Sodium Valproate And Pregnancy

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I have epilepsy and have taken Sodium Valproate 300 mg daily for nearly 5 years. I am now pregnant and want to know if taking this medication will effect my unborn baby. Can it cause any neurological problems?

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lakshmi Says:

i am 26 yrs i am using mazetol sr 200 since 5 years. now i am using mazetol sr 200 1 tablet per a day. i am pregnent now 3rd month running. does it effect my baby

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Manish Says:

My father is 54 year old and he had epilepsy for the first time in july 2009, second time june 2010 and third time march 2011. I can't understand first and second time what is this? but third time we understand and then we contact neurologist medicine he cheak up he do MRI and other check up. MRI report and other reports are normal. he start medicine from april of 2. Sodium Valproate 300 mg 2 time in a day morning and evening, Clobazam ip 5 mg one time in a day in evening. But after 10 days of start medicine he has headache little and head feel heavy. Is it side effect? I contact to doctor but he told it is nothing it is normal. Please say what i could do?

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himani Says:

I am 28 yrs old and i am taking mazetol sr 400 tablet twice a day. I am pregnant now 1 month running. Does this medicine affect my baby?

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Vhparekh Says:

I am a patient of Simple partial sizures since last 13 years. previously my Neuro physician precibed me around 5 years back to take Mazetol SR 400 1 in morning & 1.5 in night.& clozam 10 tab 1 in night. Then i shifted to a new city of residence & after but some i once in a month i always had a feel of small seizures which i can presense & are not harmful and stays for 2-3 seconds.But when i consulted a new Neurologist in the new city, he advised to stop Clozam 10 and gradually he stopped it. and instead of that he advised to take Topaz 50mg 1 in morning & 1 in Night. but due to this, i had a major stroke again in 2 months. time. and the frequescy of small seizures rose to 10 in 2 months. also i lost 5 kg of weight. i. Plz advice, what going wrong.

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Sai Says:

I have epilepsy for the past 19 years (began in 1994). I began with 800mg of Carbamazepine. It was gradually decreased to 100mg in 5 years time but not withdrawn. In 2005, I had a 3 seizures in a period of six months. At that time my medication was changed to Levetiracetam 500mg – 500mg & Divalproex Sodium ER- 1000mg at night. For three years I was ok and hence in 2009 my medication was gradually reduced. When I was off Divalproex Sodium completely and on Levetiracetam 250mg – 500mg I had a seizure again. My medication of Levetiracetam was increased to 500mg – 500mg and then later as the seizures continued a small dose of Oxcarbazepine was introduced. As the seizures continued, in 2012 my medication to Leviteracetam 1500mg – 1500mg and Oxcarbazepine 600mg – 600mg (morn. and even.). Recently I has a seizure again and I was put back on Leviteracetam 1500mg – 1500mg and Divalproex Sodium i.e. Valparin Chrono 300x2mg – 300x2mg (morn. and even.). Oxcarbazepine has been discontinued gradually. I am confused by this state of medication and have doubts about it.

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Patient2865 Says:

I am 50 years old and I have been a patient of epilepsy since 20 years. I was taking Zeptol CR 400 mg & Topomac 50 mg(thrice a day) which means 1200 mg Zeptol and 150 mg Topomac a day. From last 15 years seizures were in control but on the advice of my doctor I have reduce the dose of the medicine to 200 mg Zeptol and 50 mg Topomac per day. Seizures started again 4 months back, so after 2 months of the seizures doctor changed the medicine to Oxetole 300 mg and Clobachem 5 mg(twice a day).. Still seizures dint come in control, now I am taking Oxetole 1050 mg & Clobachem 10.5 mg on the doctor's advice.But still seizures are not in control, I think the new medicine is not working on me. Can you suggest me what should I do??

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Preeti Says:

My epilepsy started at the age of 16 yrs. Even after medication. I was taking frisium 5 and levipril 500 twice daily. The seizures reoccurred every year. What to do?

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