Lyrica For Left Flank Pain/sleep Apnea?

Elizabeth Mahek Says:

I have for a month now experienced pain in my left side around and under my lower rib cage to the point my husgand cant lay his arm around me at night. Cat scan did not pick up anything in that area but did pick up ovarian cysts. I do however have sleep apnea but am allergic to the machine and latex. What is the benefit of my taking lyrica and is there a generic equivalent. I do not have good insurance as I explained to my Dr. and even w/ins this is $75.oo for the low dose and he wanted me to gradually increase it. Is there another option?

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Diane Pod... Says:

Elizabeth - your symptoms sound exactly like mine but for me it's on the right side. I've been taking Lyrica for 2 years along with pretty high doses of narcodics. I'm not sure if it's helping or not. But since I've left the Bay Area for FL, my new DR. has me using a compounded salve that I rub in 3X a day. And it is helping. If I forget to use it I notice that my pain level is higher. I wish I could tell you what's in it, but everything on the label is abriviated and I can't decifer it.

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Barbara Says:

Diane, my daughter is in extreme pain, Dr. is putting her on Lyrica. We live in South Fla. Can you give me the name of your doctor?

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Norene Says:

I have same pain in back on left side just under rib cage. Dr. put me on Lyrica for pain and am also taking Norco. CT scan of lungs was unremarkable and chest X-ray was negative. I fell at work 2 yrs. ago & think I may have pinched nerve. Dr. also tried Neurontin, but made me very tired. Pain is excrutiating at night, but Norco helps pain.

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Jack Says:

this is weird,I hurt my back 3 yrs ago and have been on oxycontin,now Ive aquired pain around left hip and under rib cage and have also just started on this lyrica,what is this pain under the rib cage?this just started a week ago?thanks jack

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