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mike Says:

My brother has stage 4 cancer, it started in the kidney in 2012 and came back in 2014. He has been on chemo for almost 2 years. The pet scan showed possible metastasis in l-4 & t-8. We are looking for any assistant that could help his situation. We want more info as well as where to get H-86? Thank you.

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Michelle Scannell Says:

My husband has stage 4 renal clear cell CA with mets. So far, the renal oncology team at Dana Farber have multiple trials, excellent care & a team approach. Initial appointment was 3 days after calling. Appointment even tend to be on time so little waiting time. They are very helpful with out-of-state patients with discounted accommodations.

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David Says:


Sorry to hear about your brother's challenges. My prayers go out to him for a complete turn-around towards recovery. Regarding "H-86" however, I thought you should know that the company (Health Sciences Institute) who coined this term is widely thought to be a scam artist. This is not to say that H-86 (also known as Avemar, Ave Ultra or fermented wheat germ) isn't beneficial for cancer; my research suggests it is. See NIH.gov's article: "here".... But the Health Sciences Institute in my opinion should be avoided. I think your best bet would probably be to go through Amazon to ensure everything is kosher.

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I hope this helps!

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Michelle Says:

My 58 yo husband was just diagnosed w/ stage 4 kidney cancer. Mets in multiple locations. We were VERY impressed w/ Dana Farber (live in Miami). Appt was w/ medical oncologist (and we saw MD @ 1P as scheduled) but the renal surgeon came to see us b/w patients. We were not scheduled w/ him but needed to catch a flight home. He is scheduled for surgery next week & will enter a clinical trial @ DF afterwards. We have just learned that Duke has a similar trial w/ same meds (they have already shown to work longer than student). Duke would be easier & cheaper so I plan to call the clinical trial coordinator in the AM. We were not happy w/ care here - took 3 months to get studies done & see MD's - and the sutent is not even ready yet. We feel that w/ stage 4 Cancer, treatment is better in major institutions.

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Asiya Says:

Pls. check the website ZLiving or the tv series "The Incurables" on ZLiving tv. They provide examples of such cases being cured or at least halted by change in diet, eating raw ginger, acupuncture and alternative therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, macrobiotic diets, etc. It might help.

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Foxy Says:

I've heard remarkable results for cancer patients using H 86. I believe chemo treatments is a time bomb. Can you enlighten me about H86 and how it is administered or how I can receive this?

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