Healthy Chocolate Incredible Health Benefits

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My mom has had incredible health benefits eating a healthy chocolate that has very low sugar (diabetic friendly) and very high in antioxidants (3120 orac). Her blood pressure has come down without the help of medication and she is also losing weight. To read about this amazing product you can go to

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Thank you for sharing this information. Can you please post more details about the product which you are referring to? What is it called, and are there any specific ingredients which allow it to be so beneficial? Please provide more details, otherwise this topic may be misconstrued as an advertisement.

Thank you!

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Karen Says:

The ingredients are 70% cacao but this chocolate is made with a patented formula using a cold pressed process. it has no caffeine and no artificial ingredients. Cacao has tremendous antioxidants on it's own. However what makes this so special is that is also has acai and blueberries making it a superfood. Cacao on it's own but has a very bitter taste. This chocolate is decadent Belgium chocolate that is absolutely delicious. One piece has an astounding 3120 antioxidants so the health benefits are tremendous.

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Roy Says:

Can these be ordered from the internet?

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Karen Says:

Yes they can Ron. However it is better to purchase wholesale, Please email me best way to contact you.

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