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hydz Says:

I have difficulty in feeding my son, he is 2 years and 5 months now. I am about to give him mosegor vita many ml should i be giving him? Please give me a specific answer because i am afraid of the side effects of pizotifen..thank u.

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Sass Says:

Hi, how are you? Where did you fill your prescription for Mosegor? I've been looking everywhere for it because I used to weigh 152 pounds. I got really sick 4 months ago and dropped down to 105 and now I'm trying to put it back on because I look horrible and don't want to go anywhere looking like this. Please help.

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galitadik Says:

I had a hard time feeding my daughter. She's 2.8 y/o and weighted 10kgs. For almost a year she never gained weight. We tried different appetite enhancer vits. But no effect. Til we tried Mosegor syrup. 2.5ml a day. And in just 2weeks, she gained a lot!!! She craves and eats everything and drinks a lot of milk. We really see the effect of taking this. I hope even if I stop using Mosegor she will maintain her good appetite. When do you think will we stop using it? Thanks Mosegor!

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Anne Says:

My daughter, 5 year old started taking mosegor vita abt 2 weeks now, i noticed that her urine color changed which appears like blood but more on magenta in color rather than bright red.. She doesn't have any pain when peeing, no fever or any sign of acute infection. Does the b complexes affect it?

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Saima Says:

My daughter is 17 months she did not eat solid food and she did not drink proper top milk.plz tell me i want use mosegar syrup.i will use it

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Dr Ash Says:

I am not sure if you will be reading this but plz be advise do not give anything to ur 1 year old baby especially this syrup because it has anti histamine which is not recommended for under 3 year old if ur baby is not eating stop giving the baby all kinds of sweats and try to introduce different variety of food all kinds offruits and veggies if they don't like it wait for 2 weeks and give them again.

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Anayah Says:

Please never use this for little baby i am in canada and they dont even give children cough syrup

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Nix Says:

Can I gave mosegor to mh child together with other vitamins? Specificaly nutri10 plus which is a food supplement?

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Irene Says:

Pde po ba ang mosegor sa malnorish na baby pra sa 2yrs old ???

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Tengvelljo Says:

Ok po ba ang mosegor sa malnorished ba baby like 2yrs old ?

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mommyslove Says:

same prob here mommy, mahina dumede, at d natutulog. kaya ang payat. my lo is 9 months old now, he's taking mosegor before bedtime, 1.5ml as prescribed by his pedia. tulog na sya ng tulog, pero worried pa dn ako kasi parang nalalasing sya sa mosegor, bka masama un?

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mann Says:

my child is 3 years please suggests weight gain syrup

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summaiya Says:

Hi can we give mosigor syrup in milk as my son 22 monthes is very reluctant to take any medicine orally. Will it work

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Charmgregorio Says:

My son is 2 yrs old and 6 months. With a weigth of 14kls last month when we went for vaccine. Can i give hin mosegor since he is not eating rice? Very picky eater. Please adv.

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Jeng Says:

I'd like to try mosegor to my son 2 years and 9 months and waited less than 12 kls now due to cough and colds, he has been picky eater ever since and has very slow gain weight. how much should I givehim and for how long. Thanks for the answers.

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Jeng Says:

Does mosegor require a prescription?

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analyn Says:

Over the counter b pwd bumli ng mosegor?gsto ko dn itry s baby grl ko para mag gain ang weight nia ,2 yrs.old n

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Shem Says:

Yes, over d counter po xa.. very effective xa sa anak ko.. like my case ung anak ko hirap ako pakainin lahat halos everyday ako nagastos kung ano nya kainin binibili ko or ni luluto ko para kumain lang 2-3 subo lang ayaw na nga tapos sinusuka nya pa. Bngyan ko xa ng mosgor 1 day palng kita ko na ung effct un nga lang sarap ng tulog nya.. tpos kinabukasan nagulat ako xa na mismo nag hhnap ng pag kain, mo ng awatin nmn kasi pag ka gcing kain xa ng kain..

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Erika Says:

Yes pede xa. My son 2yrs old son sya before gave him mosegor vita syrup 2.5ml lng once a day, kasi sobrang arte rin pakainin pero that time lumakas din xa kumain effective tlaga. ung sleep d ko napansin pero ok naman natutulog naman xa ng tanghali. Inubos ko lng One bottle lang then I stopped kasi natakot din ako baka madepend ung appetite nya sa vitamin na un, then i switched to propan syrup appetite stimulant p rin .. Ok naman din naman. Now hes 3yrs old umarte na naman s food lagi nagluluwa i switch back again to mosegor

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Kath Says:

My daughter is turning 4 years old april next year.. Super hina nya tlga kumain at dumede... I tatry ko sya ng mosegor syrup.. Ilang ml po kaya ang pwd ko ibigay sknya?? Hope some one can help me..tnx

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Joe gianan Says:

Ilang ml po b ng mosegor syrup ang pwd ko ibgay s anak ko?? Mag 4 years old sya next year.tnx

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