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After many years of success treating my problems with allergies, I learned that Rondec TR and its generic equivalent Coldec TR were no longer being manufactured. I have tried other meds, but without success. It seems like the key ingredient of Carbinoxamine is lacking in the newer drugs and that is the ingredient of benefit for me. I would welcome any ideas and also would like to better understand why Rondec/Coldec is no longer produced.

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I cannot answer as to why it is no longer made, it could have been found to be dangerous, or the company just wasn't selling it the way they used to, so they were losing money and decided to stop marketing it. I haven't heard of a recall involving it, so my best guess would be that latter reason.

There are a couple brand names it was sold under, so you might want to call around to various pharmacies and see if any of them still carry on or the other,

Carbinoxamine PD


Cordron NR

Histex V E

Histex PD


and Pediatex are the others I can find listed for it. So basically, you need to find an alternative with the same active ingredient. Just because on company quits making it, does not necessarily mean that they all have stopped. The ones I listed above have the same active ingredient, they are just made by different pharmaceutical companies, so you might want to talk to your doctor about exploring these other alternatives.

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Rondec has been the only thing that has been any relief to my moms 25yr battle with Alergy problems that cause sever health problems and now you can't get it so what is a person to do. NOTHING else works.

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I have also been taking this medication for many years and have had no luck in finding anything that works even remotely as well as Rondec TR. I visited the manufacturer's (Alliance Pharmaceuticals) website and found a news release from 2005 that alluded to the fact that the FDA is clamping down on unapproved drugs, and that the Rondec products that are currently on the market no longer contain carbinoxamine. I am wondering if this means that carbinoxamine is not an FDA approved drug? I guess this is going to take some research...

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Carbinoxamine Info Click Here

The information article that I linked to above, does say that many products contained this ingredient illegally, they were not approved to contain it and be marketed in the US, even though many pharmacies carried them and many doctors prescribed them. Therefore, the FDA made them remove them from the market.

There are, however, still some products available with that ingredient, I would recommend speaking with your pharmacist, they will be able to tell you what meds are still, legally, available with that ingredient, then you can let your doctor know.

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I have been taking Rondec for years and it is the only anthistamine that has worked for me and I have tried all the new medications for allergies. I sure would like to see Rondec come back on the market.

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I too took Rondec TR for 20+ years and have tried many other medications, none of which worked as effectively. I am curious to know if anyone has found anything that works as well, or if it is available through mail order from any other country?

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My Dr has Rondec compounded by the pharmacist.

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Like the other posts, I have used Rondec for many years. I've tried all the other so-called allergy medicines but they aren't effective. I'm done to my last few blue pills of Rondec. Thanks for the info on the other possible alternatives.

I wonder if Rondec is available in Mexico or Canada?

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Just spoke w/ my doctor about this. As noted the active ingredient in Rodec was Carbinoxamine. This is STILL available by prescription as is. Rondec was a simple combination of Carbinoxamine and Sudafed. The Sudafed counteracts he feelings of drowsiness caused by the Carbinoxamine (an antihistamine). If you take Carbinoxamine and Sudafed together (with approval of doctor) you should be good to go. The only downside is you need to take them both twice a day because it's not Time Released like Rondec TR. Some pharmacies may be able to combine these for you in a once-a-day time release formula. Have your doc look into this for you. Ga-bless-you

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Almost four years after the last post and I am still taking long-expired Rondec tablets on rare occasions when I really need relief. Like everyone posting above, nothing else works. I will run out before too long but I have been taking it for literally 30+ years. I am 76. I am about to ask my doctor to write a prescription for a compound with Sudafed but I have no idea if she will or if the pharmacy would fill it. And I still have not found an explanation as to why it is no longer manufactured. Sad.

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My doctor said the active ingredient in Rondec (Carbinoxamine) was still available. So I was given a prescription for it. I received it last week. I have taken two of the tablets. They provided relief similar to Rondec. It was not as fast for me but it seems longer lasting. It may also be leaving me a little groggy in the morning. But I am not sure if that is the case or if there is some interaction with other meds I am taking. But overall, so far, it seems to be providing more relief than anything other than my old Rondec pills.

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Dear W Scott, I am so thrilled with your current post!!! I was on Rondec TR daily for 20yrs. Never had a problem! They worked all the time & the ephedrine perked up any sleepy gogginess the so called carbonoximine would cause. I also was on shots for the same time. Yeah I had bad allergies! THESE PILLS ALWAYS DID WONDERS FOR ME! NOTHING ELSE EVER WORKED!!! Oh, except I had 1 nasal spray called NASALIDE SAFE FOR 6YR OLDS BUT IT WAS CORTISONE. DISCONTINUED ALSO...SAD! This spray was supposed to be taken daily or it wouldn't work. I did so for 6 months & decided I did not want cortisone in my nasal tissues all the time. So I took it as needed. The Dr. said it should not ever work that way. Well....IT WORKED EVERY SINGLE TIME & IMMEDIATELY! FOR 20 YEARS! I still have some. I used it 2xs in about 5yrs. Felt like a burning sensation was unpleasant, but IT WORKED! I still have the child dosage Rondec - 4 tiny peach pills are = to 1 adult pill. Would you believe I have taken a tiny piece of 1/4 peach = 1/4 adult pill but a teensy piece & it would work wonders even in it's old age!!!! I had year round Rhinitis. I was miserable! And when my histamines & IGE levels were high, foods in general would increase my discomfort.....Miserable I was. Thank God that is all behind me. I carried an epi pen way back when it was cheap.

Thank God I never had to use it. But I did experience anaphylactic throat closure from 1 piece of candy. Rondec & Nasalide were my heaven & sanity!!!! Well since then I have gone off of shots, changed my diet to mediteranian given up all junk & processed foods. Best thing I ever did. 20 yrs of shots did help a lot! I now take Sinus Wellness By KAL & BHI Allergy (antihistamine) both Homeopathic & tablets as needed. But this site thrilled me to know that carbonoxamine may be available. And you can take it with a sudafed if needed. Wish I knew that back in the day. Hopefully now, not for me! But, for all the others.....YEAH......Give them heaven on earth! Thank you for the thrill of drugs! Kidding! I would have to be on my death bed to take a baby aspirin! ALL NATURAL FOR ME! Take care & breath freely & fully day to day. By the way I alkaline my body with fermented apple cider vinegar daily . I drink it diluted 2TBS in 8 oz H2O sweetened with stevia or 1/2 TBS Raw Honey with a straw placed far back in my throat. Gives me energy, wakes up my brain aaaannnd OPENS UP MY SINUSES & LUNGS JUST LIKE RONDEC........ WITH GODS' NATURAL CHEMICALS! AMEN. Thank you for your post!

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I really have no more information to add to my last post. I use the prescription on an as-need basis and it works fairly well for my runny sinus and allergies. It does leave me a little groggier in the morning but it wears off quickly.

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I still have nothing new to add. I just ordered a refill. But I really only use it as needed and allergy season has passed. I do use it when the cold wind or weather makes my sinuses run. And it seems to help. It is not Rondec but it is as close as I guess we will get to it.

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I also had WONDERFUL success with Rondec TR from 1988 till they stopped producing it, I think around 2006 or 2007.

I think I've tried everything on the market and no matter what I took, I had to supplement it with generic Benadryl. So since 2007, I've taken the Costco brand (Kirkland) around the clock about every 4 hours. It dries up the runny nose VERY well

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