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cherry Says:

What is cirrhosis of the liver with a HAI-Knodell of 6, as evidenced by a liver biopsy? After my blood test, it was found that I had a high reading on AST, ALT and GGT. Is it ok if I take livolin forte at this moment? Please advise. Thank you.

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Verwon Says:

Cirrhosis occurs, when normal, healthy liver tissue is replaced with other tissue, such as scar tissue. It can be caused by various liver diseases, alcoholism, some medications and other medical conditions.

As to taking anything, even a nutritional supplement, some things are processed by the liver and could cause further damage. Therefore, I can only suggest that you discuss using it, with your doctor, before taking anything.

You can learn more about Cirrhosis here:


Have you consulted your doctor?

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Thuta Aung Says:

May i please know how effective livolin forte is in treating fatty liver? Thanks

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Verwon Says:

Thuta, Livolin Forte is just a nutritional supplement, it contains a mix of vitamins that are essential to the health of our bodies.

It is often given to those with liver problems, because a lack in some of the vital nutrients it contains may cause or contribute to such issues.

However, since it is just a supplement, it has not been tested for effectiveness, as is done with prescription medications.


Have you discussed your concerns and treatment options with your doctor?

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sayyeda meghji Says:

hey my husband is suffering from liver damage and fatty liver his doc advised him to take liver 52 but since it wasn't available in the pharmacy i bought him livolin forte do they function the same or is there much difference please advise soon as liver forte is about to finish so should i start to find liver 52 or just buy him liver forte

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Dizza Says:

Please,can I take Liv 52 and Livolin together?

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dea Says:

Is it ok to take livolin fortr if you have a gastritis?

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Sneja Says:

Hi!Please i'm from Bulgaria,how and from where I can get Livolin forte.thanks!

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boaz Says:

Please is livolin forte use for treatment of blood with people that have hepatitis B? Thanks.

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Yuan Says:

I am currently using essential fore. Can I take LIV 52 and Essential Forte together?

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Henry Says:

Am was diagnosed with none alcoholic fatty liver to. Is it safe to take livolin without eating?

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xxx Says:

last November 22 2016. taken with blood chemistry test result :
cholesterol=8.0 mmol/L
sgpt= 107 U/L normal value is 40 U/L

doctor advise me to take atorvastatin 40mg (ritemed brand) 1 tab before bed time
and livolin forte 1cap tid... after 15 days taking medicines i check if livolin forte work i got 69 sgpt.. im happy cuz the livolin work.. after 1 month of medication of livolin and atorvastatin 40mg, i checked again blood test .. cholesterol=6.7 mmol/Lb ,sgpt= 155 U/L
im so worried why only only 1.3 cholesterol decreased and my sgpt elevated high agin.. mybe due to atovastatin? my doctor change my atovastatin to natrapharm brand \.. pls advise why my sgpt elevated ..and i have fatty level via untrasound

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Gift Says:

Hi good day can I take livolin forte and astymin syrup together? Am having hepatitis

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Gabiro Says:

I was tested hep-C & B negative. Then after I was immunized for hep-B, again I went for a blood test. I was hep-B negative and hep-C positive. Again retested and I was negative, but the doctor advised me to take livolin (one capsule per day) for 30 days. I am done with 10 capsules, so if I go for another test after one month will I test negative? Will livolin clear all the hep-C?

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kk Says:

I am taking livolin to treat hepatitis-b. Please, may I know if that is the right drug and the possible effects of that drug?

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kemi Says:

I am 32 years of age and I have been diagnosed with HBSAG or HBV. Can someone contract it from me and if so, how? Also, for how long should I continue taking the livolin forte drug?

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Jack Says:

I want to know how safe it is to take livolin forte concomitantly with an antimalarial drug?

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sirtee Says:

I have HBV,the doctor ask me to take livolinfort for 62days,and ask me to go for some test,now have taken it more than 62days,hope is not harmful to me,pls advice me

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MsY Says:

Does anyone know, if someone was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease like psoriasis (google it if u want to know the detail), and that person wants to consume this nutritional supplement livolin forte, is it suitable and effective to treat that kind of disease?

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kk Says:

I have been directed to take livolin, one in the morning and one in the evening. But for the past 8 days, I have been running diarrhea and an stomach upset. Also, a loss of appetite and always feeling weak. I am 30 years old. Please, what can I do?

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kate Says:

I have been taking livolin forte capsules occasionally for some years now. Should I continue?

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