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Has anyone tried Adderall Xr generics by Par pharmaceuticals? Has it been effective?

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To be honest I only take teva 30mg instant release adderalls because I take em w Xanax 2mg and they even each other out. Talk to ur dr. XR sucks.

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Why did you say XR sucks? Thank you.

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XRs are very different than IRs. I don’t remember why but your doctor can explain. I only use teva IRs. Stay away from anything made by Aurobindo. They’re fake I think. They feel like no doze and give me massive headaches.

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Yes, they are very different. The XR’s (extended release) were a 12 hour pill. Now they are considered a 24 hour pill. Who, when, how & why they call it a 24 hour pill is absurd! None of this medication lasts for 24 hours. The maximum I have ever gotten from a 30 mg XR was about 8 hours when I got the Shire brand. Shire was the original manufacturer of Adderall XR. Shire is now a part of Takeda. IR is the immediate release formula and from what I’ve been told a generic because Shire does not make the immediate release. I just got my script and it’s made by Par and it actually makes me nauseous & tired. So much for a decent Adderall brand or knock off any more. The only one ever worked for me was Shire XR.

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Yes…. Made me super sick, with severe abdominal pain for 3 days before I figured out it was the meds. My pharmacy switched the generic adderall XR manufacture they usually send me (SUN Pharm) and sent me PAR Pharm…. They even smelled & tasted like toxic plastic, I soaked some in water and they never dissolved!

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I just received this generic and have taken it the past two days and feel like I’m in a fog. So gross to swallow and feels stuck in your throat. Also feel like loopy and exhausted. Did you end up having to finish the bottle? Did it get better?

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Same exact thing here, not sure what generic manufacturer I had before (which was working great without bad side effects). Just took my first Par Pharm brand one this morning and I feel awful. Tired, dizzy, anxiety, almost tearful, plus clenched jaw and tense muscles. It’s really weird and bad, I’ll never take this brand again.

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Ugh I feel you. I am still taking it. The dizziness/spaciness got a little better but by 2:00 pm it feels like I never even took anything. My boyfriend is really supportive and understands the ADHD struggles and the other day he was even like "wow I am starting to see what you are saying about your adderall not working as well". Forgetting stuff, not focusing during a show, binge eating, fidgeting excessively hahah.

Sorry, I know that doesn't help you very much but just know someone out there is feeling the same way you are and you're not crazy. That always seems to help me.

You can call your pharmacist and first ask them what you were taking previously (they should have records) and then request you never get this one again. I have found that drinking a lot of water helps and trying to distract yourself. If you are anything like me and also suffer from anxiety the side effects of the medicine and constantly not feeling like yourself definitely triggers my anxiety so it has helped me in the morning to workout and to keep myself as occupied as possible. Hope this helps. Sorry you're going through this too!

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