Methadone And Thrive Supplement

Julie Says:

I'm wondering if I could take "Thrive" - the supplement that everyone is taking, because it looks like it's only vitamins?

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julie Says:

I was wondering if I could take thrive with methadone

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Krissy Says:

Did you ever find out if you could take thrive with methadone.? Bc I would love to know.

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David Says:

Are you referring to 'Thrive' made by a company called "Le-Vel"? If so, I've looked at the nutrition facts listed on their product page for the men's multivitamin supplement and compiled what it contains below:

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1.4 mg 100%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.7 mg 100%
Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) 12 mg 60%
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) 10 mg 100%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 2 mg 100%
Folic acid 800 mcg 200%
Vitamin B12 100 mcg 1667%
Vitamin D3 200 IU 50%
Chromium (as chromium AAC) 200 mcg 167%
Selenium (as Selenium AAC) 90 mcg 125%
Vanadium (as Vanadium AAC) 25 mcg
Proprietary Blend: 526 mg

B lactis
L. acidophilus
L. casei
L. helviticus
L. salvarius
L. plantarum
L. rhamnosus
Guarana Caffeine
Green tea Caffeine
White Willow Extract
Green Coffee Bean
Irvingia Extract
Ginger Extract
Grape Seed Extract
BCAA Blend
CoQ 10
White Tea Extract

First off, my belief is that basic vitamins, minerals, probiotics, & amino acids, are fine, considering that a healthy diet SHOULD be well-rounded in these nutrients.

The grey area in my opinion is how well your body responds to substances such as Irvingia which doesn't seem to have much of a background in the medical community; or Synephrine which has been banned by the NCAA due having similar properties as Ephedrine. It's only concerning to me simply because I don't have personal experience with them and everyone is prone to react or respond differently than others.

And as with most natural or unregulated substances, unfortunately the only way to know for sure how it will work is to try it. So personally, even though I suspect it may be ok, I would only consider taking a supplement like this by itself before attempting to mix it with something else (until I developed a sense of how my body responds).

If still in doubt, I'd encourage you to discuss this with your doctor before taking it with methadone or any other prescription drug.

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Krissy Says:

Ok thanks for the info. I have talked with 3 different pharmacists and they said it should be fine. Like you said I just have to try it.

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Brandy Says:

Just curious if you had tried it? I just got my trail pack & really wanting to start thriving, but I am currently on methadone. Just wanted to know how your experience was?

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eMac Says:

So I know this form is old, but I landed here a few days ago in search of info on taking thrive while prescribed to methadone. I wasn't able to find any info on this combination anywhere, and this was the only single form that had this topic. So even though it's an old form, I'm going to post here, for anyone else who may land here in search of some info. So on to my reply...
I have no sound medical advice on this,only my experience, and I don't have much experience at this point but I will post updates.
I was a little nervous about taking thrive with methadone, if your on methadone then I'm sure your aware that methadone messses with your hearts QT line, and be quite dangerous when it comes to heart issues, and any sort of diet/workout supplement, like thrive, is going to get your heart racing, so that's where I'm a little nervous about it. But my life is really in a slump lately and I thought I'd give it a go anyway. I haven't found anything that recommends not mixing tribe with medications that affect your hearts QT line, and methadone isn't the only medication that does this, so I'm sure if it was an issue there would be something somewhere warning against this. Now on to my experience with thrive .....
As I mentioned at this point I don't have much experience with this other than a few days, but so far I'm really into it, it's been unreal. I've been on methadone for almost 10 years now, my dose is 100mg a day. Typically when I wake up in the morning I feel very sluggish and weak until I take my drink, and then for about an hour after until the drink takes its full effect. If I happen to leave the house first thing in the morning and forget to take my drink (this happens very rarely, as I said I need to take it very first thing) it ruins my day I feel absolutely horrible without it, weak and sluggish, I'm thinking I may need my dose increased because I shouldn't feel this way after only 24 hours of having my last drink, but I want to come down off this stuff, not up, so I'm staying where I'm at. Anyway back to the topic, when taking thrive your supposed to take the pills before your feet even hit the floor in the morning, while your still in bed, they make me feel so good and energetic so quickly, that every day since I started taking it I've forgotten to take my drink until after dinner time, and i still feel great at that point, I've done strenuous workouts and powered through them like a champ, without even having a my drink in me, and typically I can't even shower without having my drink in me in the morning becaus I feel so sluggish and weak. So, it's only been a few days of taking thrive and I'm absolutely in love with it, it's given me sooo much energy, I sleep with the patch on so I believe that's what making me feel so good in the mornings, normally when I wake up I literally have to drag myself out of bed, it takes me a while to wake up and get going, but now with thrive it's like as soon as I open my eyes I'm well awake and refreshed. My mood has been tremendously elevated, all in all I just feel great! I haven't felt this good in, literally, years!.I feel like this will really help me to wean off of methadone, since it gives me that huge extra boost of energy and helps my mood, and the fact that I can get up in the mornings and do strenuous things without taking my drink, I think this would be a great time to start slowly weaning down. But, as I said it's only been a few days, so I'm not going to jump into weaning just yet, I'm gonna give it some time and see if this stuff keeps up this performance, if so I will consider a miracle drug! I will update my progress over time. (Sorry for the novel of a post lol and all the rambling, I'm just trying to be as detailed as possible, since when I'm searching for info I want to know lots of details!)
Oh and p.s - I haven't felt any major heart pounding or jitters or anything like that.

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Kristy Says:

Im also on methadone and started taking thrive gonna leave it at that until I know you will see this

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JesusisKing Says:

So Im on methadone too. Was on 90 mg, but in 6 months I've tapered down to 6mg.about to be 3mg tomorrow. I want to stay my trial pack of thrive..ive taken supplements in the past that have made me jittery and my heart feel like it was gonna pound out my chest. I am a woman 27 yo. I hope this will help with my energy since I've tapered off it had dropped significantly in the am. Your not suppose to drink caffeine..I'm wondering how this will work since i loooove my coffee! Have you felt any tremors heart palpitations or anything. Please reply with details! Every bit helps! And you can do this! You can wein down, If I can! Thanks so much! Be encouraged!

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JesusisKing Says:

How are you feeling? I also am on it see post below A little nervous to stay taking it but I'm.down to 3 mg of methadone now..Thanks!

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Lexi Says:

Hello, I am also looking into this. My worries is the detox. I've watched a thrive videos and the only side effects is the detox. It said the first week your body will go through a natural detox. Detoxing all the waste from your body.
Did you notice the detox the first week or first couple of days. How did it affect your methadon. I am currently dieting by eating less. I've lost 10 lbs and taking 40 mg of methadone. My goal is every 10 lbs I loose I will go down 5 mg. I looked into thrive thinking it would help me feel better while tapering down and help me have energy to loose more weight.

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Linz38 Says:

I'm curious to see how your thrive experience is going and are you still feeling great and energized? My 8 week experience is currently in the mail and on its way to me.. I've definitely had some concerns being on Methadone also. Your post definitely helped me to feel very encouraged.. anymore information you can provide since it's been about 2 months since your last post!

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Miss J Says:

Im starting my mini-thrive experience tomorrow and am currently taking methadone for opiate withdrawal. I am still trying to find the right methadone dose for me as it is only my second week in the program. Right now I am on 90mg, but Im waiting for the order from my dr to go up some more since the 90mgs isn't quite holding me for a full 24hrs. I feel really close though so I think I should be ok once i hit 100mg-120mg. Anyway... I was looking for any info regarding drug interactions between methadone and thrive when i discovered this forum. The post above written by "E Mac" was very helpful with one small caveat. They keep referring to "my drink," which I am almost certain is their daily methadone, however they could be referring to the thrive lifestyle mix drink. This is where i get a little confused. The method for taking thrive generally goes like this;
Wake up - swallow 1 lifestyle capsule IMMEDIATELY, before you even get out of bed.
Get up - Mix 1/2 a packet of lifestyle mix in 4/5oz water or milk and drink. (You can chill mixed drink in fridge for 20 mins for better taste but this is optional).
Stick up - Remove backing from adhesive thrive DMT patch and apply to a fatty area of the body (shoulder, forearm, chest...) and wear all day. You can wear it to bed as well.

So this routine would all take place before I get to the clinic and the my daily dose of methadone. This shouldnt be an issue UNLESS any of the ingredients in thrive produce an acidic environment in the stomach. Liquid methadone is best absorbed in an alkaline environment. For example if you take a few tums or drink grapefruit juice before taking methadone, the methadone will last for a longer period of time and the effects of the medication will be stronger. However, if you drink a bunch of coffee before you ingest the methadone this creates an acidic environment in the stomach and the methadone will not absorb properly, meaning the dose will wear off quicker and the medication wont be as powerful. That means you could end up being sick and feeling the withdrawals that the methadone is supposed to be combating. This is why it's important to know what the pH effect thrive will have on the stomach will be. Unfortunately, since thrive is a new and, as yet, unstudied compound, "trial & error" is the only way to know for sure if thriving before dosing on methadone is a good strategy. I will post updates with my own personal experience and I encourage others to do the same so other methadone patients like us with an interest in thriving wont be navigating in the dark. Good luck to all and happy thriving!

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Miss J Says:

When you say "my drink" are you referring to your methadone dose or the thrive lifestyle drink mix? By the context I'm assuming you mean the methadone, but i want to be absolutely certain. Im concerned that thriving before dosing could create an acidic environment in the stomach which decreases the effectiveness and duration of methadone.

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Linz38 Says:

So I started my thrive experience 6 days ago and I've definitely noticed some changes. 1) I have more energy, although I still enjoy my afternoon nap (if I can take one). My mood is definitely elevated and I notice my sleep patterns at night time have improved. I actually slept a straight 8hrs on Sunday nite. It's been YEARS since I slept straight thru the nite. I'm still waiting on the "wow" experience I keep hearing about, but I hear it can take up to 2 weeks for Thrive to fully start working.
I strictly follow the guidelines for taking the pills, drink and patch 1st thing in the morning. I wait about 30-45 mins to take my dose (i get weekly take outs, except today I went to the clinic so it was about 1.5hrs from when I drank my shake and put my new patch on till I dosed) and I havent felt any negative effects from the methadone with the thrive. No withdrawal symptoms or anything. I just feel normal with a few changes that I noted above! I'll post again when I really start to feel the effects of Thrive! Happy Thriving!

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J Says:

Thank u for posting I've been wanting to try Thrive. I'm on 110mgs for 4yrs

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Tina Says:

I to am on methadone 120mg daily and I'm wanting to start Thrive, but I'm concerned about the Detox part as well... I really want to use my products, but I don't want it to put me in withdrawal of of methadone while it's detoxing me..... Really need to have answers! !!

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janeelliott0315 Says:

I feel that the thrive might speed up the methadone an by morning I feel im in withdrawals not bad but uncomfortable but I'm loosing good weight

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Spunky Says:

Hi. I've been on methadone for 8 years. My dose is at 45 mg and I'm trying very hard to GET OFF this crap at the clinic. Anyway, I've recently purchased a 5 day package of Thrive. I'm known to get jittery easy, and in the past, when I did workout or anything, I def could feel detox come on a lot faster. My biggest concern is losing my carries though.. Have any of you discussed this with your dr beforehand? I go once a week and I have to follow a very strict set of rules in fear of losing my carries.. I don't even take cold medicine for petes sake. Thanks so much. I'll also post any updates!

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Sick13 Says:

So I am on day 6 of going cold turkey from 120mg a day of oxicotin for the past 13 years for a back injury It was not my choice and I can explain that in a later post if anyone wants to know. Anyway my wife has been taking thrive for a couple of weeks and is a big runner and super fit. I am fit as well but I had put on at least 10-15 lbs over the past several years. I knew it was because of the opiates but I just went with it. Anyway my life has been a living hell for the past 6 days. I now know after reading some of the posts that thrive also detox's your body so I am I guess going through super detox. I have lost 13lbs so far and I think my bowels are finally settling down. I hope. I have started eating food again and drinking a ton of water and Gatorade/vitamin water. Been walking around in a fog and every step feels like a challenge but I am doing it and I am going to get through it. What I will say is that all of the vitamins and whatever else is in thrive has not killed me and I am going to keep taking it. I am hoping for my first night of sleep in 6 days and I feel like it could happen. Life is crazy with 2 kids an active but very supportive wife, 3 dogs 2 cats and 16 chickens. To boot I have a very busy career of which I have put on hold to get through this telling everyone I am sick except for my bosses who know the real story and are super supportive. Thrive may be bad or good Can't really say at this point because I am just going with it. I feel like I may be over the hump and if I get through this (which I will) I will attribute it to thrive and the energy it has given me. I have been able to somewhat function through the daze and that helps the body by working stuff through its system and good for the legs.

One thing I will say off topic is if anyone goes through this I wish you all the luck. Don't do it alone if you go ballz out like I am doing. A major side effect is restless leg syndrome red and it is a nightmare along with the stomach aches, chills, goosebumps, hot flashes and diarrhea. And if you are tired and think you just can't do it anymore you can. Just keep trying and stay strong. I thought many times about going to a dr or the ER and just letting them deal with me but I have always told myself that I would just be drugged up again and I do t want it anymore.

Just don't take antihistamines to help you sleep. It can have a reverse affect and amplify symptoms like RLS by 10fold. Did it last night and learned my lesson on that one. My wife thought I was having seizures when it was my lower body just convulsing. Not cool!!!!! I have been trying to sleep (ha!!!) on the couch with a huge fan blowing in my face to psych out my mind with anything to take it off my legs and feet from moving. Anyway like I said wish me luck for the potential first sleep in 6 days

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Spunky Says:

Update. Been taking thrive about a month and a half now... I love it! My energy level is so much better, my mood is uplifted.. just a good experience all around so far.
Did talk to the clinic to make sure it was ok and they said it was fine.
I am getting ready to decrease 5 mg, so will be interesting to see how the thrive will affect me. I've not noticed increased withdrawal symptoms with the thrive..
I take the pill with my dose first thing in the morning - which I did work up to that. I was nervous and wanted to take it slow to make sure my body would do well with it. But so far so good!
As long as I can afford it, I plan to keep taking it.. it's not cheap ! Lol

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Danny Says:

I know this is a super duper old thread I am on a very high dose methadone and taking Thrive and absolutely love it!!!!... So much energy without the jitters great night sleep I am finally taking regular bathroom trips (very important when I'm used to going once every 2 weeks)

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Kellynicole22 Says:

Re: eMac (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I'm so glad u wrote this! I just stumbled upon it bc I'm on 35mg of methadone n tryin to wean completely off but I want to be as gently as possible first. I read it's way easier n less withdrawals (if any)if ur healthy first. I have gained so much weight never been so fat in my life but can't loose a lb while on methadone so maybe thrive will be of some help for me as well! It's certainly worth a try!!

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Billie Says:

Re: eMac (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

How did it work for you overtime???

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Jessie Says:

Re: Linz38 (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

I’m on methadone now and I’m on 150mg and when I put the patch on it give me A head rush feeling like jittery feeling I don’t know I guess it was the energy idk

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Mickie Says:

Re: janeelliott0315 (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Please tell how you are doing???

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Linds Says:

Re: Brandy (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I’m on methadone and started it and I’m fine! No issues here

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Optimistic Says:

Re: eMac (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I have heard coming off of Thrive is like coming off of meth.
Good luck. There’s so much caffeine in it that you’ll probably need to wean slowly when you do.
Good luck.

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Kramer Says:

Re: Brandy (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

For a week I’ve been thriving and I’m on 60 mgs of methdadone. So far so good... but I was looking that up here because I was thinking same thing.

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Optimistic Says:

Re: julie (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I wouldn’t. I mean, you probably can, but MLM products are usually overpriced trash.

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April Says:

Re: Stephanie (# 25) Expand Referenced Message

I was wondering if it will make me produce a positive drug screen?

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