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Can I Take Mucinex And Methadone 22 REPLIES
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Can I Take Mucinex And Methadone

I'm sick and wanted to know if I can take mucinex fast max with my methadone, and if it is ok to do so? ## I didn't find any problems or interactions listed, but you should double check this information to be certain. The major issue I see could be due the combination worsening the side effects, so you may experience more nausea, dizziness and drowsiness. ## I'm on 100 mg of methadone and I'm sick and bought a box of expectorant mucus relief that says 400 mg of guaifenesin. Is it safe to take this medicine with methadone? ## NEVER, NEVER TAKE MUCINEX WITH METHADONE. Extreme hallucinations and paranoia result. This happened to a family member two times and he ended up behaving erratically and needed a tranquilizer. He does not remember any of it. ## I just took 2 mucinex ...

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oblong white pill ph 073

Calm down. It is a WalMart generic of Mucinex with decongestant. ## Thanks for sharing your finding on this pill ID. From what I've researched, I can definitely vouch that this is a generic form of Mucinex, known as Chest Congestion Relief DM. It reportedly contains 20mgs of Dextromethorphan hydrobromide + 400mgs of Guaifenesin. For those who may be sensitive to certain binders or fillers, I've also included a list of the inactive ingredients that are found in this tablet: magnesium stearate + microcrystalline cellulose + silicon dioxide colloidal + copovidone + maltodextrin + stearic acid Does anyone else have questions about this? ## You're pretty close. It's generic Mucinex with cough suppressant (dextromethorphan), not with decongestant.

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Packaging of Mucinex DM 12 Hour Extended-Release

You reciently changed you packageing of MucinexDM to come in a box that the pills have to be punched out of and not in the bottle form. This makes it difficult for people with RA in there hand, if you come some how come up with a better way to open your product or go back to having it in bottle form I think that would make it easier for people like me that suffers from both RA & OA. And that will not cost to much; the price you have on you product is some what high for people on a fixed income and this drug is recommened for me to take by my ENT Doctors. So please think about changing the packageing of this product to Arthirst friendly package. ## I started taking MucinexDM at the recomendation of my ENT Doctors after I had my Throat operated on to remove a cancerious tummer and the...

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TCL 280 white pill

found in sons clothing at the morgue: oval lg. white pill tcl 280 ## Please help me identify the pill we found in my sons pocket in the morgue Lg. White oval pill with TCL 280 on it ## Sorry, I wish I could help, but I checked many databases and cannot find a listing for a pill with this marking. It could possible be something available over the counter or a foreign medication, since they are not regulated like US prescription drugs are. ## I don't know how much this will help, but the TCL in the imprint code seems to indicate that the manufacturer could be Time-Cap Labs, Inc. Their web site and contact info: Time-Cap Labs, Inc 7 Michael Avenue Farmingdale N.Y. 11735 tel 631.753.9090 fax 631.753.2220 They seem to have a product listing on their site (along with pictures), and you mi...

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oval white pill with AZ 345

this white oval pill has line across middle of back ## Hello, Eileen! How are you? I'm sorry, but so far, I haven't been able to find a listing for anything that matches this description. Where was it found? If it's an over the counter product, some of them are regional, so knowing the general location may help to narrow it down. I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. Does anyone else recognize this tablet? ## Hello, I am looking for the same answer for AZ345. Found it in my robe pocket and am almost positive it is hydrocoedone pain pill. No other pill in my house has the same imprint and I recently finished a bottle of these. ## I am pretty sure it is a Dollar Tree generic form of Mucinex with a cough suppressant. therefore Guaifenisen which i...

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white oblong pill score PH 063

I found a pill in my son's room. I don't know what it is. It is a white oblong pill with a score PH 063 on one side. Does anyone know what this pill is? ## This is another one that has been posted about a few times recently, but I can't find a listing for it. Are you in the U.S.? Does anyone else know what this is? ## Several people in a related discussion thread have stated this to be Guaifenesin 400 mg (a generic Mucinex), which is used to thin out mucus. ## It is a generic Mucinex...I use them. ## It is mucus relief dm and it contains DXM, which can make you feel like you're high or something. ## Actually, it is just the basic generic Mucinex Expectorant, there is no Anti-Histamine associated with it... ## dxm does not make you feel high. is that all your about is get...

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Large oval white pill with 1200 on one side and “xenuciM” on the other

The other side has “xenuciM” printed on it. It seems like Mucinex backwards and spelled wrong. Are there fake Mucinex pills? ## I can't imagine why anyone would try to counterfeit a cheap over-the-counter expectorant such as Mucinex, with very little if any financial incentive. Whereabouts did you get this pill from? Was it found within an existing batch? If so, I wonder if it could simply be an imprint error from the manufacturer... If it were me, I'd probably take it into a local pharmacy for a second opinion because that's definitely not normal. On the other hand, where or how you acquired it could also speak for itself. Please post back if you happen to have any more information.

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white with pill m blue A and white 600

round bill one side white one side blue A on blue side 600 on white side ## Adam's Laboratories lists this tablet as being a 600mgs Mucinex tablet, which contains the active ingredient Guaifenesin, which is an expectorant. NDC code: 63824-0008 Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. It is available by prescription, and over the counter. Is there anything else I can help with?

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BLUE SIDE HAS #4 WHITE SIDE HAS #600 ## I would like to know if this medicine is just for cough or if it also breaks up mucus to make it easier to get it out. ## Mucinex, and its generics contain Guainfesin, it is used to reduce the production of mucous. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and the excretion of mucous. Are you on any other medications?

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is ok to take mucinex and sulfamethoxazole tmp in the same time

I been taking Mucinex (fast-max) for Cold,Flu & Sore Throat and, I didn't feel better...So I found in my cabinet Sulfamethoxazole tmp ds and I took one tonight because I feel like i have ear infection ## Hello, Beatriz! How are you? I didn't find any problems or interactions listed, but you should always double check with your doctor or pharmacist to be certain. Additionally, you shouldn't take an antibiotic, unless your doctor confirms the presence of an infection, because otherwise you create the risk of developing antibiotic resistant bacteria. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can I take smz/tmp after taking mucinex my throat hurts so bad

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Phlegm in throat

Every single day I wake up and spend about 5 minutes hacking up thick, yellow mucus. It is so thick it keeps me from swallowing and even blowing my nose. I have been to 3 Odontologists and no one has been able to help me. I have tried a number of nasal spays and prescription medications with no success. In contrast my nose runs excessively to the extent that I blow my nose on paper towels instead of tissues. Mucinex doesn't help either. I am desperate for some relief. Can someone help me? ## Have you tried an ENT, or an allergist/immunologist? It may not be directly related to your teeth, or an abnormality there. Allergies can cause the same type of symptoms and that would be outside the realm of an Odontologist. Additional question, do you smoke? ## No, I don't smoke. I have ha...

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mucinex d drug test probation

Will I fail a drug test if I take one single dose of mucinex fast max? I'm currently on probation and took medicine, now I'm worried. ## I took a single dose of Mucinex last week and I have to take a drug test for parole this week will I have a false positive?

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white oval shaped pill # 44542

white oval shaped pill with # 44542 ## I was wondering if you ever had the pill with #44542 identified. I found one like it today and can't remember for the life of me what it is. Thanks ## This is an over the counter drug manufactured by LNK International, they do not make any prescription drugs. It is a store brand/generic for Mucinex for congestion. ## white oval shaped pill used for pain ## If you are uncertain about Any pills please call your pharm. They will be glad to give you the info. you need. : ) ## its safeway brand mucus pe ## It could be any brand of generic Mucinex. Mine is Rite Aid Mucus Relief D. ## Is pill with imprint 44542 prescription and are there weight or age limit precautions? ## It's a store brand Mucinex ## yes this helped very much. I know what it is ...

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What is the dosage for amoxicilina

What is the recommended doage for amoxicilina? ## What is the recommended doage for amoxicilina? I have a chest infection coughing up green phlem ## I'm spitting up heavy green phlem..........and of course have a cough with that. Is Amoxicilin a good drug to use along with Mucinex-expectorant. ## I have cough and lam bringing up flam ## for vitel helth andmental fatige exploror.

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Mucinex D Drug Interactionswith levodopa

can I take some mucinex after I took levodopa ## I didn't find any interactions or problems listed between the two medications, but you should always double check such information to be safe. Learn more Mucinex details here. Are there any other questions I can help with? ## Can I take carbo levodopa in mucinex d nasal congestion together without any complications

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Can I take Mucinex-DM with 100 mg of Methadone?

I've been sick and im on 100 mg of Methadone a day and I was wondering if it would be o.k. to take with Mucinex-DM with my methadone? ## Hi April, According to The University of Maryland's drug interaction tool, there aren't any interactions between Mucinex DM and Methadone. Based off this information alone, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to take the two together. I've also never heard of anyone having issues using these substances coherently. But if still in doubt, I'd encourage you to cross reference additional interaction data and maybe even contact your doctor for a second opinion since this doesn't necessarily mean that no interactions exist. Hope this helps! ## I am taking 100 mg doxycycline. tablet every 12 hours for 7 days. Can I ...

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can mucinex dm and lisinopril be taken together

Can MucinexDM and Lisinopril be taken together? ## Hello, Patsy! How are you? I didn't find any problems or interactions listed between the two, however, you should check with your doctor, before you take the Mucinex DM. Some decongestants can elevated your blood pressure and raise heart rate, so it may not be safe for you to take it. Coricidin has a line of products you may want to look for instead, they are labeled HBP, so you know they are safe to take, if you have high blood pressure. Lisinopril is classified by the FDA as an ACE inhibitor and its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, increase urination and hypotension. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Muscinex DM contains guiafenesin (you should know its original name; I barely could p...

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white pill with ph 063 on it

What kind of pill is this? White oblong with PH 063 ## This is a generic or store brand of Mucinex, which contains 400mgs of Guaifenesin and is an expectorant. Learn more Mucinex details here. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness and drowsiness. Are there any questions or comments? ## I guess it's just a sinus pill, right? !. I have terrible sinuses, never had it b4, but if it is hell yeah!!!!!!!

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Can we take Solmux and Mucinex at the same time?

My daughter is already 22, but since she is deaf & mute, we treat her like a small girl, and since she easily gets sick and quite long to handle her sickness, we are very cautious about the medications we give like for instance today, she's on her 3rd day of cough & colds with runny nose which clogged during night time when she's at about to sleep. So we would like to hear from you if we can give her Solmux & Himox for her cough & colds and Mucinex for her runny, clogged nose at the same time?

Oblong White Pill With Marking RC 66P

Found an Oblong White Pill With Marking RC 66P with a line between them on one side and blank (no line either) on the other side. Would like to know what it is? ## It is Mucinex D, it contains Guaifenesin and Pseudoephedrine. Either someone forgot to take it, dropped it or was making meth.

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