Steroid Induced Psychosis... Would Like To Raise Awareness


Hello all,
I am here to share my story and help raise awareness of some of the side effects that can occur, even on lower doses of Prednisone. Physicians are to quick to hand out these powerful drugs and in most cases leave their patients in the dark, regarding what can occur, both mentally and physically. I have made it my mission in life to spread the word. Here is my story.
I suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease and my GI wanted me to try taking a lower dose of Prednisone, 10mg daily, until we could get the mild flare I had been having under control. I had never had steroids before and did not question him. It was his intention to have me take them long term to see if it could keep my disease in remission since no other medication had worked. I am thankful, however, that he started me out on a lower dose considering what happened, next. I left his office with no information about Prednisone, but I was happy about what he said the drug could do for me. The next morning I took my first dose. By that night I was having hot flashes, sweating, and didn't sleep but maybe an hour. Not to bad, I thought, so that morning I took my second dose. Within a couple of hours I was having some anxiety, hot flashes, and sweating. That night I slept about an hour. It was the holidays and his office was closed, or I would have called him. I called a Pharmacist instead and was encouraged to continue with the pills, so I stupidly did. I took my third dose and within about another couple hours, I was feeling mentally foggy, having more anxiety, some paranoia, hot flashes and sweating. I chalked it up to the fact that I hadn't slept for several nights and the next morning took my fourth pill. Ahhh, how nice, all the previous symptoms and now we can add paranoid delusions and racing thoughts into the mix. I honestly at that point couldn't put 2 and 2 together, that I was having severe side effects to the Prednisone and I popped another dose. From here I'm going to jump to my ninth and last dose. By my ninth and last dose, I was 100% out of it. Paranoid delusions, 0 sleep, mild audio hallucinations, cognitive impairment, severe sweating, dark red-purple bruising all over the backs of both my thighs, racing thoughts, severe dehydration etc... I was taken to the ER, where they sent me 2 hours away( I lived in a very small town) to a larger hospital. I was admitted and spent the next four and a half weeks in psychiatric care. I now wear a med alert bracelet for steroids. I am begging anyone to think really hard and have a long conversation with their Physician before deciding on taking any kind of steroid. Make sure that the benefits 100% outweigh the cons. If anyone would like to talk with me, I am hear to listen. I also encourage everyone to look Steroid Induced Psychosis up, as it is more prevalent than one would think. Thank you.

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I'm so sorry you had to endure that hell. I'm sure it wasn't easy recounting that horror for us. Sometimes it takes a few to educate the educators then hopefully we all benefit. Thanks again for sharing

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Thank you for reading my story. I wish that I could have written all of it down, but I would have needed to write an entire essay. Even though only 1.3% of the population has reactions like I had to Prednisone, under 40mg, that's still to many. I pray that my story can and will help others.


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Thank you for this post I have taken prednisone over the years for my Crohn's but I honestly thought this time I had just gone crazy! Severe sweating, hallucinations, didn't even recognize myself when I looked in the mirror today! I have cussed out multiple doctors (I think half the time I might be dreaming) that I need off these meds heading to Mayo next month.

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I'm so happy to read your experience. My mom just started taking prednisone a month ago. She cannot sleep, she's having some auditory delusions, impulsive spending t the extent that I had to take her credit cards away! I think she has dementia but it came out of not where! No history of mental illness and then a sudden psychotic episode!

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