Oblong Orange 4

malinda Says:

44393 is also on the orange oblong pill, I don't what this is please advise. thank you

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Andrea Says:

The orange oblong pill sounds like 60 mg moriphine.That is what they look like as I have taken them before but no longer take them. Hope this helps you out.

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Verwon Says:

This tablet does not contain Morphine, nor any type of narcotic.

Pills marked with a 44 that is followed by 3 additional numbers are manufactured by LNK International and they only manufacture over the counter products that are sold in many stores as their store brands or generics.

This particular tablet contains 200mgs of Ibuprofen, it is the generic or store brand of Advil or Motrin.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and stomach irritation.

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Are there any other questions?

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Andrea Says:

Well its kinda hard to tell if you dont have all the information and I was trying to help

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Verwon Says:

LOL! Andrea, don't worry, there is no problem with your posts, at all. You attempts to help are appreciated and always will be.

Once again, you were correct that there is an oblong, orange 60mg Morphine tablet, which is time released, so it's a generic for MS Contin, however, the markings are different. I can understand your not remembering the markings, because you really had no need to do so and few people pay attention to them, unless they have a reason.

For your future reference and so you can continue helping others, if you wish, the markings on that Morphine tablet are E655 on one side and a 60 on the opposite side.

So, you're not remembering wrong, at all.


It's just that it is the imprint, rather than the shape and color that positively identifies what is in a tablet. There were times in the past, where someone had a bad reaction to a medication or overdosed and emergency personnel had problems knowing the correct way to treat them, because they had no way of knowing for sure what they had taken, if the personal was unable to communicate.

If the pills weren't in a prescription bottle, or if the label on the bottle was handwritten and the writing wasn't that great, they pretty much had to try and guess at the best treatment options and it didn't always work, because there are some reactions to medications or overdosages that will only respond to certain other medications or treatment protocols.

Thus the FDA has done away with pharmacies being able to handwrite a label and they started requiring all manufactured tablets and capsules to have unique imprints, which must be logged in their databases, when they are released on the market. Each imprint has to reveal the manufacturer, active ingredient and the amount of that ingredient that it contains.

The problem with this particular pill that you were offering your assistance on is that it is an over the counter product. These do not fall under the same laws, their imprints don't have to be logged and it makes them very difficult to identify.

But please, feel free to continue posting and helping, you are always welcome here!

Does anyone have any questions?

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Andrea Says:

Verwon, I am sorry if I sounded a bit defensive but I thought you were just trying to pick at me. But I understand you werent trying to do that by your response now. by the way are you just another poster or a Pharmacist or a mediator of this sight. Thanks Andrea

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