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i no there is a difference in mgs. for all meds in different forms . i would like to know how many mgs. of morphine in a shot form does it take to equal the same mgs. in pill form ? for example if you are given a 10mg. shot of morphine how many mgs. does it take to make the same in pill form ? 10mgs. of shot form is equal to ? mgs. of pill form . thank you for the answers . janet

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nick Says:

Hi Janet,

I think that the only difference in what you described is how fast the drug will act in your system.

So 10 mg will be the same dose to your body regardless of it being in a shot versus a pill. The difference is that you would feel the effects of the shot more quickly than the pill. Also, some pills are designed to be time-release, which results in the effect lasting longer.

There are also many other factors determining this, and they vary with each drug. Some drugs can only be taken a certain way.

Hope this helps!

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mark shaw Says:

Morphine has a first pass metabolism of 50% so half an oral dose is immediately broken down and never enters the circulation, because the hepatic portal vein takes chemicals absorbed from the gut straight to the liver - morphine, unlike methadone, is metabolized in the liver. This means that an intramuscular injection has around twice the effect of the same oral dose. The speed of absorption of oral medicines is also dependent on various factors, including when you last ate, how much, and what you ate. If the same amount of oral medication is absorbed over a longer period the peak plasma concentration reached will naturally be lower.
Taking the same dose that one is used to orally, as an injection, is potentially risking an overdose. Intravenous injection raises the peak levels yet further, and because of the very rapid onset of effects, carries a serious risk of overdose without time for intervention. Death is caused by respiratory depression.

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Minoguesque Says:

No, the dosage as an inj. will be much lower as bioavailability intravenously is 100% whereas in tablet form, morphine salts, the most commonly seen being the sulphate, bioavailability is slightly UNDER 50%.

A table I have in front of me notes that a 30mg morphine tablet is equivalent to a 15mg dose inj'ed. Sounds about right to me, who has been on opioids now since 1994, although I am now using oxycodone in preference to morphine. Cyclimorph 15mg ampoules also contain 30mg cyclizine, an antiemetic which stops any nausea or vomiting, which happens to many people taking morphine; oxycodone does not require this. Another well known painkiller that is ALWAYS combined with cyclizine is dipipanone hydrochloride (tablets 10mg with 30mg cyclizine under brand names DICONAL and WELLCONAL (S Africa)). So roughly half the oral dosage is required for intravenous morphine.

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