Round White Pill With Cl 022

joe Says:

I found a round white pill with the imprint CL 022 on the same side. Anybody have any idea what this is?

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David Says:

Hi Joe,

The imprint "TCL 022" is the closest match I could locate to "CL 022". This pill is an off-white/beige color and is round. It is identified as a 60mg Thyroid tablet, which is used in the treatment of underactive thyroid; hashimoto's disease; hypothyroidism, after thyroid removal; thyroid cancer.

NOTE: the imprint itself is all on the same side as you mentioned

Is there any chance that this could be your pill?

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joe Says:

No it cleary says cl 022 its round and white. Its almost like an immitation soma pill when you compare the size

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hard search for this one Says:

the CL 022 IS A 325 ASPIRIN / 200 SOMA (CARISOPRODOL) ... CL 023 is not

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Dee Says:

You are correct. It's a generic Soma, a muscle relaxer.

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Jb Says:

Do the tablets marked "CL 022" break apart really easily?

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Wormy Says:

It’s a skeletal muscular relaxant. Better known as a soma

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EDDY Says:

Re: hard search for this one (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

You got that backwards? CL022 is aspirin free!

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