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bleegs Says:

Has anyone been on the generic Opana ER that is being made by Global/Impax Pharmaceuticals long enough to give an honest opinion as to how much more effective they are then Opana? My pharmacist just ordered the oxymorphone ER's for me today. I haven't gotten any relief from Opana. I take 60mg of the ER's twice a day with 3, 10mg. oxymorphone pills for breakthrough pain. I'm getting more relief from the 10mg generics then I am with the 60mg ER's. Will I be able to just take the 40mg ER's without the added 20mg ER's? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!

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Jenna Says:

Hi Bleegs,

Based on my research, The Opana ER is an extended release; which means that the medication is being distributed in the body for up to 24 hrs. That is supposed to make it more effective, but since everyone is different it doesn't always work out like that. If you know what works best for you, I would just contact your doctor and tell him that you don't feel like you need 60mg of the Opana Er. The less pain medication the better! Just don't stop using this medication or lower your dosage without speaking to him/her first.

I hope this helps!

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bleegs Says:

Thank you, Jenna for your reply!! The generic oxymorphone that just started being sold is supposed to be like the original Opana without the abuse-proof chemicals added. That's why I'm wondering if they will work better then the reformulated Opana's. My pharmacist ordered them for me, and hopefully the generics will arrive in tomorrows shipment. I will let people know how they work for me once I start taking them. From what I've been reading, they work 100% better then the reformulated Opana's.

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JP ER RN Says:

I've been getting the oxymorphone ER's for about 6 months now and I concur that they are as good as the original opana's. When the crush-proof opana came out, my doctor had to Rx twice as many to get anything near a similar effect!!

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param03 Says:

i have been on the reformulated opana and now i have been taken oxymorphone er tablets 30 mg for about 2 years and now the manufacturer is NOT shipping them out to any of local pharmacies. Is anyone else having this problem anywhere else. the pharmacies are claiming there is a shortage of the 15mg and 30 mg oxymorphones from this particular manufacturer is this true does anyone have any advice because my insurance will NOT cover anything but the generics unfortunatly!!! and even if they did i DO NOT want the reformulated opana er bc they do NOT work as good as the oxymorphone er tabs.!!!!! someone please help!!!! i am running out of my oxymorphone 30mgs and the manufacturer is short or out completely of them and no pharmacy within 100 miles of me has them in stock theyre all saying theyve been on back order for months!!! So, then, what the do i do????

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Cyn37211 Says:

6 weeks ago my PM dr switched me from 30 mg MS-er to 10 mg Opana. I got the generics, which didn't seem to be working at all. 3 weeks ago I had a drug panel that showed absolutely no oxymorphone at all. I had MS-IR 15mg, 3 a day, & that's all that showed up. I just got a higher dose of Opana (15 mg 2x/day), these are the new Endo, concave-shaped pills, & they, too, don't seem to be helping at all. I still have a few of the 10's left, so I've been taking both. I'm still experiencing a great deal of pain (herniated & another bulging lumbar disks, fibro, RA, osteoarthritis, bulging cervical disk, the list goes on). I'm ready to ask to go back to MS-Contin! I've tried OxyContin, that stuff has me climbing the walls, & Darvocet gets me high & the pain-killing effects don't fade, they just suddenly stop. I had a DNA analysis which showed a few gene mutations which affect how my body handles drugs, mainly being an "ultra-rapid metabolizer" of opiates. My MD explained it means my body metabolizes opioids so rapidly I don't get full benefit from the pain-killer. I've talked with my PMS dr about this in the past, but I've tried nearly everything they can offer (fentanyl didn't work), so I'm looking for answers. I was on the same dosage of MS-Contin for 12 years, but was abusing it (IV), & wanted to stop. I know if I get them again, I'll probably abuse them again.

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jparam Says:

I have been on generic oxymorphone er 30 mg for two years. They have given me relief but still I had lots of breakthrough pain after working a full day on my feet and then to come home and give kids a bath etc. I didn't get the relief I needed. I have now been switched from 3 of the oxymorphone 30 mg er a day to 2 of the 40 mg oxymorphone er a day and I have gotten the complete relief I have needed for so long!!! The generics are way better than the new name Brand opana er! I don't know if you have been on them long enough to have had the octagon shaped original formula opana er but if you were the generic oxymorphones are the closest in pain relief to those. I believe they are the best and so do lots of other people who are trying them. But the name brands are the best when you are trying to get off of them I've heard due to the gel formulation they metabolize much slower and will slowly get out of your body as opposed to the generic. The one thing about this medication that you must take into consideration is IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT DONT TAKE IT AND IF YOU DO TAKE IT LONG TERM YOU DO NOT JUST STOP TAKING IT!!!!!! IT WILL SEND YOU INTO SHOCK CAUSE CONVULSIONS AND diarrhea, fever, chills, hot one minute and cold the next. Vomiting and irritability. You DO NOT WANT TO EXPERIENCE THIS SO IF YOU DO NOT ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS MEDICATION THEN PLEASE DON'T USE IT!!! AS IT IS A VERY ADDICTIVE MED AND THE WITHDRAWALS FROM IT ARE CLOSE TO THAT OF AN H ADDICT COMING OFF H SINCE THIS DRUG IS A SYNTHETIC (MAN-MADE) H!!!

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kdog Says:

I had been on Oxycontin 40 twice a day and a 30 mg once a day plus 30 mg oxycodone three times a day for the last 5 years. I was just switched to the Global Generic Oxymorphone 15 mg once a day and Oxymorphone generic 20 mg twice a day and also getting the oxycodone 30 3 x's a day. I have already found out that if I take the 15 mg only with the 3 oxycodone a day I get as much or more relief than what I was taking before. I had been waiting to find the generic opana because the price on the name brand was skyrocketed even more so than the oxycontin. I am happy to report it was the best decision I have made with my medications in over 5 years. Total price for all of my pain meds were just over $200 a month cheaper and I have yet to take a 20 mg oxymorphone tablet. I hope this helps somewhat...I know I am very pleasantly pleased with the medication and my decision to change.

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Re: jparam (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I know this is an old post but everything you said is true. I started on two 20mg Oxycontin a day which did not work at all. Then I was switched to two 20mg generic oxymorphone a day, made by Actavis, which were somehow SUPER strong like WOW strong. Then Actavis had been pulled from the shelves and now the ONLY produced generic is made by GLOBAL/IMPAX. So the following 4 months of the 20mg ER globals it was hit and miss as far as strength went. Like you could totally tell the difference and that they were super weak. Then I got bumped up to the 30mg ER's and in 1 and a half years only had 2-3 bad batches of them being weak. Today I was given two 40mg Er's from Global and I can tell they are a little stronger than the three 30's (even if it is off by 10mg) that I'm used to. Just wondering if anyone out there has even gotten a bad batch from Global besides me? If so how many times and how recent? My last bad batch was about 6 months ago. And I finally found my MIRICLE drug. I love these things, they're absolutely the PERFECT fit for a painkiller and for me to be able to function and get a full day's work done. It's a shame to see the original Opana get ripped off the shelves as of last month but they were garbage anyways no matter the mg. How people were abusing those is beyond me. They were like plastic and did not work worth a S***. I just hope it does not trickle down to my generics after 11yrs in PM. I would hate to see these get ripped out from underneath me after finding my perfect fit. And to anyone filling at CVS, please BOYCOTT them for policing people's lives, rights, pain and integrity. I know it's hard to find a new place to fill and be accepted but that's just plain crazy expecting people to come back 4x's a month for their script. Sorry for the long text.

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Doug Says:

Re: RAWDOG (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah, that's insane! CVS is definitely becoming the "police state" of drug stores. First it was refusing to sell cigarettes. What kind of drug store doesn't sell cigarettes? "STORE" is in the name right? Then they FORCED Target to stop selling cigarettes b/c they are in ALL Target stores... Ridiculous!

As far as whether or not Impax/Global is going to continue to make the generic version since the brand has been taken off the market, I keep hearing mixed reports, and tbh none are really from reputable sources.

My doctor last month told me that she heard from another patient that the DEA was pulling the license for the drug but I can't find any information to back that up anywhere (not even on the Global/Impax site).

I've also heard that they are going to continue to make the generic (Global/Impax) without any issues of stoppages in production and that the pulling of the name brand Opana won't affect the generic at all.

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