Save The Baby

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Medicine for cough and cold; it was last known to be out on the market in 1980

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linda Says:

I'm a newly expecting grandmother. Do you know where I can order/buy Save the Baby. By the way its been on the market since the mid-1930's in upstate NY..

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Verwon Says:

I have found it listed for sale on a website, here's the link:

KY General Store Click Here

[Editor's note: Feb 2010 - the KY General store web site appears to have been taken down. There should be a more current link available further into this discussion thread.]

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Greg Says:

We used Save the Baby for many years for ourselves and our children. It worked great. We are now out of it. Were you able to find a source for the product?

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Sam Says:

Its available on They always have it and its free shipping.

"Since 1874 Lee's Save the Baby has been relieving coughs in children and adults so they can sleep through the night or make it through the day without hacking. Just rub this old-time salve onto your chest and it reduces the impulse to cough, which helps you sleep. The formula has not changed much, and this remedy containing petrolatum, camphor, oregano, rosemary, and balsam oils is still as effective as ever."

Editor's note: Link was removed due to no longer being available.

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Roy Says:

Thank you Sam, this is a great help!

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Dean Says:

Save the baby,was the best medicine,I ever used.I gave it to my children and grandchildren,I also gave it to my grandmother,she had bronchitis,I got her a bottle of Save the Baby,and she carried it in her apron pocket.It took care of her bronchitis,guess who was her favorite grandaughter from then on,you got it was me!

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Joyce Says:

When I was a kid, I remember my mother warming a bottle of Save The Baby in a pan of water and rubbing it on my chest and throat, then pinning pieces of flannel around my neck whenever I had a cold. I hated it - but I guess it worked. I am now 74. My husband's grandmother was a relative, I believe, to the heiress of the original Save The Baby - and we are trying to find out who that was. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks ....

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quilter 2001 Says:

Save the Baby was available through the Vermont Country Store Catalog in recent years.. The formula was listed as changed from the original because it was indicated that the original formula is considered not good for oral consumption, possibly dangerous to your health. It contained camphor.

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JohnT Says:

I believe that "Save The Baby" was actually made for years in Watervliet, New York. I worked in that area for years. There were reports that it was originally made in the basement of a house. I think the original family/founders sold the formula to a large producer years ago.
Like many, I remember "Save The Baby" in our house 50 years ago.

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Ellen Says:

my dad was given a tour of the basement, it was amazing he said. We are trying to find it also. Also, it was in Troy, that the lady lived, her father before her, passed the recipe down to her, the original was sold to the family by the Indians. A little history for you.
We are going to try to duplicate the recipe for our family.

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Hop Town Says:

I was born in the early 70's, my grandmother would give my sister and myself Save the Baby mixed together with sugar, and we ate it.

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JohnT Says:

If I remember correctly, I was told that the family was named Lee (the people who first produced "Save The Baby"..
Troy is on one side of the river (Hudson River) in Rensselaer County. Watervliet is on the other side in Albany County.
I was told at one time that Watervliet was called West Troy.
I think Watervliet has claimed "Save The Baby" for many years.

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Ben Bond Says:

Save the Baby was made in a basement of a home in Watervliet, NY. I grew up around the corner from this house.
The house is located on 24th. Street north of 10th Avenue. The business/formula was sold in the seventies if I remember correctly. The distribution/storage garage still exists. It is on tenth Avenue north of 24th Street

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Sharalee Falzerano Says:

Hello- I'm currently setting up a doctor's office in my small town of North Creek. Using lots of old medical stuff. In my reserach, I discovered Dr. William Lee (inventor of "Save The Baby") practiced medicine in our town starting in 1910 where he practiced for many years eventually becoming health officer for the town. I would love to find additional information about him if anyone has anything to share.

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Ellen Says:

I got together all the herbs and did a great job replicating Save the Baby. We used it this past fall/winter with chest colds and even had my sister use it. It work wonderfully!

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Elaine Says:

Hi Ellen I was wondering if you would share the amounts of the herbs you used and how you di iti

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Barbara M Says:

it was made in Troy, N Y years ago but do not know if someone else is making it worked great on the kids

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Tanya Says:

Hi, Ellen: ELY Drugs has hiked the price of "Save the Baby" out of sight: $15 for under 2 ounces! You'd do us fellow-parents a HUGE favor if you kindly shared the names of the herbs and the proportions you used.

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Wanda Says:

It's been a year since anyone was on here,but I thought I would give it a try any way :) Did anyone ever get the names and proportions for the Save The Baby ? I would love to know how to prepare it too.

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Annie Says:

I have some that is over 20 yrs old. I can remember my mom using it in me as a kid. My teenage daughter has bronchitis and i just had her rub some on her chest. She hates the smell but shes not coughing as bad as she was and might get some sleep tonight.

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