How Long To Wait Before Starting Suboxone Treatment?

Readme Says:

I'm going to make this very clear - do not take suboxone until you're feeling every one of the withdrawal symptoms. My husband and I have been prescribed opiates for almost ten years w/ morphine er 60mg 2*per day each for 4 years but I wish the dr n pharmacy would have been more demanding and stress to wait til you're in full wd before taking subs and they didn't say at all that morphine is the worst cuz it binds to your receptors long-term. So just to warn anybody that is going to transition from morphine to suboxone 8mg strips' I strongly urge you to wait til u feel every symptom cuz it put us in full wd within 30 min and we waited 24hrs before taking one strip!! Omfg......Thank god we had each other. So another thing I really strongly suggest is that you have someone you trust with you at least the 1st day for sure!!! Day 4 and it's getting much easier. I will pray for u all to have the best of luck!!!!

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Leen Leen Says:

On Suboxone 8s 3 per day and have major surgery soon. Dr says continue with subs and just add pain meds. I do not think this will work because the buprenorphine will block the other pain meds. Help? I am scared!!!

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DrKate Says:

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I'm an MD who takes Suboxone (x 6 years) and I see a Suboxone doc like anyone else. I'm fortunate that my doc was one of the first to Rx Suboxone so he has vast experience with it. I have the exact same fear as you: what happens when we NEED pain meds urgently, post-op or due to trauma, etc. He states that we will respond to Dilaudid or morphine but it takes MUCH higher than normal doses. I remain concerned because few ER docs, surgeons or even anesthesiologists are knowledgeable about Suboxone. I may be too late seeing your post to help, but I would have your addiction doc speak to both your surgeon and the anesthesiologist to formulate a plan for your pain control. Best wishes!

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Kelly Says:

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This happened to me a couple years ago, I was on a very low dose of suboxone but had to have a c-section. It was horrible, none of the doctors were familiar with the drug or its side effects and unfortunately anesthesia wasn't working. Horrible is an understatement ,then of course they treat you like you're just drug seeking when you tell them you have a high tolerance for pain meds.

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Julie Says:

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U will get very sick!!

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