Several Different Adhd Medication Prescriptions In A Month

Enigmaticbelle Says:

So, to be short and sweet, I was diagnosed with hypersomnia (excessive daytime sleepiness) and adult ADD. Provigil did not help with the hypersomnia, so new doc (referred to psychiatrist) started adderall prescription of 20 mg XR once a day. She also gave me a future prescription for 30 days later. It was just a few days later when I emailed her to say that this clearly wasn't licking both conditions. She required me to come in for a formal appointment to discuss it. She prescribed 20mgXR twice a day also including a future prescription for 30 days later. I communicated with doctor via email and told her once again that both conditions weren't responding as well as we are hoping. Here she again upped my dose to 30mg XR twice a day along with a future prescription for 30 days later. I went to her again (this is all in the matter of a month...i can't believe she would require all these formal appointments) concerning awful crashing and migraines in between two 30mgXR doses. She offered to have me try vyvanse 70mg once a day. I got the prescription (no future script) and it did not work well at all. So, I let her know this too as I've been so eager to feel better and normal. This time she prescribed me adderall instant release 30mg twice a day. Can doctors do this? Give you future scripts for former doses and not ask for them back? What if I were to fill one of the future scripts (they are still good for 5 more months) for whatever reason? I do have insurance and they've covered all of these in a month (crazy?) I need high doses for this condition very similar to narcolepsy as well as the ADD. I feel like i'm going to get arrested or something from the state drug police. all these prescriptions that are valid, can I just fill them just to stock up before they expire? If the pharmacist will fill them, can I still get in trouble with drug police/substance abuse board?

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Njanduperfect2gether Says:

Id highly suggest you not try to fill those future scripts as they will be invalid for the previous lesser dosage script with the pmd if you attempt to fill the lower dosage your request will be denied your doctor will be contacted and you may face charges.This is a very serious issues these days .Many have learned this the hard way. Your situation is even easier to track since your insurance provider has the option to report you as well. Good luck

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DiamondADay Says:

Most states participate in a prescription monitoring database. If you attempt to fill a script for a prior strength it will be flagged and the pharmacist is obligated to contact your prescriber for direction and reporting purposes. Not something anyone wants to deal with.hope that helps.

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Optimistic Says:

Re: DiamondADay (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

All states I think. We were one of the last hold outs and we even got on board years ago.

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