Tested Positive For Cocaine On Drug Test From Pain Management Doctor.


For the past 5 months I have been treated by a pain management doctor for some nerve damage in my arm. About a month ago I was randomly drug tested, and tested positive for Cocaine. I was honest with him. Told him I did do it, but it was a bad decision I made when I had some people from work over I did not know that well. I had done it maybe 2 or 3 times in the past maybe 5 or 6 years ago, but that is all I have ever done. I never use any type of recreational drug anymore, and I have a drink or 2 maybe once a month. I explained this to him and he cut me off, which I totally understand. I just don't know what to do now. My arm is worse than ever an I'm scared to go see a different pain doc because I don't know if they will be notified of what I did, and I don't know if I could go through that embarrassment again. Basically I'm wondering if I've been flagged in some way, or if anyone else has been notified of this. Will I forever be refused by other doctors? I am truly in excruciating pain. Help me....

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I am in the same boat with the exception that I did not use any cocaine or drugs not prescribed. I turned in my pain doctor for insurance fraud and now he's being investigated. Two weeks after I told my insurance company about bogus tests and charges, I suddenly have dirty urine for the first time in 9 years. The pain clinic has made it clear they do not believe they could ever make a mistake or misread, mislabel urine so I'm being labeled a "drug abuser and dropped." I did find another pain doctor and have a consultation to see him. I was very open and honest about what is going on with the insurance and the suddenly positive illegal tests from 2-3 months ago. Which was just "found" yesterday. I thought my unethical doctor and Rn practitioner had destroyed my name.

It turns out that the clinic I got dropped from has a reputation of shaking their patients down for $200-$800 tests not covered by insurance. They count on the fact they are treating addicts and people will pay their extortion money and not tell. If you tell your branded. I don't know if the new doctor will take me or not, but it gives me hope that he is willing to consult with me and weigh in on my side of the story.

Honesty and openness is a must, and the fact you regret doing it and learned it was not worth it is of value. Be upfront with the new doctor and tell them you experimented and it's not for you. Go the extra mile and let them know you are willing to see him on a monthly basis and UA every time so you can establish trust with the new doctor. Doctors like a good recovery or come back like the rest of us. It's human to fall, but it's responsible to own your mistakes. I think the right doctor and a very open talk first up will get you back into a pain doctor.

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Help!!! Please help anyone!!! Primary Care Physician (PCP) randomly tested my urine and it came out positive for cocaine. (I had used earlier in the week) I take morphine for chronic pain. I am being referred to a pain management clinic. I used yesterday. What might I expect at the pain management clinic my first day? How long do I have to wait before my urine or blood (they might test my blood) is clean. I use occasionally. I am scared to death! Please help!!

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does my work provided health insurer notify my employer if i tested positive for cocaine on a urine test, given at a pain management clinic. My insurance paid for test and it says i was tested for cocaine. I am clean and presently off all this nonsense, pain pills, etc. I live in NJ and work for a retailer.

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I have a Dr appt at my pain clinic Monday and I take opana but today is Wednesday. Before I go and have my urine put in the fridge, will it still be good in 5 days? Need to consume a little marijuana which I don't do very often, but can I store my urine in the fridge and still test positive for my meds?

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Will my PM doc drop me if I came back positive for cocaine?

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Did you sign a contract with your PM. If so you broke the contract. Urine drug screening is good medicine now. Not a shake down. That being said illicit drug use may me signs of the illness of addiction and needs treatment.

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I see a pain dr for 7 yrs and was prescribed trammadol. Had a tox screen done the tramadol didnt show up but it said i was using herion and oxycontin in which i never used in my life and never had a positve tox screen before wtf the dr said i cant be treated. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN. Never abused drugs in my life. Just take tramadol for my 7 back surgeries.

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I had the same thing happen to me today but the only different is i never used drugs what's so ever and the day after i went to my pain clinic i found out i was pregnant so if my test didnt come back positive what is they going to say about this when i go up there

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I was just discharged from my pain dr as an honored patient who has not had one mishap. To my shock, I just got a discharge letter stating many positive urine tests for cocaine, which is impossible. Can they cancel my next prescription that's already being processed?

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My mom is 81 year's old and goes to pain management. They did a urine drug test and it came back positive for cocaine and marijuana. I asked the doctor to give her a referral for a hair follicle and the doctor refused to do that. And the same thing happened to her over a year ago. I asked for a hair follicle test for her, so they did it and she was clear of cocaine and marijuana. Should i get a lawyer? She never used illegal drugs.

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Please I have 4 days until my script is supposed to come as I stated previously that I was just discharged falsely for what their saying is simply impossible ! Letter stated enough meds till I find another pain dr but I'm fighting this extremely disturbing accusations that if were true then my pain dr has been treating me knowing I had bad urine then amazingly my medical marajuana didn't show please I need to know if he can cancel or has to honor my month script due in 4 days

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I never did any but my medications many for many different ailments that I have under control and happy healthy until now the shock and stress make meds not work and brings out my lupus bipolar my god I need an anwser will my script be honored in 4 days or can he cancel snd leave me to simply die

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Laura unfortunately he is not obligated to honor your upcoming prescription. That doesn't mean that he won't or that he will cancel it, but he does not have to give you a Refil at all. I will be praying that he doesn't do this and you will be able to get your monthly prescription as scheduled. I know this is not an answer you were hoping for but wanted to maybe help you prepare for the worst.

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Laura - Normally when a Doctor's letter states enough meds, until you find another doctor, that is usually a month of medications. I would immediately start looking for another doctor, as it sometimes takes a while, due to the process of requirements needed by the new dr. Good luck. I hope you don't have to have a copy of your medical records, from this doctor, for your new doctor. Some pain management doctors don't require them, but do require any MRI'S (technicians report) as well as one year pharmaceutical printout. If possible I wouldn't mention to any possible new doctors about being dismissed.

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I also am in pain management & I tested positive for cocaine after a mouth swab. I did not use any drugs. I am now freaking out searching the Internet to see if there is anything that I may have taken that would cause a positive test. Thank God my Dr gives a second chance. It is hard enough to find a good pain management Dr. But fortunately for you if you do find another Dr that accepts you, you don't have to tell them that you have seen any other pain Dr's. Because of the new Hipa laws you have to sign a consent form for any other doctor to see your records. And you have to add the Dr's name that you want to get the records. Meaning your records cannot just be out there for anyone to see. I on the other hand, think honesty is your best policy. If you want to find a good pain management doctor then you should be honest with them about what happened. Tell that Dr that you are willing to take a test whenever they feel necessary to show that you are no longer using. Good Luck.

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If I tested positive for cocaine the first time, will I be canceled at my next appointment?

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I made a bad decision and have taken small/moderate amounts of Cocaine twice and took a gram with approximately 5 days between my last time using it and my urine drug test. First off, do you think this will show up in my urine? Secondly, if it does show up in my urine, is my pain management Dr required to report that finding to "anyone in authority"? I don't want a cop showing up at my door over a mistake in judgment!

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I tested positive on drug test for Cocain and was dismissed from pain clinic will I ever be able to get back into a clinic I have severe back trouble had 3 surgeries already and don't want to do again

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Re: Falsely Accused (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

It is absolutely disgusting that any medical 'professional' would behave in such a selfish, short sighted and frankly outrageous fashion. You should be thankful that you do not have to spend a second longer in the company of a person who is blatantly not fit to be in a position of power, especially when their actions have the potential to cause serious harm to the wellbeing of a patient in their charge.

It enrages me that these people masquerade as 'experts', self righteous, pretentious arses putting themselves on a pedestal, gaining positions of trust supposedly to help people. They are poisonous and dangerous and sadly fairly prevalent within the health service.

I hope you can find another doctor deserving of their job, one who will genuinely care about your situation and issues and will want to help you.

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