Gelmicin For Nail Fungus! Help To Heal?

Robert Says:

Will Gelmicin help to eliminate toenail fungus? I bought it in Mexico and want to try it on my toe nails to kill the fungus. Any ideas?

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Joe Says:

It's worth a try, I used it a couple of times but wasn't consisting on it, I used to use fungi pen and and would make my nails "look clear" I used it for 5 months every day but in the end it didn't work. So $10 a tube for gelmicin its worth giving it a shot, just maybe use up one tube apply twice a day since it rubs off if you wear socks and see if there's any results, I'll be doing that.

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David Says:

Have you guys ever looked into trying Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) as a natural remedy for nail fungus? My research suggests that it's as effective as topical Clotrimazole in the treatment of nail fungus. Although I personally haven't used it for this purpose before, I do see several supporting statements from the likes of NIH, Walgreens, WebMD, and others validating it's antifungal and antibacterial properties. According to NIH, vapors from Tea Tree Oil have also been demonstrated to inhibit fungal growth and affect sporulation.

More specific details can be found in 'Table 4' of the link below:

I hope this helps!

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Tiggeremt Says:

Re: Joe (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Where are you getting gelmicin at $10 a tube? We get them way cheaper, but we get them in it available here in the US?

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