Prefrin Eye Drops For Red Eyes


Ophthalmologist prescribed PREFRIN eye drops for red eyes nearly 20 years ago. Is it available now? My problem is allergic in nature (itchy eyes = angular conjunctivitis mild at inner angles of eyes ). Appreciate response from OLD-TIMERS.

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I have had prefrin prescribed approximately 25 years ago and I use this daily although cautioned by optomotrists that this could lead to a permanent red vessel eye condition. I do however find these drops comfortable to use and the removal of red in my eyes. I can no longer find this product and pharmacies all indicate"out of stock". I assume that the product is no longer available and perhaps I could be informed of a replacement or alternative product. Information would greatly be appreciated.

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I used to use Prefrin in the 80's & 90's - it made my eyes instantly super white. I loved it. It was made by Alcon Labs in Ft Worth Texas. I have looked and looked at every pharmacy and no one has it or has even heard of it. I see these online pharms selling it but I am a little afraid of buying something like this online and then putting it in my eyes. I cant find ANYTHING that is as good as Prefrin. Wish I could find it.

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I can help send you some if you want to. Its available in my country.

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what country is that ? I been getting it from Australia and new zeland, but they are sold out there too :-(

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to Joseph, I am residing in Singapore at the moment and Prefrin is available here.

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Hi St55. It would be a great help if you could send me some prefrin.. I have been trying to find some for some time.. I have tried a number of other eye drops ... but none are much good. You can contact me directly at {edited for privacy} If you like and we could sort out the details.

Best regards

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Hi Sparky, your email is not visible. contact me at {edited for privacy} if you are still interested.

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Hi St55.. Hmmm this could be interesting.. your contact details are not visible to me either. Maybe I can give you the information if I {edited for privacy}

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how do I find these over the counter ? I need 20

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I would be interested in purchasing some Prefrin.

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I want this one as well but this is only avalible my country I got this I use preferin eys drops for the last 4 months.

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I would like to know where to find PREFRIN in the USA

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I bought Prefrin 15ml Eye Drops in Singapore lst year & its been great for me, but I cant seem to find it any where in Perth W.A and not even on the internet. Is there a chemist in Singapore I can order from or what other can I use? its for my Sinus & I get red eyes

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I purchased prefrin at Clicks Stores during December 2014.

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Where is a Clicks store? I am in Oklahoma USA. We cannot locate Prefrin eye drops

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Yes it is still available at pharmacies in South Africa

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I need dat prefrin for my son he has brown eyes am in South Africa

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I would like to know where to find some Prefrin in Kuala lumpur or Singapore? I'm from Indonesia and i can't find any store here to buy Prefrin. Thank you.

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Prefrin HCI 15ml is so commonly available in Singapore.

Apparently all retail pharmacies have plenty stocks of it.

This eye drop is super effective for Red-Eyes.

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I'm looking for Prefrin, but cant buy it in the USA. Does anyone know about its availability?

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Re: Linda (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Clicks is a South African store...

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Try pure glycerine, it helps.

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