Tcl 280 White Pill

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found in sons clothing at the morgue: oval lg. white pill tcl 280

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white oval pill tcl280 Says:

Please help me identify the pill we found in my sons pocket in the morgue Lg. White oval pill with TCL 280 on it

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Verwon Says:

Sorry, I wish I could help, but I checked many databases and cannot find a listing for a pill with this marking.

It could possible be something available over the counter or a foreign medication, since they are not regulated like US prescription drugs are.

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dave Says:

I don't know how much this will help, but the TCL in the imprint code seems to indicate that the manufacturer could be Time-Cap Labs, Inc.

Their web site and contact info:

Time-Cap Labs, Inc
7 Michael Avenue
Farmingdale N.Y. 11735
tel 631.753.9090
fax 631.753.2220

They seem to have a product listing on their site (along with pictures), and you might be able to call their customer service # to try and find out an exact pill id.

If anybody gets a definite answer, please post back.

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tom Says:

This tablet is an over the counter product used for nasal congestion and cough.

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Verwon Says:

I went through all of the current products on their site and they do not list anything, nor show pictures of anything, with this marking.

Now, this is getting really baffling.

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tom Says:

This product was launched 3 months ago and we have not updated our site with this item since several new items are yet to be released

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Verwon Says:

Thank you, Tom. Is there any possibily that you could post back with the active ingredients and dosages, so we will have it on here for future searchers?

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tom Says:

Active ingredients Guaifenesin 400mg and Dextromethorphan 20mg. Usual dosage is 1 tablet every 4 hours.

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Verwon Says:

Thank you very much, Tom. That is a huge help!

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Bruce Says:

Not to worry I just got a head cold and bought Mucus relief the pill is white and oval stamped TCL280. Maybe next time just ask and you will not have to worry.

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jon bendel Says:

mucinex over the counter cold med

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Clayton Says:

The TCL 280 white pill is the generic Mucinex.

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Wendy Says:

Your son had congestion. This is Mucinex DM which is sold generically. Your son was smart to buy the generic and save the money, sorry he had died.

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This is an over the counter medication called Mucus Relief DM. Its an expectrant/cough suppressant. Its distributed by PL Developments

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spyke Says:

It's a generic MusinexDM sold OTC for cough and congestion. Taken in large quantities is used recreationally to acheive an out of body experience.

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Grace Says:

Thks so much for the help on the pill we found in my son's pocket at the morgue. GLad to know it was just a generic mucnex he had had a sinus problem. They killed him at a little mkt. when he went to buy his little boy a sprite in DAYLIGHT. They shot him in the back when he tried to run back to the store because he only had $3.00 on him. All of you beware. Never know when you will lose a loved one tragicly. All (3) involved are now in prison. Had to go thru (3) trials. Pray for us His name was Jarrod Collins.

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Rico Says:

Hi there know this is and old topic but maybe this information will help clear more. well im 30 years old and I'm a drug abuser, i got here because i was looking information about that pill because my buddies sold me a couple of those pills and i don't know exactly what they are. Well it seems this pill is a form of hydrocodone and is well marketed in the streets. Because couple of my friends like to buy it. It seems is some sort of pain killer and has couple of ingredients that posses the heroin, so many heroin and drug abusers use this pill to get high. I'm not so sure about all this but i don't really think your son was just having a nasal congestion. I've seen a lot of people abusing of all kinds of drugs and you will never suspect they are doing it. I personally fooled my mom for a long time and my friends until it was too late. Right now i look very healthy and it will be very dificult to tell but still do some drugs. So i think you should suspect more because. i got this pills from heroin users, and now there is so many drugs in the streets and a lot of young people are using them. For example the crystal meth, and heroin that makes you feel good in small doses but in large doses could be dangerous and that is were a lot of people make the mistake. feel free to ask any question through my e-mail i'll be glad to help.

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Oscar Says:

Rico, is wrong this drug is not used to get high. It is not a pain killer. It Soothes Cough and Loosens Congestion. Rico, seek help, life is much better without drugs. You'll think clearer.

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monique Says:

Rico is right its a pain killer and yes i've heard of this being used by drug dealers

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Mama Hof Says:

It is generic mucinex... perhaps the dealers are selling them to you and telling you they are other drugs... ya think they just might be lying?

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