Human Resource Getting Involved

Alwaysonrinthebunch Says:

I called a coworker, who happens to be a nurse also, from my house (she was at her house) and asked her some questions about pain meds. My husbands had been misplaced during our move and he was having an awful time. He's diabetic, has heart issues, has neuropathy and a few other issues. I've overheard her telling others about meds she has at home if they needed them (not necessarily narcotics). I asked if she had anything or knew what he could take like 4 Advil then and hour later 4 Tylenol. I assumed because she knows I'm not a pill popper that she was aware I wasn't asking for narcotics. I have learned that she called HR on me and said I was asking for pain meds (in a way I was). I did ask for alternate methods that he could take due to his issues but not wanting her to give them to me. Now I have to fill out a statement and be interviewed by HR. Can they do this even though this wasn't at work? Not to mention I just had a somewhat random drug panel and passed.