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Light at the end of the tunnel

Forgive my procrastinating! I want to share with you my great news! I'm Geno type 2, I'm on day 50 of sovadi and ribavirin last week my lab results came back hep c undetectable! We are so thankful... The side effects so far have been minimal! 34 more days to go! That's it so far. Very pleased with my treatment. Peace out to everyone on the journey! ## Wow! That's amazing! Congratulations, and here's to hoping it continues. The typical side effects of Sovaldi, and Ribavirin my include appetite loss, muscle cramping, nausea, skin itching, and irritability. Which ones have you experienced, so far?

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Treatment age factor

Hi I'm in Australia ,hvc pos geno 3,63yrs old I have mild emphasemia I am worried about side effects at my age breathless Ness depression ext my fibrosan was 6.5 thankfully I don't have bad liver symptoms yet,thinking my age may be issue with doing treatment, I think it's normal to feel bit tired at63 I grew up in 70s great yrs but dangerous. Thanks people. ## Hello, Davoe! How are you? Yes, the older you are the more sensitive you can become to side effects, to you may experience more of them and experience them more intensely than younger people. The U.S. FDA lists the typical ones for Sovaldi as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, feeling tired and insomnia. Are you on any other medications? ## Hi, I am genotype 3 and just finished the treatment on the 11/8. T...

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Sovaldi and elder patients

Medical specialist has prescribed Sovaldi 400 mg and robavirin 400 mg for treatment of a very weak 80 year old patient suffering with HCV (3a). The patient who is underweight, i.e 26kg, has count of 7600000, as per USG, there is a simple cyst in one of the kidneys, kidneys has shrunken, gall stone of 20mm, creatinine level is above normal, i.e 1.5mg/dl, TLC count also does not go above 4500, SGOT/SGPT ranges between 70/65 to 115/105 from time to time. The patient was initially started with sovaldi 200 mg + riba 200mg, first day no side effect but second complains about mild to moderate side effects like blurred vision and eye pain, headache, piles problem etc. BP and pulse rate are normal. Is it desirable to continue treatment of this patient with sovaldi + ribavirin under these conditi...

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changing the dose time??

I have been taking sovaldi and ribavirin for 4 moths now and every thing is going well . I have to complete two more months but think i have to change the time fro taking the sovaldi bill from 2pm to at least 8 pm as i wll be fasting in Ramadan .Is it safe to do that or i should be stick to the reguar time . please help me with your advice ## Hello, Ahmed! How are you? A few hours shouldn't make a difference, unless your doctor feels otherwise. The FDA lists the typical side effects of these medications as possibly including nausea, headache, dizziness and stomach pain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have been taking sovaldi and ribavirin for 2 moths now and every thing is going well . I have to complete 4 more months but think i have to change the time fro taking the ...

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Viral load is increasing after treatment completion

My name is tariq and I am 45 years old. I had started my treatment for hepatitis c with genotype 1a 6 months ago with sovaldi + ribavirin. I get very good results after 4 weeks of taking sovaldi tablets. My pcr report was negative but now after completion of my treatment immediately i have done my pcr reports but there is a huge amount of viral load about 1 Nd half lac. Plz guide me. I am so worried about it. Why wasn't it negative....? Why did it become worse....? Plz help me... I will have completed my pcr next week after completion of sovaldi treatment.

Withdrawals. Sovaldi/riba

Finished 6 mos. Tx in June. Severe mood swings, not depression more of an impatient. energy and strange feeling areas ... Like overactive nerve endings.....,.Diah.Was horrible! Lost 10# in 3 days.! ????? ## Hello, Georgie! How are you? Yes, many people have been reporting some minor withdrawal effects, once they finish their course of treatment with these medications. As listed by the FDA, you may also experience nausea, dizziness and constipation. If they don't go away soon, they you should consult your doctor. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I just today finished 12 weeks - high dosage sovaldi/ribovarin treatment - miserable 3 months- anger, anxiety, crying for no reason-itching, skin feels like I'm on fire, ears ringing,lower back pain- FATIGUE !! N...

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sovaldi and ribavirin

66 years old, geno 2, 24 mo treatment, just finished treatment jan.5, 2015, now feb 8, still have headaches, itching, and can't get to sleep at night but it is getting better the fatigue is not that bad and i am in a better mood. after 3 wks of treatment hep c non detectable, still non detectable. doc says we will know after 3 mos. just posting to let people know what they might expect. went through 2 interferon treatments that did not work third time the charm. ## What does it mean undetectable? is it undetectable in PCR test or HCV antibodies test negative or positive? If HCV (HCV antibodies) are negative please let me know........i need it, i really need it. ## @amer (post #1), Just to reiterate, I think what denny (the original poster), may have meant - in terms of it being non-...

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side effects of sovaldi/ribivarin, dizziness, passing out

Have 2b, started treatment.. sovaldi/ribivirin May 5 for 24 weeks. Have had fatigue, mood stuff and just recently dizziness occassionally, then got dizzy and passed out. Eating well, taking multivitamin once a day. Went to hospital when I passed out, they did a BUNCH of evaluations but found no cause. Could it be the hepc meds? SCARY to be passing out. Anyone else had this happen? ## No, passing out is not a normal side effect. Have you consulted the prescribing doctor? These might not be the right medications for you to take, or there may be something else that caused you to pass out, but it's very important to find out. The hospital only checks for so many possibilities, they can't possibly check for them all. Typical side effects, as listed by the FDA, may possibly include na...

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Hep c question

On week 4 of sovaldi & Riba with genotype 3A. Have 20 more weeks, my moods are so labile....irritable, then crying, then anxious then fine.....all over the place. Kinda rough right now.... could be worse I guess but....anyone else? ## Hello, MJ! How are you? I've not taken these medications, but I can tell you that these types of symptoms are listed by the FDA among the possible side effects that someone could experience. Others may include chills, fever, skin pallor, weakness and decreased appetite. Has anyone else been on these? ## Yes! I am experiencing the same issues. 8 believe it is related to my also having insomnia but maybe that is not right? I'm only on the end of week 2 so I'm praying this doesn't continue. I'm temporal lobe epileptic also.

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Sovaldi / Marijuana

Is there a way to get Sovaldi without being subjected to a U/A? Patient had PTSD and has taken cannabis sativa for 35 years. ## @Geshela, It seems to me like your best bet would be to check with several different doctor's offices in your area and ask them what their protocols and/or patient requirements are when it comes to prescribing a medication like Sovaldi. My guess is that every doctor will have to their own set of rules and morals that they adhere to, while others may be more flexible or lenient with their patients, depending on the circumstances. And if you don't live in a State that allows the consumption of medical cannabis, this might feel like a big road block, but I will say that in some cases I have been surprised by the leniency of certain doctors and what they...

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HCV PCR Negative after 5 weeks at Sovaldi

I started Sovaldi 9th Dec 2014 with viral load of 425000/= GT3b, got my 1st PCR on 15th Jan 2015 which was negative. Plateletts 172000 Hb also normal. Thanks to Allah. I m still taking Sovaldi+Riba and will complete 6 months:: Does anyone have the same results with sovaldi?? ## If it is negative.. y u Will go for 6 months treatment... I am hopeful too that after completing 28 sovaldi tablets... I will be negative inshaAllah.. my viral load was 3 8000 in feb

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Just finished 6 month treatment a few days ago, WTF is going on ???

I did well all the way thru my treatement until now when I'm just done. I'm having clear bright colorful dreams while I'm wide awake, I'm seeing sparkles of bright vibrant colors when I close my eyes and my thoughts are actual images I can see in my mind, I can literally see what I'm thinking. I have this constant smell that won't go away, my ears are ringing, my head feels like it's about to explode, I'm cramping in my abdomen, legs and back, my stomach is hurting so bad. Called my doctor, said to get to hospital, WTF is going on, am I dying ? ## If you just finished treatment. Your not going through withdrawals. Your Dr. said to get to the hospital, get to the hospital! I am not a nurse, but with the smells and the visions you may be suffering some sort...

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Sovaldi Reviews

How many people have been on this medication? I'm afraid it's too new and they don't fully understand all the side effects. ## Hello, Shelley! How are you? This medication actually has one of the highest cure rates and its most common side effects include nausea, fatigue, headache and irritability. And yes, there is always a risk of that, but that is true of any medication on the market, not just this one. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I had hcv for 15 years and it only took half a pill for 8 weeks to clear virus. Solvaldi actually stopped my chronic vomiting and nausea the first night I took it. I was supposed to take ribovarin in morning and at night and six hundred milligram at night but could not tolerate all that. I reduced to 300mg of solvaldi only at nigh...

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effect of stopping sovaldi before complete treatment

my prescription was three month treatment with Sovaldi+ribavirin+ peginterferon alfa for 3 month but due to some financial problem I took treatment for one month only and I stopped can some one told me the expected effect for that regarding to the coplication that may be happen and also my chance of curing from Hep C, if I start over the treatment later thanks

drug interaction with sovaldi and ribavirin

can you take lithium while taking sovaldi and ribavirin ## Hello, Polly! How are you? I didn't find any interactions or problems listed between these medications, but it's best to double check this information to be sure. Lithium is most commonly used to treat the manic episodes of manic depression. Its typical side effects may include poor memory, dry skin, dizziness and nausea. The Sovaldi and Ribavirin may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, headache and fatigue. Is there anything else I can help with? ## yes. I normally do not have a manic episode unless I stop taking lithium. This time as soon as I started taking hep c tx. I started w the same symptoms of mania. That is scary stuff

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low platelet's with hep c

I'm looking for advice on how to keep my platelet's stable or increase them, does anyone have any helpful information? please!! ## my platelet count is at 79 and I'm trying to increase it or keep it stable so I can start the Hep C Sovaldi and ribavirin treatment does anyone have any words of wisdom for me please ## Hi Dee, According to an article by, there are actually many nutrient dense foods which can naturally increase the levels of your platelet (thrombocyte) count; namely leafy green vegetables such as kale and parsley. More specifically, some important nutrients that are often touted for their use in achieving a higher platelet count consist of Folate (vitamin B-9), B12, Calcium, Potassium, and Zinc. So perhaps a quality whole-food multivitamin and mine...

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to start treatment or not to that is the question.

was diagnosed with Hep C 2 years ago, have no symptoms of a damaged liver, however viral level is 3,750,252. I was told about solvaldi and of course think it's too new of a drug to start treatment, but then I take a chance of getting liver cancer in the future. I have talked about this to my Dr. he thinks I should start treatment. I am genotype 2. I am not a drinker, thank God. Liver is healthy at this point. the thought of the virus living in my liver makes me sick... should I wait or start treatment only I can make that decision.. I know... ## Hello, Jeannie! How are you? I am sorry about your diagnosis. Another thing to keep in mind is that treatment may delay the possible progression and liver damage. While your liver may be healthy now, there's no guarantee how long it will...

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