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Drugs Before Remicade Infusion

What drugs are given with or before the infusion of Remicade? ## My nurse gives me IV Benadryl and two oral Acetominaphen. I still through the infusion like a baby. :) ## I get Solu-Medrol thru the IV before they start the Remecade because the first time I had infusion of Remecade I developed rash on my ankles and thighs. They also give me 2 acetaminophen & oral Bendryl 250mg. ## What the others have posted seems to about the norm for those being given Remicade, though it can sometimes vary depending on a person's individual needs. in general, they are given to help prevent some of the possibly side effects, which the FDA lists as possibly including chills, fever, headache, and rash. Can anyone else chime in with their experiences?

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Remicade and red face and neck

Wondering if anyone out there is experiencing this. Severe red face and neck. I assume it is from being on remicade for over 12 years now. ## Remicade has been known to cause issues such as flushing, rosacea, and abnormal skin pigmentation as side effects. However, you should have this checked out by your doctor to rule out other possible causes. Are you on any other medications?

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remicade & teeth

Has anyone seen any effect on their teeth when they have been on remicade for a long time. My dentist seems to think this is my problem. Thank you. Please, someone answer as soon as possible. ## I have been on Remicade for years, and I had a problem with my teeth, but it was not related. I was on Depo Provera for five years, and that made my teeth very brittle and decay very rapidly. My dentist was SHOCKED. It also caused Ostiopenia in my spine. I have the spine of an 80 year old woman and I am only 27! Check your other medications to see if it could be something other than the Remicade. ## yes. my teeth became loose on the left side plus a lot ofother issues including a few absesses in my mouth. ## me too, I've been on it for 3 years and have now had 2 root canals and several filli...

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crohns disease/pain meds cut in half

I'm really hoping someone who has some knowledge on this sees this. My sister has Crohn's disease, unfortunately she's in the 3% who have a life threatening kind. Her specialist put her on Remicade, which has a lot of side effects like making ur cystic acne waaayyy worse. That is no problem for her because the side effects for medication she's been on in the past would be horrible like chandeliering her bones. Peices of her bones would break off and get caught between the skin and try to stick through the skin. She's been on pain medication ever since i can remember, i couldn't imagine her not ever needing it considering her bowels and intestines are all cut up on the inside which leads to infections like abscesses. Our doctor recently got in trouble for some stu...

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what is saaz tablet used for

My dad 67 yrs is suffering from Ankylosing Arthritis and severe Dactylitis. He is being given Remicade (Anti TNF) from last 3 months and is effective. However, his fingers are painting a little and the pain is moving from one finger to another. Doctor stopped his Folitrax and Folvit and started Saaz with increasing dose for next 2 months. Does this have any major side effects? ## Is Saaz good for people of over 65yrs? I mean older people with an ailment?

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Remicade antibodies?

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosis spondylitis in 1998. By 2000 I was so crippled I could barely walk. Anti-inflammatory meds were dropping my weight and not working. Methotrexate gave me heart murmurs and made me pass out. Remicade was new, not much was known about it, i figured it was worth a try. After my 1st infusion I felt better, I went into remission but stayed on every 8 weeks. Amazing for 10-15 years. At 1 point I had an insurance change, switched doctors. She took me off remicade because I was in remission, also she didn't like the drug and thought it was much too inconvenient to sit through infusions. She felt I didn't need it. I didn't mind sitting through infusions... Within a month I was flaring, tried enbrel, almost died from methotrexate,...

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Humira to remicade

I was on humira injections to treat my complex perianal fistulating crohns disease. It was great until I came out of remission and had reaccurring flares of infection. Infliximab was the reccomended treatment to go on with. There was a period of 4 weeks between treatments and during that time I developed excruciating lower leg pain and can barely walk. They burn and throb even when I'm not walking. My head aches and I feel worse now than before I stopped the humira. I had my first infliximab infusion yesterday and feel like been run down by a bus. Can anyone out there relate to this? ## Those can be side effects of Remicade, which contains Infliximab, and the warnings advise you to consult your doctor about it. Other issues may include bleeding, tiredness, bruising, fever, and ...

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Saaz ds

I am suffering from ankylosing spondylitis with hla b27 positive. I am having saaz ds with gaba neuron please tell me is the ankylosing spondylitis curable or it stops can u please tell me anything or any home treatment by which i feel better and cure ankylosing spondylitis. ## I am suffering AS with hla b27 positive. Please tell me if there's a better treatment for Ankyosing spondylitis? ## It is hard saaz. I have had the same issue since 1984. It attacks young males. It is a genetic disorder with no cure. I have tried all options. Sulphazaline does not work in the spine. Enbrel 50 a tnf blocker will work fast. Please ask your reumatologist to try it. Predisolone may work but not for long. Sulphazaline works on the peripheral joints not the spine. Not even methotrexate in low doses...

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Remicade and Kidney Cancer

Has anyone taken Remicade for Crohn's Arthritis? I also have had surgery for a small tumor of the kidney which was cancerous. ## Remicade is an immunosuppressant medication. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, irritability, and weight changes. Are you on any other medications? How are your kidneys doing? Was the cancer malignant, or benign? ## Thanks for replying...his cancer was malignant, but (no treatments required). He has been on prednisone since 1991 - 10 milligrams. He is taking 6-9 tylenol for arthritis daily and 2 atasol 30s each day. He isn't doing very well because the drugs he is currently on isn't helping with his mobility.

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Heart problems as a side effect of Remicade

Has anyone developed pulmonary venous hypertension or other heart problems like shortness of breath and swollen feet and legs relating to poor circulation as a side effect of Remicade? How do you determine when to stop treatment? ## It has been known to have various detrimental cardiac effects, according to NIH reports. You may also experience rash, dizziness, headache, and abnormal liver function. When you should stop treatment is really up to you and your medical provider. How severe are the problems? Are you on any other medications?

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rate of remicade injection

i need remicade injection in india. So how and in very reasonable rate i will get this injection? ## i need rate and how much mg/kg required ? ## Dear Krishna, Unfortunately we are unable to offer specifc details about obtaining this medication, as we are an informational site. You might consider getting in touch with the manufacturer to find out if it would be feasible to obtain it in India. We truly wish you the best with this current challenge. Here is a link to the manufacturer: Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## I want to know cost of Remicade Injestion. Address details from where I can get it in Calcutta . ## i want remicade injection urgently i have a.s ## i am pover famely persion in the problem comming time my life is very d...

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Free Remicade vials scheme

Please let me know about the scheme of getting free vials of remicade injection. ## Johnson & Johnson does have an assistance program for uninsured people that are receiving treatment with Remicade, but I am not sure what countries it is available in, outside of the U.S. They list a toll free number, so you may want to try calling to see if you can reach them and get more information, it's 800-652-6227. Is there anything else I can help with? ## i am working with j&j for remicade in central part of india and i would like to ensure that nedy paient ll get it at affordable price contact me ## please sms me your number for remicade. ## My mobile no. is xxxxxxxxx ## Kind attn: Mr. Rohit Singh & Mr.Iav Kush Pandey My mobile no. is 09xxxxxxxx ## I had been suffering from psori...

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I have had 3 infusions of Rimicade I have developed a small quarter size rash like tiny blisters on my butt check and at the top of my cleft, could the Rimicade cause this? ## Hi Sebrina, According to The US National Library of Medicine, Remicade (infliximab) has been known to cause different types of rashes on the cheeks or arms that are said to get worse when exposed to sunlight. It is also known to cause red, scaly blisters and skin sores. Ref: This sounds a lot like what you may be experiencing, in which case the link above recommends contacting your doctor as soon as possible. I would hope that he/she can then try switching you over to something else that may be safer.

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Remicade For Takayasu Arteritis

am writing to you on behalf of friend of mine who has Takayasu's Arteritis and her doctors have suggested to be treated with Remicade. From a little search we made ( we are not doctors of course !) we did not find anything mentioning that Remicade is used for her condition which we were told is very rare ( maybe 2-3 persons in a million). Can you please provide us with some information or guide us how to proceed or even where we can find more information about her condition. I would be very much obliged to you if you can give us some answers because of the rarity of her condition ( i think she is the only one in our small island).From what i read the above medicine has many side effects and she is very much concerned about this. Thanking you in advance ## Please feel assured that th...

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Is The Remicade Suitable For Scleritis Diease

Has REMICADE IV been tried as a treatment for SCLERITIS DISEASE? And if so, What is the result? Our doctor is advising. Can someone share their experience? HOW SAFE IT IS AND WHAT ARE SIDE EFFECTS ## I have Scleritis related to Ankylosing Spondylitis. We treat the AS with Remicade and Methotrexate injection. It keeps the Scleritis under control. When I have to go off Remicade the Scleritis comes back.

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Remicade Johnson and Johnson's Suck

I have Psoriatic arthritis and I have taken Enbrel and Humira and they gave me financial help with thier injections. I had to go to Remicade infusions, which are $3,600 per time & i had the 1st three close together. My insurance only pays 60% which leaves me with a huge bill.....all my take-home pay for one month. Johnson & Johnson says they reserve their help for people with No insurance. I'd like to see them get up stiff as a board every morning; hurting from head to toe; but dragging yourself to work anyway....then you have to give all your money to them! This country is not for the middle class people who want to work. Thanks for nothing Johnson & Johnson....I'm going back to Humira that care about their patients! ## I am sorry that you are having trouble getting...

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Remicade Johnson and Johnson's refusal Under Insured Patients

I have Psoriatic arthritis and I have taken Enbrel and Humira and they gave mefinancial help with thier injections. I had to go to Remicade infusions, which are $3,600 per time & i had the 1st three close together. My insurance only pays 60% which leaves me with a huge bill.....all my take-home pay for one month. Johnson & Johnson says they reserve their help for people with No insurance. I'd like to see them get up stiff as a board every morning; hurting from head to toe; but dragging yourself to work anyway....then you have to give all your money to them! This country is not for the middle class people who want to work. Thanks for nothing Johnson & Johnson....I'm going back to Humira that care about their patients! ## I'm very sorry that you were refused assist...

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i need suppllier in india with reasonable rate ## i am patent of 'AS' since last three gave me injection of ramicade . now i cant afford it because it so much costly to my disease grow up once again.i want to take ramicade injection as soon as possible in india. please response me how can i get it. thank you

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Remicade side effects?

My doctor said to mean that I did not get the 3 weeks of migranes, plus from the Remicaid but it happens everytime. Now my big toes are numb. wonder if it is going to spread up? ## Unfortunately, most doctors DO NOT know all the side effect details of the drugs they prescribe, they only go by the basic information they have been told by the drug representatives who are trying to get them to prescribe their company's medications. That said, headaches are a VERY COMMON side effect of this medication. I found a page from the manufacturer with more information for you, here's the link: Remicade Click Here

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Side effects from Remicade Treatment

My family needs help with our mom. She seems to get violent & nasty & downright evil after her Remicade treatments. Please, could anybody tell me if this is a side effect & what could we do. She has pushed us all away. ## I am not like that at all after my infusion. Actually, I am the opposite. Perhaps there is another issue, such as where she is having it done, if sh eis uncomfortable during the infusion, etc. Your post does not clarify whether this is just for a little while immediately following the infusion, or for weeks afterwards. ## this drug can make you fly off the handle. too many drugs together don't work right. unbalanced perceptions, behavior, mood changes. ## blood tests are needed on all medications. too much medications you get sick. one med overpowers on...

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