Sovaldi And Ribavirin

denny Says:

66 years old, geno 2, 24 mo treatment, just finished treatment jan.5, 2015, now feb 8, still have headaches, itching, and can't get to sleep at night but it is getting better the fatigue is not that bad and i am in a better mood. after 3 wks of treatment hep c non detectable, still non detectable. doc says we will know after 3 mos. just posting to let people know what they might expect. went through 2 interferon treatments that did not work third time the charm.

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amer Says:

What does it mean undetectable? is it undetectable in PCR test or HCV antibodies test negative or positive? If HCV (HCV antibodies) are negative please let me know........i need it, i really need it.

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David Says:

@amer (post #1),

Just to reiterate, I think what denny (the original poster), may have meant - in terms of it being non-detectable - is that "hepatitis C was not found in any diagnosis they performed after 3 weeks of treatment from Sofosbuvir + Ribavirin; however they wont know for sure if he's completely in the clear until after 3 months of treatment have passed." I imagine any reasonable approach to diagnosing hepatitis C would include applicable tests such as PCR/HCV. That's how I understood it anyways, but if denny would be so kind as to post back and clarify these details, then that would be great.

Hope this helps!

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malik Says:

plz clarify dear, whether it would be undetectable in an HCV antibody evaluation?

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Cajun 1 Says:

Wishing you good luck- just finished my 12 week for 2b and it was awful!! Hoping the side effects aren't as bad as the treatment!!!

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