Eye Drops In Ear,is This Harmful?


I'm accidentally put tetrahydrozoline in my ear & now I'm experiencing some nausea. Should I be concerned and are there any other symptoms I should be on the look out for? Also, my intention was to use ear wax removing solution, is it okay to attempt to loosen the cerumen in my ear or should I wait awhile?

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Hello, Jkidd! How are you?

No, generally eye drops in your ear aren't a concern, though you may experience the nausea, as you have, due to the fluid in the ear. You should also make sure that it drains out, before trying to use anything else. It's always best to double check with your doctor, but I doubt you have anything to worry about here.

If you put ear drops in your eye, that would be a concern, because ear drops aren't sterile, like eye drops.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Thank you! That was helpful. The nausea is less, and I will follow up with my PCP.

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any concern if I accidentally instilled 3 drops of opticrom(eyedrops) in my ears?

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