Keflex And Pregnancy
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Nadine Kittilsen Says:

I have a niece that is pregnant and is allergic to Penicillin. Her regular doctor gave her Keflex for what they thought was a bacterial skin infection. Her mother, my sister, was just told that Keflex can cause deafness for an unborn infant. Is this true? Is there a website or someplace I can get information from about this? We are very worried. The skin condition ended up not being bacterial after all.
Thanks for all info you can give us.

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Happy at last Says:

Well, pregnancy can cause hair loss. But nothing like antibiotics! Especially like keflex. Takes a couple months for it to start. Can cause bacteria infection. Almost impossible to cure. The symptoms are terrible. Look up side effects of Sibo. It's a bacterial infection in the small intestine.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, according to the FDA reports, it has no known harmful effects on the fetus and is considered safe for use during pregnancy.

Did you discuss your concerns with her doctor, though?

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I was put on it when i was pregnant with my son back in 2005. I was told to take it up to my delivery that it would be fine for the baby. He is going to be 5 in February and he is just fine and has no signs of anything wrong.

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