Length Of Time On Suboxone?

Cats68 Says:

Hello everyone! I've was a pain pill addict for almost 11 years. I had many of surgeries and have a lot of medical problems. I was put on the pain pills due to my severe pain. And, became addicted. Went on methadone to get clean. I was so sick of being an addict. I was on 110mg and weaned down to 24mg. At that point, I was withdrawing so bad. I went to my Dr. Whom is also an addiction specialist, in tears. I was begging him to help me. He said I could stay on the methadone and increase or go on suboxone. I had come so far down off the meth. That I didn't want to stay on it. Anyway , I went on subs. That day. I take 24 mg a day. I'm also on. 3mg a day of klonopin due to PTSD and anxiety. So happy where my life is today. I've been on subs for almost 8 years now . I know if I stopped the subs, I would end up on pain pills, again. I was wondering if any of u guys have been on subs for a long time? Or, am I the only one? Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only one . As far as my pain, the subs help for a few hours. Does anyone else get some pain relief?

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David Says:

Hey Cats,

Looking back, I think I may have responded to one of your related threads a while ago about pointing out a few other individuals on here who have reportedly been on suboxone for just as long if not longer than 8 years. So I don't think your alone in the matter. Although I can try to understand how one might feel when you have to be on something for so long without knowing which direction to take from there.

Perhaps a naturopathic doctor can suggest some remedies to help your body heal itself over time (which in some cases may take several years), but that's about the only other option I could think of trying for someone who's looking for a way out of typical pharmaceutical medications. A lot of pain patients scoff at the idea of natural alternatives, but what they don't realize is that many natural things from this planet take a lot longer to produce healing effects compared to the immediate onset from prescription drugs. You just have to be consistent with whatever approach a naturopathic doctor recommends.

As far as pain relief is concerned, I find that many patients who've commented throughout the forum say Buprenorphine doesn't help alleviate their pain very much, but there are plenty of articles online stating that Buprenorphine does in fact produce analgesic effects. I guess it's just unique to each individual's tolerance.

Hope this helps!

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mahi Says:

shortest amount of time as possible and lowest amount possible. you will always have to deal with mental aspects, just use Subs to get over physical withdrawals. maybe 2 weeks max tapering the whole time

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shiva mishra Says:

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