Have You Tried Leading Pharma Or Teva Lorazepam? (Top voted first)

winjy Says:

Some people say it is less effective or has no effect due to less active ingredients, causing some side effects or reaction to someone.

Some recommend Teva but some say it is not good. However, I can't get Teva as there is no pharmacy to dispense it in my area.

I tried other brands after Qualitest was discontinued, but did not find any that work.

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Lou Says:

Leading Pharma lorazepam is a placebo. I’m convinced. Just left my pharmacist. I was using Mylan but not anymore. Guess how much it costs to switch to non generic lorazepam. 3,300 a month if insurance doesn’t cover it. Step aside apple and Microsoft. We now have Leading Pharma to carry the ball. I was fine w Milan and felt the difference. All I get w Leading Pharna are night sweats, dry throat and stomach ache. Another huge corporate rip off

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Ken Says:

I've been taking Mylan Lorazepam 1mg for 4 years, and never had a problem. Last month my pharmacy changed to Leading Pharma Lorazepam and they do not work at all. I can't sleep and they do not relieve my anxiety. I might as well be taking nothing. Has anyone else had a problem with this brand?

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Twig7 Says:

I will keep you all posted whether Mylan brings back the 1mg tabs. As I posted last week and on another thread they still have .5mgs and the 2mgs. My best advice is to try your local mom & pop pharmacies. They are more likely to purchase the brand you need. The larger chain pharmacies have to stick with what corporate tells them to buy I'm assuming. I have never been able to get any major Pharmacy chain to get what I needed. Wal-Mart did one time with a different drug but they weren't crazy about doing it. The other thing is asked who you find to order what you need say in the case of Mylan if they'll either get the .5mg or 2mg tables and have your gp or pdoc write the script accordingly. That's why I'm doing as of now. It you hafta split the tablets up so be it. But Mylan hasn't stop making their brand. Wish you all the best.

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Kay Says:

Re: Richard (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Hello Richard, I am 70 and was put on lorazepam at age 44 when panic disorder was diagnosed. My Dr. in California is taking me off saying I am too old. No side effects all the years. Wants me to take an expensive antipsychotic medication that has nasty side effects and not good for panic. I do not test+ for the antipsychotic. He tells me no one over 65 is supposed to take lorazepam. I appreciate information on varied results from different manufacturers. Thought it was just me feeling different.

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Twig7 Says:

Re: winjy (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Mylan has not been discontinued. I talked to them directly. They have a backorder on their 1mg. tablets. Many pharmacies buy what is the less cost to them with no regards to their patients. This Leading brand just seems to have come out of nowhere. I wouldn't say it's a placebo. It either doesn't have enough of the main ingredient or the fillers don't agree with many of us. I took it and it made me sick. Mylan seems to be the only generic still working for the most part. Maybe that's why they're on backorder?

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winjy Says:

Re: Lou (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I can't take leading pharma due to serious side effect with no calming effect. CVS did not receive the return so I have to throw it away.
Mylan is better though I have night sweats and stomach acid. But my pharmacist said they can't buy mylan any more and they don't know if mylan is discontinued.

I called or visited 30 pharmacies in LA but none sell mylan.

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LadyGreenEyes8 Says:

Re: Ken (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, same here. Filed a complaint with the FDA today on LEADING PHARMA Lorazepam!

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Kathie Says:

I have been on Mylan Lorazepam for 7 years. I went to the pharmacy last month and it was out of stock. They gave me Leading pharma. I was so worried but I have never felt better. I am more relaxed and have no sign of an anxiety attack like I had with Mylan brand.

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Doc21 Says:

Here's the skinny on what I've found out lately. Leading must have changed their formula. Because I've got some old stuff from last year there's no way I'd take.

Was told this is what your going to use cause its what the military gets in and cost the cheapest. So I took it and right from the start it works. It's not all in my head. Cause I did the blind test.

Here's another thing. Aurobindo just became available through the base pharmacy and it works good as well. Both are close to Mylan. But actually is more effective then Ativan.

I've said it plenty of times there's no way brand name Ativan is the same as it was when Wyeth made it. I've also said I knew it was different just waking up in the morning back in 2004 saying to my spouse something is off. Had no idea there was a change in companies.

So my guess is a lot of you maybe getting the old stock of Leading brand. But I'm willing to bet if y'all get what I've been getting you'll see the change. Least I hope you will.

If any of you guys can get the Aurobindo try it. It works really well. It puts any if the other generics in the dirt but for Mylan in my case.

Again what many have said each of our bodies react differently to each drug. But I'm telling you all Leading must have reformulated.

I can taste the sugar taste in both of the ones I've mentioned but its not like it used to be in last year's Leading brand.

Wish you all good health and stay safe throughout this pandemic we're dealing with.

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joe Says:

Re: JP (# 146) Expand Referenced Message

dont hold your breath, i have filed 3 complaints, 2 on teva and one on sandoz, never heard from fda, nothing more than pimps for the drug companies

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Joyce Says:

Re: winjy (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I had been given Activas from walgreens and it did virtually nothing. Noticed after 4 days of sleepless nights. Found a small pharmacy and the only other alternative was Leading. Well after two days of hyper feelings, heart palpitations and prickly skin, I'm never going to take this again. Going to my Dr this week and will attempt some other affordable form of ativan even if it only has 40% of whats necessary. I'm exhausted. Was on variations of generic ativan for more than 8yrs, 1mg nightly.

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Deedee Says:

Re: Lou (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Absolutely correct!! Watson was okay, but Sandoz bought them out and they’re now garbage also. Mylan is supposedly putting back on market the end of this month.

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Deedee Says:

Re: LadyGreenEyes8 (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

I called Leading in Livonia, MI, and they gave me a phone number (866)-209-0991, for Rugby/Major Pharmaceuticals and said they’re the ones who actually manufacture the Leading brand. It’s pure garbage and I don’t know how long the little bit of Mylan is going to stay on the shelf at my pharmacy with everyone having horrible luck. There used to be several good manufacturers of this medicine and now we’re all at the mercy of maybe this one company. Everyone reading this needs to contact these people who don’t seem to care about this illness.

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joe Says:

Re: JP (# 146) Expand Referenced Message

dont hold your breath waiting for the fda, i have filed 3 complaints so far and have never received a response, what i have been told is to file a freedom of information request and they will tell you what they're findings are, dont expect much, they are one of the most useless agencies in our government

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Doc21 Says:

Re: Richard (# 151) Expand Referenced Message

Actavis to me is as bad as the Leading I just got out of Tennessee Meds by mail VA/military pharmacy. For the past 4-5 months I was getting it from my main VA out west. This last fill came from Tennessee.

Aurobindo has a pretty good lorazepam. I know you're not a fan of meds coming out of India but I've not had any issues with anything they make.

Don't know about you Richard but I'm well beyond tired of getting my body use to one and they change out again. Been doing this since 1987.

Like to see Bausch get nailed for their brand name that isn't brand. Can't believe nobody has called them out. Hasn't been the same since 2004.

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Henry Says:

Re: Leebs (# 165) Expand Referenced Message

Try to find an independent pharmacy in your area. They still exist but mostly in larger population areas (when I lived in a small upstate ny town no luck, here in S FL there are at least two near me. The reason I recommend an independent pharmacy is usually they will order whichever generic manufacturer you request. CVS used to take requests when mylan was around but stopped, and Walgreens couldn't give a s#%t to help their customers.

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Henry Says:

Re: Jibbs55 (# 170) Expand Referenced Message

Hey Jibbs, sorry about the bad doctors. Probably sounds crazy but find a psychiatrist that has a subspecialty in "addiction psychiatry". My last three have been and honestly they're not scared to prescribe benzodiazepines as they understand how we got to this place and they are trained in benzodiazepines & withdrawal so aren't afraid to deal with patients habituated on them.

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Jpaw55 Says:

I have been taking WATSON lorazepam 1mg 2/3 per day for general anxiety disorder for years. Refilled script early February and didn’t realize the brand changed to LEADING. Was feeling off…trouble sleeping, nightmares, nausea, diarrhea, short fuse…Actually thought I might have COVID. Last weekend had argument with my spouse and completely lost it! Cried for hours. Scared me to death. Last night I was up until dawn (cleaning the kitchen of all things). Woke up around 8:30am from horrible nightmare. Went to take my lorazepam and realized it was different! LEADING Pharma. Now what? Pharmacy says LEADING is all they have. Now, I really have serious anxiety. Left message with my doctor. Obviously, I’m not alone. Why do we have to go through this? It’s all about $$$.

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Jibbs55 Says:

Re: Leebs (# 222) Expand Referenced Message

I wish I could get my hands on some more Aurobindo. The first generic that's worked for me since Mylan. Military buys whatever they can get their hands on the cheapest. If Leading/Major is the flavor of the day that's what they buy. My Pdoc started up on me my last visit. He's being heckled by his superiors about getting me completely off. They keep telling me the older we get the chances of getting dementia increases. The more stress they put me under the better the chance I might have a stroke or heart attack! Keep asking what will I take to combat extreme anxiety. They say therapy! Henry you think we all went through withdrawals? Dude I've been through a inpatient detox facility trying to get off Ativan years ago. The symptoms the person said below are mild compared to what you'll really experience if they took you off it. Twice in my life I've gone through it hoping I could do without. 4 days of sheer hell the first time. 28 hours the second time. Withdrawals from benzo's are compared to getting off from heroin. It's no joke dude. But we're not on a placebo. The withdrawals are our bodies trying to adjust to the different fillers and most of the time active ingredients. How the medication is process through your body is where the trouble comes. But I'm sure you've seen that out here. Y'all stay safe!

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Russ Says:

Re: Richard H (# 221) Expand Referenced Message

Teva lorazepam and Actavis lorazepam are exactly the same pill? I’ve been taking Actavis/Watson for years and have been switched to Teva lorazepam. I have a pill phobia and I’m scared out of my witts. Can you tell me if the two pills are excactly the same?

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