Find A Doctor That Prescribes Xanax And Adderall For My Condition

Melissa Says:

I am going back to school in two days and am in desperate need of something to help me focus. Because of this problem, I ended up dropping out of this school a few years ago. Also I have major anxiety. I worry about everything, no matter how minuscule, have trouble sleeping because my mind is always racing. When I get super upset, I hyperventilate and feel like I can't breathe.

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Eddy Says:

Your mind could be racing because of the Adderall. Drugs like Xanax do not help you "focus" and is not a true sleep aid. Your best bet would be to stay off both?

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Melissa! Sorry about the problems that you're having.

However, without knowing your general location, it's difficult for anyone to try to make any recommendations for a doctor that may help.

Can you please post back and give us a general idea of where you are, such as the nearest large city?


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Marcy Says:

I am in Tampa Florida, I could travel though to any nearby city. I am looking for a doctor who would prescribe either Xanax or adderall. I have no diagnosed conditions would this be a problem? Xanax as I can no longer smoke cannabis and I need to relax, school is getting to me work is getting to me and I work nightshifts and its very hard to wind down after a shift and I need assistance sleeping. Adderall as I keep putting everything off I somehow just won't study or do anything I don't know why. I'm certainly capable I just won't do it. I don't have an ADHD diagnoses but I self diagnosed myself so would that be an issue? Again Tampa fl any doctors who would help me out?

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Kendall Says:

I am a close to normally functioning person with MTBI. Multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries. I have severe panic attacks constantly. My pulse normally runs 145bpm to 180bpm,..I take 10mg's Adderall and my pulse drops to between 62bpm and 72bpm. Sometimes I'll take my 10mg's of Adderall and I'll fall into a deep sleep. Xanax takes Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks away. (This basically means that when the blood rushes to your head, your neck gets hot, you can't breath, your heart feels like it's coming out of your chest, you are sure you are going to die, and so on......), I can take 2mg of xanax and not have to go to the Emergency Room, or even call the paramedics. I have to say I have never felt like my old self more than I do when I take these medications individually or combined. The biggest problem so far is to find a doctor that will see you and actually talk to you for more than the designated 2 minute timeline. Dr Abdollah Assad after 2.7 years as a patient refused to see me. (Dr. Assad see his Patients on a five minute basisjust lon enough to right your scripts. Dr. Zeller, I had seen before but when my care-taker drove me 50 miles to my follow-up appointment, he never showed. No phone call no nothing. They did however want to bill me for the visit anyway. I recently went back to Dr. Zeller was prescribed Medication. Prior to my follow-up my care-taker called to confirm the appointment. At the 9:00am,Oct 30th, 2013 appointment, we were told that the doctor would no longer be able to see us. Both doctors well knowing that the consequences of not having my medication on time can result in deadly consequences. (RENO DOCTORS) gum ball machine diploma's!!!!!!!

Your knowledge of over the counter and pharmacist prescribed medication seems quit naïve; maybe you should lay off of the advice.

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EDDY Says:

Marci, usually these medicines are reserved for those who need them? Make sure to tell the doctor that you can no longer tolerate Pot. Of course you are in Florida so you will have to leave and go to another State for your meds. You might need to establish a residency too for ID?

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Stacy Says:

Where in lynnwood wa. Can i find a doctor who can prescribe xanax and adderall the

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Lee Says:

Need to be put back on Adderall. Any script writers to assist in Chicago or Chicago area?

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Dee Says:

Hey! If it seems you really have focus problems, look up the symptoms for ADHD. And don't you dare not go to school. I am motherly. I can say that. I recently went back to college for the second degree, and I do know that if not getting the help you need, ANNOY THEM UNTIL YOU DO. Keep in mind that everyone is anxious. They just hide it when they have to. Good Lord, we all have stress these days.

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Dee Says:

{message has been removed}

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Marin Says:

i feel you girl . im trying to find a doctor in colorado to do the same

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KJB Says:

Try some breathing exercises. You don't sound like a person who needs anti-anxiety meds, especially considering you have no diagnosis. ADHD isn't self-diagnosed either. To be blunt you sound like an addict looking to make yourself feel high. Don't bother doctors with this kind of crap.

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Dee Says:

Adderal can make your mind race, ESPECIALLY if you don't have ADHD. Personally, I would stay away from Xanax at all costs. From personal experience, I can tell you that this medication will cause you nothing but grief in the future. Remember that everyone else is just as nervous as you are.

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David H. Says:

My nephew is experiencing panic attacks. Its heartbreaking as I went through the exact thing at his age of 19. I was blessed to find xanax which I took for over a year until I was cured, then I stopped taking them. This addiction thing is be and I was sad to hear they were not prescribing the only helps. He lives in Lynnwood WA. Do you know of a good mental health doctor who will provide xanax as treatment?

David H.
{edited for privacy}

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MagicBeliever Says:

It is statements like that which prove that some people just don't get it and probably never will. I can't say you are wrong for that, you are just fortunate that you don't have to constantly deal with anxiety when your muscles are constantly cramping, your mind is racing, you feel like your chest is going to explode and you are never able to relax even when you are laying down. Everybody has anxiety, yes, but it's definitely not the same. Who are we to determine if somebody needs help or not? It is completely the patients responsibility to be honest with themselves and only take something if if is really needed. Who are we to tell people what we think they need to take. We are not doctors and we can not diagnose somebody just from reading an online post, that doesn't solve anything.

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Alex Says:

I am in Raleigh, NC and am looking forva doctor that prescribes adderall?

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Heather Says:

I have never been officially diagnosed with ADHD, but it runs in my family (both parents, brother, several cousins). I am trying to find a doctor in Gainesville, FL that can diagnose it, if I have it and who prescribes adderral.

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EDDY Says:

My California "Pain" Doctor who specialized in Narcotics moved to Florida, established a practice where he prescribed lots of Adderall in Naples, started writing fake prescriptions and was arrested. I have shown the picture to everyone who knew him as I wish nothing but bad things for that Latin slime ball. Dr. Adolpho Soto, look him up!

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GodwillgetUback Says:

Folks who troll these type of rooms looking for drugs is rather bizarre. Folks who read this please take some advice from a long term chronic pain patient.
1. P.A.I.N. = Patient/Physician , Awareness, In, Narcotics.
Nobody should be taking XANAX for more than 3 days in a row. period it is a short term anxiety med. Adderall which I have no idea how to spell it, is nothing more than SPEED. Nobody should be taking that drug. Mixing the 2 meds is only for drug abuse folks. Please seek help because the 2 combine is only for a high nothing more. Go out and enjoy life because you do not have much time. God Bless.

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GodwillgetUback Says:

hello vern, ya it's me again. Caught you once again trolling. Gee can't you get a real job ? and stop badgering folks. As my sn suggest and believe it. Do you ?

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EDDY Says:

I think Verwon owns or manages this forum. I find his or her earlier advice from about 10 years ago to be helpful. if you try to ask it a question you will get no response, although a few of my posts have been deleted for asking. I like what you say about the two medicines although the last Doctor that told me what you wrote about Xanax was 25 years ago and I have been on them ever since. I think they are Poison but if you stop Xanax without a proper withdrawal program you can stroke out or die and it hurts. I could have written a book when it happened to me as each day was a different experience, like a ride at Six Flags!

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