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I was prescribed and took Suboxone Films for 3 years, and tolerated them very well. Unfortunately, my insurance stopped paying for the films, and I had to start taking the generic Suboxone tablets (Buprenorphine/Naloxone 8/2mg sublingual tablets). I filled my first prescription at Rite Aid, where they gave me the hard, orange tablets made by "Amneal", with the imprint "AN 415". I went into withdrawal the second day after beginning those pills. That was the worst month of my life, as that medication did absolutely nothing beneficial. This month, I took my prescription to CVS, where I was given peach colored tablets with the imprint of "54 375", manufactured by "Roxane". While this brand is slightly better than the Amneal brand, I am still having adverse effects while taking them.

I am not imagining these adverse effects, and they are not all in my head. My doctor even stated that these generic pills can be up to 40% weaker than the brand name, and the active/inactive ingredients are NOT consistent from pill to pill.

Which generic SUBOXONE tablets (Buprenorphine/Naloxone 8/2mg) do you take, like, and recommend? And at which pharmacy do you get them filled?

Thank you for any information that you can provide!

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I also been thru. Alot of different brand and generic tablets. The anneal I get the most from rite aid and shoprite, the actavis white ones with the half moon kick in faster but don't last as long but feel cleaner to me. Without much head fog, the peach ones were ok. The hi techs were not bad. I find that just trying to switch the brands occasionally does best. Then I can really feel the difference.

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Hi my advice is that the beprenorphine nalox white round tabs half moon logo on one side 155 on the other manifactured hy activis are way better than any other brand and way better than the orange round An 415 tabs cuz like everyone says those suck they do not help like at all. So if you want to choose a brand choose activis their the best and like me I prefer the white round half moon logo one one side 155 on the other tabs they are they best in my opinion. They work. Great and you feel the affect instantly.

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Re: Sub girl (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for the information. Which pharmacy carries this particular brand?

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Re: Judy (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I get them from Walgreens but I'm not sure if it's different everywhere else depending on where you are in the world or from state to state. So my advice call Walgreens and CVS and simply ask each one if they give the white round buprenorphine/naloxone tabs, the actavis brand, the ones with the logo on one side and the 155 on the other. Just make sure they're actavis.

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Had to switch for ins reasons from Suboxone 8mg to bupenorphine naloxone. I'm paying alot for the 1st and the bike sublingual tablets are lower than strips. But ing I can't afford $366! Ive read all these contrasting replied. oh my. How about which discount cards actually save and are accepted? There s so much contrast in which manufacturers that I won't even ask an that!

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I notice no real difference in the generics, not 'effects wise' anyway. It seems to me though that Amneal's tablets fully dissolve a bit faster than Roxanne's. And of course there's slight differences in the taste, between those two. But as far as one generic being 'good' and the other being 'weak', well I just don't believe it. I sure haven't noticed that being the case. I propose that some folks are just too vgilant about it -- paranoid even -- to where they psyche themselves to believing that a certain generic won't work.

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I am updating my own message, only because MedsChat sent me an automated e-mail, requesting I do so. Now am about 1 full year on Suboxone, high daily dose, generic tabs. I still have not noticed any therapeutic difference between the 3 generic brands I've been dispensed. All have been 'good'. Perhaps very slight differences in dissolution time -- and taste (Roxanne's is more of a Lemon-Lime taste) -- but no quality difference. I maintain that it's likely a psychological thing; that some folks believe one brand works, and the other does not. I am experienced drug user, thankfully now into solid recovery.

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I regularly get the orange amneals. I do like the actavis generic but the amneal works just fine. Only ones I have found that are garbage are the pale orange ones. Did not like those at all. {edited for privacy}

I agree, it's all the same stuff. I think the fillers might affect people differently maybe. Also, we forget it depends on the day. Some days people may feel blah or tired. It's normal. Not cause of the meds.

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Re: Jeni (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I've been on and off Suboxone for ten years. The generic brands do differ. I think maybe it depends on a person's dna or other meds they take. Those orange ones are a sleeping pill to me. I take effexor as well. The half moons work great and don't put me to sleep. The last time they gave me the peach they aren't too bad however I want the half moon white ones back. I fill Monday and I need a pharmacy that carries them. If anyone knows I'd be very grateful!! They are very rude so much that I refuse to buy anything from there! Thanks.

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Re: Sarah (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

The ones that have the half moon and are manufactured by Actavis can be found at Walgreens. Often you can request a specific generic to be ordered. Hope this helps anyone.

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Am updating again. Am now on *another* generic Suboxone -- this time it's Mallinckrodt -- and still, as I stated in my original post, there's no therapeutic difference between any of them. It kicks in about 80% through the (long) dissolution process, and continues from there. Just like they all do, and just like they are supposed to do. Again, some (non-therapeutic) differences are noted -- the degree of hardness of the tablet, the taste of it and so forth. But all Suboxone tablets are -- and are required to be -- *therapeutically* the same. Don't let your imagination screw you out of a good recovery.

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Re: ForgotMyUsername (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Finally I found the most recent comments lol. But has anyone tried Sun Pharm Suboxone. They are almost identical to annuals but for some reason these are working really well and I feel as if I'm almost erring a euphoric feeling. I can't find anyone who's tried these ines. Used amneal for 2 years and now first time with sun pharm. please let me know if you eat any info

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Re: Chad (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Are you getting the 8mg films? Do they say Dr. Reddy's on them with a weaker taste compared to the non generic Suboxone films?

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Re: Jay (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

No, there is not a generic version of the films. The only generic option available is a sublingual tablet.

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There is a generic film now actually. Also all the pharmacies in my area have switched from Amneal to the Sun orange ones and I am really frustrated. Do you have any more info on why the change? I've been taking Amneals for over a year and they are by far my favorite generic. The Sun ones remind me of the white Actavis ones with a cheapy orange taste in them though the Amneal ones taste nothing like those new ones to me. I really dislike Actavis as well. So I'm having a hard time finding Amneals. I recently just had to take the Sun Pharma ones.

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Re: Marie (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I heard that the FDA approved a generic form of the films, but they must not have been distributed nationwide yet, as none of the pharmacies near me carry them. My doctor or my insurance company hasn’t even mentioned that this is an option yet. I am so happy to hear that a generic film will be available to everyone at some point in the near future. It’s ridiculous how expensive these medications are, and it definitely should not be so difficult for people to remain sober.

I’m so surprised that you are/were happy with taking the Amneal tablets, as I absolutely hated life when I was on them. I wasn’t even aware that they were switched over to “Sun”. Where are you located at? In the Cleveland, Ohio area, the Amneal tablets could easily be found at any of the Rite Aid pharmacies. Unfortunately, it sounds like things just vary depending on the location.

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Re: Judy (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Yes apparently Dr. Reddy films are being distributed in some areas. I do like the Amneals. The orange Amneal are actually a favorite in my area for allot of people but nobody gets them anymore now. I am located in Montana near Missoula. The Sun Pharma orange have imprint 970 on them an have a horrible taste. I did come across a few posts stating that other people have had their Amneal and Actavis ones switched with new six sided orange ones. I'm curious about those ones. I wish there wasn't so much change it is hard to get used to these new kind sometimes. I just haven't seen anything about a discontinuation or shortage of Amneals on the FDA shortage list so it's surprising to me that they are no longer available in my area

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Re: Marie (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

You could speak with your pharmacist and request that they order the Amneal tablets for you each month. I used to be a pharmacy technician, so I know that is an acceptable option for their customers (providing that the medication from that manufacturer is still available in your area). If your pharmacy won’t do that, you can call other pharmacies nearby and find one who will.

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Re: Judy (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I have talked to them about it. I had to move to a different pharmacy just to get them because they had some in stock but every pharmacist I've talked to has said they have not been able to order them. Like it's not an option when they go to order or something. Every pharmacy has switched to these orange Sun Pharma ones. I looked up Amneal and I did notice them under a different company Mallinckrodt so I almost wondered if maybe its under a different company. I'm not sure how that stuff works but nobody in my area has been getting them anymore.

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Re: Marie (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I feel ya, I too liked amneal , and rite aid just started giving me the sun phar m ones... I don't like them as much, I feel way better on The amneal. Why did they switch like that. Truly frusterating and they are everywhere. Everyone i know has sun now.

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After 8 months getting Amneal’s generic Suboxone 8/2 sublingual tabs, I received Accord’s generic version instead. They’re round, similar to the Amneal shape, white with W22 is stamped on one side and no score. Has anyone who’s taken these given an opinion/review?

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Re: Chad (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, they work well.

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Re: Chad (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Yes just got Sun's. Agree, very good but a bittering agent in them I think (to deter insufflating) which this entire thread is basically about. "Which one is best to insufflate".. I took mine as prescribed and am really feeling excellent for a change. No tired feeling, all desired effects. I'd agree Sun are very good. ??

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Re: Jeni (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Where do you get the actavis brand that are white with the half moon logo on them?

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Re: Rawenz (# 23) Expand Referenced Message

Hi I was recently made to switch from subutex [Rhodes brand] to now suboxone tablets. I got them from cvs - peach colored brand ward/hikma 54 375 on the front. It's now been nearly a week and I'm not adjusting at all to these. I feel tired, sluggish, not able to sleep, itchiness, constipated - all the symptoms I had 5 yrs ago when I had told my prev Dr about the same symptoms. So he had switched me to the subutex and they worked great. I was doing wonderful until the clinic I was going to all of a sudden told me that they weren't able to treat me any longer due to my high levels of my wellbutrin and Lamictal (which are antidepressants), and that it was too dangerous for them to prescribe me my subitex w my levels the way they were. But they wouldn't send me to the lab to get further testing done so they must've not been too worried.

I'm thinking that they just wanted to get rid of me since they're only allowed a certain amount of patients that they're able to prescribe the subutex to so I've read online regarding to VA laws and also in on medicaid and I had heard a lot of comments regarding medicaid, the hassle of the paperwork, etc etc. Plus they were a small clinic. Now they're really growing so maybe they're trying to get rid of some of their patients to bring in the ones that they're able to actually get $ from that have to pay out of pocket as I used to do. Up until they found out that I had medicaid then stated that it was illegal for them to take my $ due to me having medicaid and that I would have to drop my medicaid altogether in order to be able to pay out of pocket.

TBH it's all bs. I'm just trying to figure out what I can do to get back on track like I was while on the subutex. Any advice would be helpful thank you so much.

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Re: Colin Kantzer (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Actually the fact is that Especially in generic medications there can be anywhere and up to 33.6% differences in the compiund as not required by the FDA to make sure they are exact. Sounds crazy but it is what it is. Plus medications affect everyone differently and so do each generic medication. I cant take the zubsol or whatever its called and the peach dont seem to work even close to the orange has done for me and the whote.. i cant stand the taste gags me horribly. I was on oxycontin 20 years ago and i lept telling the Doctors that it just doesn't seem to work that long... i feel as if i get 8 hrs of relief on a gd day and 6-8 hours on average. No no no.. cant be i was told. Just recently in past months "Thanks Netflix " that i learned the truth to the matter with that and only years later. Anyways, Medication like anything else made by different manufacturers is obviously going to effect People differently.

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Ask your doctor to prescribe Belbuca. It is Buprenorphine. It is in a kind of gel form that is placed inside the cheek. It is said to dissolve in 15 seconds. It may make a difference for you. Purdue makes the drug.

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Re: ForgotMyUsername (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

That's bull crap... Don't listen to o this. Anyone who tells you that generics are the same as brand name meds (now a days especially) is wrong. There is no oversight keeping these generic drug companies overseas honest. The FDA just takes these companies words that a medication has been evaluated by the company itself and that they are not fudging with results or using cheaper ingredients than they should. That's why generic medication has gotten so bad. It's not in your head when you notice that one pill feels weak and does almost nothing and some are mediocre. I have been on buprenorphine since 2006 so I started on the original Suboxone pills. Those were so much stronger than the brand name strips that are sold today. I switched to Subutex in 2010 and I initially tried the Roxanne generic which was pretty good by today's comparisons but back then it was the least effective bupe on the market. I noticed the strength wasn't what I was used to right away although I felt better off the naloxone. I switched to the name brand Subutex and that was awesome... That was my first experience with generics and noticing big differences. Teva also made a Subutex generic until 2015 and it was awesome! Almost the same as the name brand. Now there are 8 to 10 genetic Subutex brands out there none of which are even close to what the brand was. Also there is no brand Subutex anymore because they pulled it to help when they were switching to strips saying that the pills were too dangerous. Such a lie. They wanted new patient protection because Suboxone was going generic and they knew they could push those strips on doctors hard. They still gladly sell the pills in Europe because they still have exclusivity. Anyways yes the generics are a crap shoot. I have to drive an hour out of the way to a little mom and pop Pharmacy just because all the generics suck except for 2 right now and those are just alright not what I would call good even.

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I was not made away that there are differences between makers of generic Buprenorphine. Is it really true? I found that I reacted negatively to all types which included the under the tongue orange piece of plastic (was made sick - vomited, each time I used it.) I also tried the pills, same result. I requested to try a newer version, Belbuca, which is different in its method of reaching the system in that it sticks to the inside of the cheek and disintegrates within 30 seconds, thus allowing the majority of the drug to enter the system. My hope was that perhaps it would provide actual pain relief with the bonus of little to no high or feelings of being stoned. I was declined the trial by a woman who is not a physician but an Osteopath who without telling me diagnosed me as being a drug addict. I an not. Indeed, I provided her my history which included using Marijuana as a teen and a few times as an adult in hopes of reducing my pain as it is purported that Pot helps with pain. I can tell you, at least anecdotally, that Pot does not provide pain relief at least it does not help with mine. I suspect that the so-called pain relief promised by users of Pot is an excuse to justify the use of Pot for the high it promises at least some people. While I suppose that it might be true for some, I think my suspicion is likely the more accurate. My husband, who has always enjoyed Pot and also has a seizure disorder, which Pot is known to reduce, has it (we live in California - so legal) most of the time. When my pain is so bad that I kinda go nuts desperately hunting for any and all promised help, I will try it - maybe six times a year - but to no avail. I am, I suppose, one who needs to be in charge of her person. Can't do that if stoned. So I get kinda panicky. Spending the next several hours eating, walking, doing anything I can think of to get rid of the high. Again, only when desperate do I even bother. I suspect that I have an allergy to Buprenorphine and as such, I discontinued use. Life as a person in constant pain is in no way pleasant. Indeed, there are days when I question my willingness to live another day. Yet I do. Every single time.

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Re: Rawenz (# 25) Expand Referenced Message

I didn't find much on that besides that they used to manufacture the same medication. They are definitely different from each other. I finally had a chance to try the Mallinkcrodt and I was not pleased whatsoever. I was panicking when the shortage of Amneal had me looking at 8 diff pharmacies just to find them that's how much I love Amneals in comparison to anything else besides the strips. Strips are the best and Amneals come in 2nd for me. Definitely talk to your pharmacist. Explain how you were switched from subutex to suboxone and this manufacturer doesn't feel very effective if you can try another manufacturer. Ask what kinds they have. Walgreens used to carry Amneal or Actavis all the time but now my Walgreens switched manufacturers and only carries Mallinckrodt or Actavis. Which are white with a moon shape or something like that. I wish i had more advice for you. In MT we can get subutex as long as our doctor writes that on the script. But I've never had it myself.

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