Took 2 Oxycontin 60mg Accidentally-what Should I Do?

Gogo Says:

I just realized when I took my nighttime meds that I had just taken an OxyContin 60mg about an hour before that. (so I took two about an hour apart). I'm afraid I could overdose, but I know addicts probably take much more than that, so I'm not sure if I'm safe or not...I've been on this drug for well over 6 years ( 60mg at least 3 of those years), so I think I have a pretty good tolerance for it-what should I do? I'm ready to go to sleep but I don't want to wake up dead..

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry I didn't see your post sooner.

How are you doing?

Opiate tolerant or not, that's still a pretty high dosage to jump up to and, in case it ever happens again, you should know the danger signs to watch for, just in case.

The early symptoms of a possible overdose might include feeling extremely drowsy, dizzy, nauseous and shallow breathing.

Learn more drug overdose details here.

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Foolish Says:

I accidentally took 2 white oval m367 pills, I can't throw up...what should I do?

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jumper Says:

Strap in and enjoy the ride. I wouldn't recommend going to sleep tho. Opiates slow your respritory system. Then bad things happen to good people

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Kathy Says:

I accidentally took my xroxycontin 20mg, instead of my sleeping pill, I just too 20 mg three hours ago, scared!

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Pat Says:

I have been taking 80 mgs of OxyContin for 6 years twice a day. I think I may have made a mistake & taken 2 pills tonight about 2 hours apart. What will happen?

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Ksk1452 Says:


You're by no means "opiate naive" so other than a slight addition in drowsiness you should be fine. Don't allow added anxiety to magnify this slight medication error. I'm not a physician but I'm a reg. pharmacy tech. And this is a frequent error reported with no mortality factors I'm familiar with.

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Winter Says:

I have never been on oxycontin before but just recently got prescribed 20mg of it. I have taken dilaudid, morphine, and oxycodone pills before though. I accidentally took two oxycontins within 2 hours of eachother as my anxiety medication is small and the same color. Should i be ok or go to an emergency room?

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Jenn Says:

I think I just did the dame thing. Did you have any serious problems?

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