Aurobindo Adderall, file a report with the FDA.Ask your pharmacist for the lot # for your prescription.

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Smellycat1976 Says:
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My brother is having the same problems with this med and I work for CVS. It depends on your pharmacist. My pharmacy manager is going to special order the old Teva brand so that my brother,a patient , and other patients that have complained can fill next time. Unfortunately with the strict laws in Texas we can't just take it and switch it out so they will have to wait till next refill. Your pharmacist can make that decision. They just don't want to and that I am sorry for. Good luck!

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ADHD Says:

I just went to the pharmacist today and they told me that my side effects using the aurobindo generic is possible due to the inactive ingredients. I felt a sense of being out of breath as well as anxious when I took the aurobindo that a different cvs gave me rather than the Teva brand I usually take. I never had that reaction before and I actually found one of my Teva brand ones and tried taking it and it must be the aurobindo pills because I did not have any side effects. Thanks for info posted on here because I will look into this.

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Jake Says:

Same experience here. Something is not right with the Aurobindo amphetamine salts. I agree with another poster who said it exacerbates symptoms - I felt spaced out to the max and severely lethargic. Just got a refill of Barr at Walgreens. Screw CVS and Aurobindo.

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Denise Says:

i recently got a refill of my adderall through CVS caremark, and bingo, aurobindo pills do NOT work! I am trying to find the active ingredient concentrations to compare to the Teva pills I previously had, which worked GREAT!!! Totally ticked, as I do not think I can exchange these for different ones AND I have a 3 month supply of garbage pills! If anyone knows who to complain to, or how I can get this problem corrected, please help!

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Denise Says:

i just called CVS caremark and complained about the AUROBINDO adderall which does NOT work! I have to call back in 1 hour to speak to the people in "clinical", however, it seemed that this was not a new complaint that they had heard. Maybe if everyone calls and complains to CVS they will do something about this widespread problem. maybe recall the med or something would be nice!

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conflictingnotes Says:
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This is exactly what is happening to me! I'm becoming extremely deressed and unable to function daily. I thought it was just me and seems the more I try to snap out the worse I feel... in 2-3 months my entire life has declined, which I just realized is when the pharm switched to this mfg! I dont leave home don't answer calls or messages from family or friends, Its a blessing I found your post

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Luke Rx Says:

ALWAYS ASK YOUR PHARMACIST BEFORE HANDING OVER YOUR Rx IF THEY HAVE TEVA TO FILL YOUR ORDER. I do it every time. Got screwed one month at CVS when they handed me Sandoz..which just gave me horrible headaches. As of today, December 2 2014, WALGREENS is stocking TEVA.

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Rich Says:

Denise, you can ask your Dr. for a new prescription, but your insurance may not pay for it. Your Dr. would want to know if an Rx is not working as it should. Good luck

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Denise Says:

I called my doc today to see if I can get a new Rx. The pharmacist at CVS caremark told me that they do not carry Teva in the regular format anymore, only in SR -- sooo, they said they now carry some manufacturer called Aoramet or something like that. I am afraid to take it to try, but they suggested that I get a one month supply, and if it doesnt work, at least I will know going forward and will have to get my meds from someone else... geee, thanks, to not be able to get something that works for what my insurance is contracted to get. I think if I am able to get a month rx, with the override, then I will get it at walgreens (get the teva ones) and then try the next rx for the brand they carry to see if it works or not. Or, I could see who carries Barr, since that seems to have worked for many people. Will keep you all posted. Also, CVS caremark told me that they have not heard of this manufacturer being a problem.. yeah, right!

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Luke Rx Says:

Denise, fyi, "Barr" and "Teva" are the same company and are used as interchangeable terms. Barr was purchased by Teva, a bigger generic drug maker, in 2007.

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bluescarlet Says:
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Hi Everyone, I found some interesting info and real answers on a website that's for pharacist I guess but, even though I'm completely miserable because, this time Publix filled my script for 20 IR mgs with auro&actavis after I specifically asked her not to (she had to order) so, after week and a half of zilch while searching, waiting for order over Thanksgiving, my boyfriend picked them up and she wrote on the side 2 different manufacturers and only charged me $29 versus $98 but, still it's actually making me manic depressive which I'm not, horribly depressed and when taken at 10 a.m starts working? ! Around 10p.m! Ugh! So my fellow suffers, I found out that the Concerta generics are being recalled, the Good Faith Policy at Walgreens has already been subject of AMA&FDA calling them out on befalf of numerous dr complaints, etc. Here's where to go to find out at least what's trying to be done about shortages, generics cost&quality. It's called (the site) Modern medicine network, now you have to be a health professional to post but, any real news is better than none at all. I'm truly praying for all of us. I know people are losing their jobs, failing grades and having anxiety over all this and it's wrong. There's been talk of a legal suit and I'm all for it, we're treated like criminals, profiled and left to suffer while that wait (I guess) for someone to fall asleep at the wheel of a car and kill people. I'm really in shock about how ridiculously the FDA moniters stuff. Also, on that same site you can finally view walgreens Good Faith Policy, that they refuse to release! I hope in the next few days, I'll have something good to report. Every one don't forget to submit a complaint to FDA. That's also on there to link up too. ;)

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JeremysGirl Says:

Hey everyone!
I have taken several different brands of generic adderall for the past 4 or 5 years (most currently on 30mg 4x/day and it is Sandoz brand). When we moved in March I began getting Barr brand adderall and it makes me feel terrible (mind you, i do have a lot of food sensitivities including corn and corn starch is one of the inactive ingredients in the Barr brand). My gf loves the Barr brand but for me it's a no go. It seems obvious to me that Sandoz works best because there are less inactive ingredients then all the rest (I also have digestion issues so the less my body has to process, the better). Anyway, just wanted to give my input so maybe it could help someone else. Calling my pharmacy today to order Sandoz :) P.S. Recently had to switch my Xanax prescription as well due to some adverse side effects and they just so happened to order me Sandoz brand and they work wonderfully now. :)

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