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to find out what pills are if your not sure

If you need to find out what any type of pill is by imprint code or name and information all you have to do is go to web sight www.rxlist.com ## I have a yellow pill that I found in my daughters room I was wondering ehat is was it is Yellow and a small oval. It hase the letter m on one side that is in a box,the other side is preferated andhas a T then 51 ## I got a different pill in my prescription bottle one side has a M in a square box and the other has a number 970. it looks completely different than my other pills. ## white round pill. One side has boxed M. Other side is scored with 05 02 or 05 32. Can you helpl me identify this pill? ## I have a pill with a big C on one side and the numbers 86 over 62 on the other it is light pink what is it? ## I found a decent size white pill in ...

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generic oxcotin [email protected]

what are some of the letters and numbers on either mg for the generic brand?one for 40 is abg what is the other plus one for 80 not sure any help would be appreciated since they have changed from medicaid to medicare things are all messed up ## There are quite a number of different imprints for Oxycodone meds. The one for 80 mg similar to the 40 mg you have is ABG 80 - those ones are manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals.

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