Extended Release Concerta Accidentally Dissolved In Child's Mouth - What Could Happen
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Rustybo Says:

My child recently starting taking extended release concerta and before he could swallow it down it dissolved on the side of his mouth and he couldn't get out from the side of his mouth and check. This is the extended release concerta. Is there anything we should look out for? What can happen? Very concerned parents.

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steve Says:

With old school dexedrine capsules you could open the capsule and put the contents into apple sauce. It makes taking the drug _much easier_ to consume. You should first talk with your doctor about this. I have never taken concerta.

Try a google search for "extended release concerta and apple applesauce" that was the old trick...

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Mason Says:

Re: ScoobySnacks (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I completely agree with you. One hundred percent! Indubitably!

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ScoobySnacks Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

You seem to give bad advice. Freaking out parents that think their children might be harmed, without the right information. I’ve seen you other places, with incorrect information. This is frustrating to see..

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valentino Says:

Hello. I am sorry This has happened but Concerta (ritalin) 18, 27, 36 and 54 mg are formulated in such a manner that your child would have to had the dose in his cheek for hours before the pill even began to release its active ingredients. its a plastic matrix with drug pressed into opposing sides of a plastic polymer core. He most likely build up enough saliva and swallowed the pill. due to the awful taste :) The concentra I have seen are next to impossible for a child to chew up. They were formulated to be abuse resistant. Has any one mentioned this to you?
Please let me know how he is doing

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Verwon Says:

Did you contact his doctor, or emergency services?

In the future, you should do so any time you are concerned about your child and the dosage of the medication they are getting. With it possibly all dissolving in his mouth, there is a chance of his getting too much medication at once and suffering from an overdose.

How is he doing?


I'd suggest that you teach him the proper way to take pills, to avoid this in the future. He should put them in his mouth as far back towards his throat/on the back of the tongue, as possible, without gagging and then immediately swallow it down with a full glass of water.

They shouldn't be tucked into the side of the mouth/cheek, where some moisture can make capsules stick and start to dissolve, before they can be swallowed.

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