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Remicade side effects?

My doctor said to mean that I did not get the 3 weeks of migranes, plus from the Remicaid but it happens everytime. Now my big toes are numb. wonder if it is going to spread up? ## Unfortunately, most doctors DO NOT know all the side effect details of the drugs they prescribe, they only go by the basic information they have been told by the drug representatives who are trying to get them to prescribe their company's medications. That said, headaches are a VERY COMMON side effect of this medication. I found a page from the manufacturer with more information for you, here's the link: Remicade Click Here

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+rhemutoid arthturitis ## Would like to know all about this drug, especially the side effects ## Here's the website for the drug from the manufacturer, you will be able to find the prescribing and dosage information, as well as side effects: Humira Click Here

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colitis & Azathioprene

My wife hast been suffering with Colitis and Hiatal hernia for some time The bleedind associated with it is troubling. ## I am assuming, with those conditions, that she is under regular doctor's care, and if so, they are monitoring the situation, and if it reaches a problem point, they will know how to treat it and what to do. So I would guess that as long as she keeps her doc visits, you can relax and while you will always worry, just keep supporting her and make sure she keeps her docs appointments, and worry a little less.

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