Having Side Effects Or Something Else Starting On Topamax

Splits Says:

This month I started Topamax as the first step in switching from oher seizure meds to one med for neg. weight loss and better liver counts. I progressed 25mg up by the week and have reached 50mg in mnring and at night. I feel my ADHD is off the charts, concentration is in the toilet, and I occasionally get the shakes where I feel weak. Are these common extremes common. I read the side efects and noticed them, but it seems like I'm struggling. And why weak and shaky occasionally?? Any ideas. My fingertips go cold even with potasium. Help !!!!


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Verwon Says:

Hi, Splits!

Have you talked to your doctor?

Where are you in the switching process? Have you stopped the old medication yet?

My concern is that the shakes and feeling weak may be a type of seizure.

You really do need to talk to your doctor to look into that, to be safe.

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Splits Says:

I did talk with my doctor, and I am now up to 300 mg Topamax daily and have discontinued Dilantin completely. Apparently the "side effects" were due to transitioning as far as feeling weak and shaky. The concentration issues have improved somewhat, but I have had to engage in a lot of problem solving skills to deal with distractions that didn't used to seem to bother me. Major numbness from low potassium still a major issue, but I seem to be doing o.k. otherwise......

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