Ear Drops Used In Eye
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bymistake I used Otilan ear drop for eyes.

wat shoud i do?

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I put Murine ear drops into my eye mistaking it for Murine eye drops. I had hard contacts in my eyes. Searing pain! Had a hard time removing the hard lens. It stuck to my eye. Once out, I flushed my eye with eye flush for 15 minutes. 24 hours later my eye is still very sore. I saw a specialist. He said my eye will recover but will be sore for a few days. He gave me a steroid eye drop. Checked out the health of my eyes at the same time. All is now on the mend but still stinging. During the first night a cold pack on my eye was very helpful. Note to self "read labels carefully."

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i put murine ear wax removal in my eye by accident. realized immediately and flushed with water do i need to go to the doctors

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my daughterhas an eye bothering her and i accidently put falcon ear drops in her eye what should i do?
its not hurtin g her any worse than what she said it was but i just wanted to make sure.

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i accidently put murine ear drops in my eye

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