Is Modafinil Now Approved By The Fda For A Certain Type Of Depression?

Candy Says:

SWIM told me that Modafinil has now been approved by the FDA for Refractory Depression, also called Treatment Resistant Depression, which would then be covered by Medicare Part D. This type of depression has certain things that a person has to have gone through in order to be considered having it. They are multiple combinations of Anti-depressants, or Anti-depressants and Antipsychotics and Mood Stabilizers without any success in helping the depression, which since 1983 Psychiatrists have had me go though without success. The second is the patient has have to have gone through Electro Shock Therapy, which hasn't helped me either. The last one is having, through major surgery, a device called the Vagus Nerve Stimulator implanted somewhere between my left underarm and breast and brought up into my neck where it stays. It sends waves to the brain which is supposed to make marked improvement in my depression, which it hasn't. Because of this, my doctor tried the last resort--the use of a stimulant. He tried Nuvigil first, which the insurance covered and helped me instantly. Within about 7-10 days, my Doctor received a letter, which I was copied on, that said it wasn't covered, because it was not FDA approved for Depression and it was suggested that my Doctor prescribe Provigil, which I got a prescription for, and it also worked extremely well. However, just like the Nuvigil, a letter followed in less than 10 days, stating the same thing as the Nuvigil letter, only there were no suggestions for another prescription for my Doctor to prescribe since those two are the only medications in its class. My doctor suggested to me, what some of his other patients were doing, and that was to order Modafinil, which is a generic of Provigil from an overseas pharmacy. He endorsed it, and I was told by someone, and don't remember who, that it was legal as long as my Doctor approved it and kept the information in my records of what I was taking. I obtained the Modafinil that way for about 5 years. Two months ago, I got a letter from U.S. Customs saying they seized the package, and if I attempted to try to order Modafinil again, I would be subject to personal fines and possible federal imprisonment. Now I am taking Ritalin, which does not work. I am back to lying around depressed and without any motivation to do anything. Please help me. The quality of my life is terrible. I don't care if I wake up the next day. However, I don't want to die--I want to live but a decent life! I don't care if Modafinil is harming my physical body either as some people claim it does. I am not living a life that I feel is worth it. I'd rather live 6 months and then die being on Modafinil with a good quality of life as I was for those 5 great years when I was taking it, as opposed to 20 years without Modafinil feeling like this...that my life is not worth living and I have nothing that inspires me to want to go on, no productive things in my life, no motivation to do anything, and the only thing I do is lie around feeling useless and feeling like I am worth nothing and unable to muster up any desire to do anything. Could someone please let me know if Modafinil was approved for that type of Depression or at least give me the phone # or way to contact the FDA so I can find out. I thank anyone who writes to me and I will be extremely appreciative to anyone who can give me the information I am asking for.

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Verwon Says:

No, at this time, it has not been approved for that, due to the fact that it can cause some dangerous skin reactions in some people. Thus, it's just not likely to be approved for any new uses.

It also carries the risk of being habit forming.

And no, even if your doctor approves of your ordering from another country, it is not legal, since the same medication is available here, via prescription.

I wish I had better news for you, but I don't. I am very sorry about what you're going through.

Have you tried a residential treatment program?

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Candy Says:

Thank you very much, Verwon, for researching and giving me that information. Although it isn't the news I hoped for, at least now I know the answers to my questions. Knowledge is the key to healing. I won't give up ever. I have many resources through NAMI, it's just that my lack of motivation keeps me from reaching out to people. As far as a residential treatment program, I have never been in anywhere long term, but I have been hospitalized on and off I would guesstimate 40 times since 1983. I am now living in a small apartment in the home of my Sister and Brother-in-Law. They are pretty well off, and I have a lot of things that a person in my situation, only dreams of. I have a circle of friends on-line from a Mental Health Chat Room back in 2002 on AOL when I got my first computer, and 7 of these people and I are still in contact. Even though we are 1/2 country apart, one woman who is Bipolar is my best friend and we talk every day. I have other phone friends who share my illness, and they are a good support system too. I hope my input helps them. I believe I am a strong woman. Now I just have to try my hardest to try reaching out to one of the programs from NAMI. I consider myself 75% self-sufficient and try not to involve myself in the lives of my family, except for the times we go out or I am invited for dinner. I try to look at their situation and how hard it must be for them dealing with me. I am sure even though I am suffering, it must be extremely difficult for them. This forum has helped me a lot. You are a wealth of knowledge! I try to research on my own, but often don't find answers. Once again, I appreciate all you have done for me and the time you spent. I wish you many happy years in the future.

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Getsmartnow Says:

Modafinil is an FDA approved drug mainly used to treat sleep disorders and is generally prescribed for shift workers or people with sleep related disorders. One should be careful while taking the dose. It is always advised to consult with your doctor before taking any new medication.

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